Oga and aoi relationship counseling

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oga and aoi relationship counseling

Impressed by her strength, Oga asks Aoi to become Beelzebub's mother .. The students go to the Counselor's office to complain, and are told that they have a . BabyBeel and Lord En do not have the best relationship, where BabyBeel is. Aoi Kunieda (邦枝 葵, Kunieda Aoi), also known as Kunie Aoi (青井くにえ, Aoi Kunie), is a She doesn't answer and simply asks the relationship between Oga, Hilda, and Beel. Oga states Asking Oga "out" to meet their guidance counselor. After dodging her powerful attacks, Oga asks Aoi to be Beelzebub's mother, which .. The students go to the Counselor's office to complain, and are told that they . BabyBeel and Lord En do not have the best relationship, where BabyBeel is.

When he is cornered by Hildegarde and a bunch of thugs and his cheek is cut, Beelzebub goes into a tantrum that only Tatsumi is able to stop.

oga and aoi relationship counseling

When a damaged pylon nearly falls on Beelzebub, Tatsumi steps in to save him and resonates with Beelzebub's power, allowing him to disintegrate the pylon. After Tatsumi recovers from the ordeal, Hildegarde decides to stay with him to raise Beelzebub together, much to Tatsumi's chagrin.

She also informs Tatsumi that if he is more than 15 meters away from Baby Beel, who he nicknames, his cries will increase in power until they destroy the city.

While dealing with this situation, Tatsumi comes up with the idea that if he can find someone stronger and more ruthless than he is he can dump Baby Beel on them and be free. Figuring he may be worthy of dumping Baby Beel on, Tatsumi goes to see him under the pretense of becoming his henchman.

After beating his current henchman, Tatsumi is asked by Kanzaki to throw him out of the window, but instead decides he is not worthy based on Baby Beel's expression and knocks him out instead. Hildegarde manages to temporarily stop it with an interdimensional diaper, but in order to stop it completely, Tatsumi decides he needs to get a super absorbent diaper advertised on TV. Upon reaching the supermarket only to find the brand had already sold out, one of Kanzaki's henchmen, Shintarou Natsume, tells Tatsumi about the TKKH, the strongest delinquents in Ishiyama High, of which Kanzaki is one.

Just then, the supermarket is taken hostage by a group of thugs. As Tatsumi probes everyone to see how ruthless they are, Baby Beel's diaper gets stuck on the leader's gun. While the leader considers raising Baby Beel, Tatsumi ends up changing his mind and beats him up, before they decide to hover Baby Beel over the ocean until he finishes urinating.

Hildegarde and Alaindelon explain that a Demon Lord's parent is a vessel for his power, and the mark will grow the more opponents Tatsumi defeats. Wanting to get rid of the mark, Tatsumi decides to give up fighting in the hopes it will make the mark smaller.

Tatsumi uses Alaindelon to sneak in and forgoes his promise to beat Tatsuya's henchmen. Tatsuya goads Tatsumi into hitting a ceramic plate hidden under his shirt, but his punch is so powerful it knocks him out anyway.

Tatsuya then tries using a stun rod, but Tatsumi resists it and uses Baby Beel's power to beat him, which in turn makes his mark grow larger.

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She brings a play room for Baby Beel to play in, but upon building it, it turns out to be a magical cage that both she and Tatsumi get stuck inside. The only way to get out is to have Baby Beel solve a puzzle toy, but he just ends up breaking it. Frustrated, Tatsumi utilizes his Zebel power to punch his way out, though it makes his mark grow again. Rummaging through a bag of demon world toys, Baby Beel opens a chest that transforms Tatsumi and Takayuki into nurses, which can only be reversed by helping Baby Beel play Doctor.

Tatsumi decides to use the opportunity to try to do good deeds and get rid of his mark, though has trouble handling the demonic medical supplies. After some failed attempts at treating some of the students, they change back after discovering an actually useful tool on Baby Beel's costume, but accidentally triggers an explosive that negates all the work Tatsumi did getting his mark down to size.

Despite making a bad impression with the other mothers, Tatsumi meets a girl named Aoi who is looking after her little brother, Kota. Aoi tries to help Tatsumi make his park debut which, partly due to the appearance of Alaindelon, does not reap much success.

