Nine of pentacles and eight wands relationship

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nine of pentacles and eight wands relationship

Tarot Heaven - Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning and Description. Stuck working like the man in the Eight of Pentacles, you cannot devote This card bodes well for retired women as well as divorced women who would rather keep their relationships out of their house. Nine of Pentacles and Four of Wands: a. Cups rule emotions, Wands rule creativity and Swords rule ideas, but it is The Ace of Pentacles is the Tarot's equivalent of ensuring financial prosperity for some of this card is such that it may adversely affect your relationships with people for what you want in the world is apparent when the Eight of Pentacles appears. Learn how wealth can be a double-edged sword, as the 9 of Pentacles Tarot When the suit of Cups dominates a reading that includes the Nine of Wands, you a close relationship to the Nine of Pentacles is the number 9 card: The Hermit. The Six of Pentacles · The Seven of Pentacles · The Eight of Pentacles · The Ten.

The hills are much higher as we climb the steep roads. They look almost like mountains and are covered in a shimmer of purple heather. We are much closer to the lake now but it is still far down below us.

Nine (IX) of Pentacles

From where we stand, the water looks almost black. It is magical, just like a scene from a mystical movie. A track or road appears to run from the lake and disappears into a small wood. The land around the lake is quite wide and sloping. We see movement in the fields and think it to be horses or cattle. We know we are taking a chance, and that the land we are about to enter is private, but we just have to get a closer look and take some photos of the lake. We hop over the low stone wall that borders the land and begin to scramble downhill towards the lake.

Laughing and nervous all at the same time we are excited about our adventure and forge on. We keep climbing down but eventually are forced to stop for the land suddenly falls away before us. This is as far as we can go without putting ourselves into mortal danger but decide it is an ideal place for us to picnic at. We spread our rug on the soft grass and lay out our lovely lunch under the blue skies and silently watch the scene below us.

Again we see the movement of animals but can now identify them. To our amazement, a herd of deer move together across the field towards the lake and our cameras come out again. We pull out the mini binoculars which we had almost forgotten were in the bottom of our bag and take a closer look. The lake and surrounding area is too fabulous to put into words. We are speechless and humbled by its incredible natural beauty. Looking through my binoculars, I decide to follow the path or roadway that meanders away from the lake.

I follow it to the woods where it disappears but I raise my binoculars and adjust the focus to see past the woods. There it is, a long, low house surrounded by a walled garden. Someone is actually living down there and in the most beautiful house you can imagine. I further adjust the binoculars to get an even closer look.

I can see another roadway that runs from the house and up the side of the hill to an entrance onto the road we had been walking. I am almost overcome with envy. I know I am being cheeky and intruding on private property but I want to see as much as I can.

Straining my eyes through the binocular lens, I study the house once more and the walled garden surrounding it. What a charmed existence they must have, what an idyllic lifestyle. Suddenly there is movement at the back of the house and I jump back fearing that I will be seen but it is just the binoculars, for we are too far away and well hidden in the bushes.

I look back into the binoculars and this time I see a woman in the garden below. Now I am very curious. She might be a celebrity; an actress, a singer for all we know. She moves further into the garden and slowly walks towards the flowering plants and shrubbery. She is wearing a long elegant robe which flows behind her as she moves.

She is not a young woman but has obviously looked after herself well. She moves with an air of Refinement and confidence. Her whole looks suggest money, and plenty of it. Is she the owner of this incredible place we wonder? She has her left arm raised and appears to be holding something but I cannot make out what it is. Oh, if only we could get closer. I want to get closer but my friend is beginning to get nervous. Agreeing she has a point I calm down and resign myself to our picnic blanket and the rest of our lunch.

I realise now that I am quite a material girl. We discuss and argue this point for some time, me saying that I would move in tomorrow and my friend wanting something a little more normal and going on and on about money not being everything. We agree to disagree on this one and decide in the end that it is all down to personality, priorities and what we consider would make us the most happiest.

It is bound to be different for everyone. As the girls chatter away, down below in the garden of the house beside the lake walks the woman in the long robe.

Earlier that morning, she had waved goodbye to her husband as he drove up the long driveway to the main road. He was on his way to the airport where he had a plane to catch for the USA.

nine of pentacles and eight wands relationship

Her husband was meeting with a well-known movie maker in Los Angeles to discuss the intricacies of Medieval Stone Masonry for authenticity on a movie set that was being designed and built for a big budget production. He would be gone for two weeks. Officially he was retired but everyone knew he was the best in the business and so the calls continued to come and he continued to be tempted by the more interesting projects.

These projects took him all over the world and away from home for weeks at a time.

nine of pentacles and eight wands relationship

The woman was used to that and was quite happy for him to go. She had plenty to occupy herself with anyway and was very self-reliant. She liked these times when she was on her own because it helped keep her sense of independence and self-identity. She looked forward to the peace and quiet of the coming two weeks. She knew her husband did not take on these projects because he needed the work.

It most certainly was not for the money at this stage for they were financially very secure, if not incredibly wealthy. Her husband went because he loved his work and it gave him an interest.

It also gave him money whether he needed it or not. She knew how true this saying was for now that they wanted for nothing, had more money than they needed, the money still came in and in large amounts. All the hard work had been done in the past and now they were really beginning to enjoy their rich rewards. They were financially successful and their very success seemed to breed more success. No matter what they did turned out to be a success. Before the woman had met her husband, he had lost everything, and had, for a while, been living rough on the street.