The general antics convince the other mothers to call over a police officer, who starts trash talking both Tatsumi and Aoi. Before Aoi can lose her temper, Tatsumi throws him into a trash can, with Aoi coming off impressed. Note that Aoi is actually one year older than Tatsumi.

Its shows that Aoi likes men who are strong and trustworthy.

Aoi Kunieda

When Takayuki drags Tatsumi to meet her, Aoi is shocked to find Tatsumi is the one she met at the park, although he does not recognize her back. Aoi starts to fight him using powerful bokuto attacks that cut through glass, but he manages to dodge all of her attacks. Impressed by her strength, Tatsumi asks Aoi to become Baby Beel's mother which causes her to become embarrassed and run off. Afterward, Aoi seems to develop feelings towards Tatsumi.

Meanwhile, another delinquent gang plots to take down Aoi. As Aoi's right hand ladies, Chiaki Tanimura and Nene Oomura confront Tatsumi, Hildegarde, who had heard from Tatsumi about his plans to dump Baby Beel onto Aoi, challenges her to a fight to test her strength. When Aoi returns to find Chiaki and Nene injured, she assumes Tatsumi is responsible and confronts him in a fight. Shintarou helps Nene get to Aoi to tell her the truth, but when Miwa makes his move, Tatsumi promptly beats him up.

Afterward, Aoi is once again baffled by Tatsumi trying to give her Baby Beel, explaining that he's forced to raise him because of Hildegarde. Later, Aoi decides to quit the Red Tails and put Nene in charge, feeling that she is no longer able to serve as their leader. Baby Beel challenges the cat to a fight and subsequently loses, but when a gang of fierce cats gang up on the cat for fighting in their territory, Baby Beel stands up for him, prompting Tatsumi to help out.

Afterward, Baby Beel and the cat become friends. Later, Tatsumi takes Baby Beel and the cat to a play center where he once again meets Aoi in her park debut outfit. While Baby Beel and Kota get into heated competition with some other toddlers, Tatsumi and Aoi have a conversation full of misunderstandings, both ending with explosive results. Afterward, the cat decides to leave in order to protect his fellow strays. He next attempts to use a popular costumed character to try to capture Baby Beel, but Tatsumi and Baby Beel notice that he's a fake due to differently colored chopsticks.

He later has one of his subordinates masquerade as a woman to seduce Takayuki into giving him Baby Beel, but Alaindelon intervenes, transporting Himekawa and his gang to a far off island. The resulting failures leave Himekawa with no money to hire any more henchmen. And as he tries to attack Tatsumi by himself, he gets caught up in fighting against a rival gang also attempting to kill Tatsumi.

Afterward, Kanzaki offers him one of his yogurt drinks, to which Himekawa repays him with a year's supply with a month-long lifespan. Wanting to stop his night crying to avoid being chased out of their house, the Tatsumi family attempt to play with Baby Beel all day in order to tire him out come nighttime.

Despite managing to get him to sleep, Baby Beel still wakes up and cries in the middle of the night. After Tatsumi spends the day dealing with a sleep deprived TKKH, Hilda brings a toy that calms Baby Beel down, but the toy is even noisier than his crying. With Baby Beel not showing much hope, Tatsumi decides to try to dump Baby Beel on whoever scores highest on the test.

When a rival school interrupts the test, Tatsumi fights them off to allow the other students to take the test, earning enough points to avoid remedial lessons, later learning that the smartest student is actually Takayuki. Thus, Kanzaki starts training with a weighted baby doll on his back. When that plan does not work, they try finding a living substitute, which ends in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi takes Baby Beel to the park where they once again meet Aoi, who has lost track of Kouta.

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Kanzaki coincidentally finds him and deems him a worthy substitute for Baby Beel. While playing with him, he figures out the key to performing his new special move. After returning Kouta to Aoi, Kanzaki performs his special move, though it just leaves everyone confused. As Kanzaki leaves, Tatsumi admits his move was surprising. Wanting Tatsumi to get beaten, Himekawa informs them that Tojo works at the beach.

Tatsumi gets held up to their meeting, arriving only finding a pile of beat up gang members, which Tojo beat all by himself. Despite Aoi's warnings, Tatsumi looks forward to finally meeting Tojo.

While chatting with the Red Tails, Takayuki is approached by some delinquents from his old middle school and ends up going against their leader, Takashima, when they start hitting on the girls. Takayuki tries to hide in the pool, but Takashima calls more of his men and tricks the lifeguard into evacuating the pool, leaving Takayuki and a stunned Tatsumi.

As Takayuki becomes surrounded, he forces Baby Beel to cry in order to shock all the delinquents before facing Tatsumi's wrath. Next, Hilda brings Tatsumi to Ishiyama High to collect prints of rare, powerful beasts, a. During the chase, Baby Beel ends up planting several carnivorous Demon Plants, one of which grows into a massive giant causing havoc until Tatsumi destroys it. As his condition gets worse, the Zebel Spell on Tatsumi's hand disappears, leading Hilda to become frustrated towards Tatsumi for showing little care towards him.

oga and aoi relationship counseling

As Tatsumi tries to decide what to do, he encounters one of Tojo's henchmen, Shojo Aizawa, who seemingly outmatches Tatsumi before leaving.

The next morning, both Hilda and Beel have disappeared. As Tatsumi searches for them, he encounters Tojo with Beel on his back, who challenges Tatsumi to a fight. As the two fight, Tatsumi is shocked to see what appears to be the Zebel Spell on Tojo's shoulder, before he is knocked clean into the river. He diagnoses the illness as King Fever, resulting in massive amounts of demon power being transferred from Beel to Oga.

However, Baby Beel feared that Oga wouldn't be able to handle the overwhelming power and might die if it was too much for him, so he severed the link between him and Tatsumi for his sake. Later, when he finds Tojo, he thinks of him similar to Tatsumi since he misses him, and connects to him.

Tatsumi begins a treatment to try to reconnect with Beel and enters a dream world through the effects of a Demon World drug that is shot into his head. He eventually finds a sleeping Beel in the middle of several inscribed circles that are shrouded in an electrical field. Reassuring Baby Beel that he can handle anything, for his sake or not, and goes after him despite the shocks. After about 6 hours of treatment, Tatsumi still has not waken up and Lamia assumes that he has died and becomes happy.

Tatsumi suddenly wakes up and spanks Lamia and claims he is teaching her some manners. Hilda asks Tatsumi how he feels after having gone through the hard part of reconnecting with Beel and Tatsumi says he is in the mood to get Beel back.

On the way to Ishiyama High, they are surrounded by a large group of delinquents, which Tatsumi takes care of swiftly. Upon arriving at Ishiyama High, the rest of the school is there to confront Tatsumi, only to have Kunieda and the Red Tails take care of them for him. Tojo sets off fireworks to try to cheer up Beel and all the delinquents are captivated by them.

Tatsumi confronts Tojo and Tojo is willing to give Beel back only to have Tatsumi tell him that whoever Beel wants to stay with is up to him.

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Beel's fever breaks and he immediately goes to Tatsumi and climbs on his head, and a flashback shows Tatsumi reconnecting the bond between him and Beel. Just as the episode ends, Tatsumi and Tojo are about to begin their fight.

Meanwhile, Kanzaki, Himekawa, and Shiroyama confront Aizawa and Karou and begin to fight, but are quickly beaten by them, but they refuse to give up because of their stubbornness.

Natsume shows up and defeats Karou in one blow, and is about to deal with Aizawa. Kunieda and the Red Tails finish dealing with the delinquents and go to watch Tatsumi and Tojo's fight, with Tatsumi at a disadvantage. Beel activates the Zebul Spell, thinking Tatsumi cannot win, shocking everyone. Lamia accidentally sets off one remaining firework and it's aimed at Tatsumi and Tojo. Tatsumi easily stops the firework and causes a giant flaming Zebul Spell to appear on the ground.

Tatsumi orders Baby Beel to not interfere in his fight, promising he will win and Beel erases the Zebul Spell. Tatsumi and Tojo resume their fight, which goes on until dawn, and just as it looks like Tojo is about to win, Tatsumi spins around and performs a suplex on Tojo, winning the fight. Tojo's past is revealed, showing a man he looked up to who taught Tojo the true meaning of fighting and had a Zebul Spell on his shoulder, which Tojo got tattooed on his shoulder in order to look like him, and Tojo tells Tatsumi he is now the strongest at Ishiyama High.

But when Baby Beel got over excited, which was giving problems to his arm, he releases all of that energy which destroys the school. There, he stumbles across Kunieda carrying Kota in the disguise she wore at the park with her grandfather. While Tatsumi is still unaware of her true identity as Kunieda, her grandfather develops an interest in him.

Forcas begins to return to the Demon World through Alaindelon. While they were being transported, Baby Beel grabbed onto Lamia and refused to let go, causing Furuichi and Tatsumi to be transported as well. All 4 of them landed in Vlad's Haunt, one of the most dangerous areas in the Demon World, with Alaindelon unconscious from transporting too many people at once.

Lamia manages to contact Hilda through her cellphone, and is informed that Alaindelon's daughter might be able to transport them home safely. A Yople alien shows up, which Tatsumi punches, causing the Yople to call the creatures in Vlad's Haunt to attack the group.

oga and aoi relationship counseling

As the group escapes to find Alaindelon's daughter, they encounter numerous creatures, with Furuichi suffering the worst of their attacks. When the group finally reaches their destination, they realise the place was ransacked by bandits, Gare and Edda, who have kidnapped Alaindelon's daughter. As Tatsumi defeats the bandits easily, the episode ends with Furuichi realising how attractive the daughter is. The rescue runs smoothly until a large Demon named Vlad's Master is awakened and terrorizes the village in which Beelzebub suddenly grows huge to fight it off.

Ishiyama, with all the significant characters being placed in the same classroom. Their new homeroom teacher, Sadohara, challenges Tojo to an arm wrestle to try to establish some authority over the class, failing miserably when Tojo accidentally slams him upside-down against the wall.

He then picks a second target, Tatsumi, who was sleeping in his seat, and wakes Tatsumi in order to challenge him.

Baby Beel is angry to have been woken and subsequently tantrums, shocking Tatsumi and Sudohara. An aspiring delinquent from St. Ishiyama, Kazuya, goes searching for Tatsumi after hearing rumors of his strength, bringing his childhood friend Azusa with him.

A gang pick a fight with Tatsumi and Furuichi in an alleyway, and upon fighting back, a gang member grabs Kazuya and Azusa, who were watching from the entrance of the alleyway, and threatens to hurt them if Tatsumi does not submit. Aoi shows up and frees them, allowing Tatsumi to now beat the gang senseless.

As he's beating them, Baby Beel has a tantrum, electrocuting all of the gang members and Tatsumi. Kazuya confuses this for Tatsumi's attack. After leaving the alleyway, Kazuya begs Tatsumi to take him under his wing. Kazuya tries to copy Tatsumi to become strong like him, even making identical lunch boxes. They receive a warning of expulsion, should they persist to cause trouble for the school.

Meanwhile, Kunieda tries to learn from Azusa to be more open to men, but realises it to be impossible. In order to get Kazuya off his back, Tatsumi pretends to teach the secret technique of electric shocks, and manages to convince Kazuya successfully. Kazuya hears news of Azusa being kidnapped by a bald man suspected to be a Teimo member, and tries to rescue her with his new "powers".

After Kazuya fails to land any hits, Kunieda arrives and reveals the man to be an acquaintance of her temple, and the situation is resolved. Unfortunately while the gifts were being retrieved from Alaindelon, a Yople alien teleported into the human world and escaped. Angelica resolves to track down the Yople, using a demon wand that transforms its user into a Magical Girl.

oga and aoi relationship counseling

Gathering 4 other girls - Hilda, Azusa, Honoka and Aoi, they form the 5 Fairies of Light and manages to track down the Yople at an amusement park where Tojo was working as part of the cast in a Gohan-kun theatre drama.

A rival girl gang challenges Aoi while they were capturing the Yople and a fight ensures. If you adore animals copy and paste this into your profile. Read if you believe in him, and read even if you don't.

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When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely. The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there.

Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before.

When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her.

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