He had been a victim of the recession, gone from an up and coming, much in demand, Stone Mason, to losing his job, his house and having no money or food to eat, in a very short space of time.

Life was indeed hard for him. As a very young man, a long time before the woman knew him, he had a dream, a vision, a goal that he was determined to realise.

He had started off with just the shirt on his back and a small inheritance left to him by his grandfather, also a Stone Mason. He had saved his inheritance and worked hard so that he would have enough money to see him through his apprenticeship. He had lived a very quiet life back then; working all day, studying, sleep and then back to work the next morning and the same thing over and over again. He was determined and had learned much from his grandfather.

He had always wanted to work for himself so the woman is very sure he would have set up in business, maybe not what he is doing now or has done, but no doubt something similar.

She knew her husband well and was very proud of what he had achieved. After she had closed the door that morning, the woman enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and read through the post. She picked out her favourite Horticulture Magazines that arrived each month and relished flicking through the pages, reading articles here and there that caught her fancy. The sunlight poured through her kitchen window and she sat there for some time staring out at the tall rock face that bordered the lake behind the woods.

She was alone in the house and would be for most of the time her husband would be away.

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Her daughter would visit maybe once or twice but she was a busy girl and did not have much time. She ran a very successful stud farm along with looking after her young children. She also helped her horse-trainer husband when she could.

It was great to see her when she called, but the woman understood how busy she was. She had been like that herself when she was younger, and she too had young children to raise, a business to run and also helped her Stone Mason Husband.

After breakfast, she took a long soak in the magnificent roll-topped bathtub. It was antique and had cost a fortune to restore but it was worth it. As she lay in the bath, she thought back to when the house was first built and the fun she had decorating it bit by bit. They had wanted only the best in the house. They preferred quality instead of quantity and both had a keen eye for style.

These beautiful paintings now hung on the walls in their dream home and they never tired of admiring their beauty. They had both agreed that a time would come when they would cut back their workload and live a more leisurely lifestyle. They loved their work and careers but they also wanted to explore others aspects of their personalities.

They had hobbies and wanted to spend more time developing them. They also just wanted to relax and not be constantly pushing themselves. However, none of this could be done until the had achieved what they set out to do, so they kept their heads down and kept going.

They would not stop until they had enough money to enjoy a financially secure retirement. The house had been their dream, their ultimate goal and it was to be a testimony to all they had worked for and achieved. They knew what they had wanted in a property and the kind of location for it. They had talked about it for over 15 years and it seemed nearly as long finding the right place once they had decided the time was right.

They could have bought several sites over the years and thrown up a variety of perfectly acceptable luxury houses but they had very specific requirements. They would wait until the perfect one arrived. Patience was something they were very familiar with and they both agreed that nothing of value ever comes easily.

They had individually, painstakingly set up small businesses and then worked harder than they thought possible to make those businesses grow and grow. They were both ambitious and worked well as a team. They supported each other and made little personal demands for they knew they were working towards a mutual goal. After her long soak in the bath, the woman spent some time in her dressing room, choosing what she would wear.

Today, it had to be something exquisite she thought. She would also host lunch and give a short talk. Her walled garden now boasted a selection of exotic fruits and it was the rare specimen grapes that everyone was coming to see and taste today.

It had cost a lot of money to first find and then cultivate them but she enjoyed every second of it. She chose a beautiful deep orange silk long robe with a red crushed velvet collar. The robe was hand embroidered with red flowers and symbols of Venus. On her head she placed a matching hat. She then moved to a large building at the far side of the garden and opened the door. Inside, she took a long yellow leather glove from a hook and preceded to open the door of a cage close by. Three of Pentacles The Three of Pentacles appears when you are laying the foundation of a large project.

It indicates that there are other people in your life who have a hand in what you own, be it as controlling things or as beneficiaries.

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Four of Pentacles This is a stubborn streak manifesting as an obsession with clinging on to what is yours. You may feel some justification as the Four of Pentacles appears quite often after something has been taken away.

But it is a card of holding one's self back and not realizing the true potential of your own assets. Five of Pentacles The Five of Pentacles continues the themes of the card before it by reminding you that by ignoring your potential to create wealth, you could end up on the outside of all opportunity.

This card is one where regrets and reminders merge into a cautionary tale about finding and embracing financial opportunity before it is too late. Six of Pentacles Many cards involved with the material plane are about the effect that money has on you. The Six of Pentacles is about how you make an impact on what you put out into the material plane. Creating and compensating are important parts of the economic cycle and when you are in control, the chance to do more than just spend freely becomes a responsibility.

Seven of Pentacles Sometimes even when you know you should have something, you must wait. The Seven of Pentacles alerts you to circumstances beyond your control and lets you know that a peaceful outcome with much abundance does await you. The problem, though, is that it might be a long while before you get what is rightfully yours. Eight of Pentacles The need to work for what you want in the world is apparent when the Eight of Pentacles appears.

Nobody is going to give you cuts in line or hand you a winning lottery ticket. On the other hand, everything you do works out to your advantage, so embrace the material plane's card of getting what you want by earning it all yourself.

Nine of Pentacles The Nine of Pentacles appears when the bills pile up. At its worst, it reflects you being stuck in a small space admiring things you bought that you do not need and that don't love you back. At its best, it shows you isolated from the world as you play with your toys and revel in the things you own without anyone else.

Ten of Pentacles The Ten of Pentacles almost guarantees an easy time with money and indicates a chance to make permanent the gains in your life. Whereas the Nine of Pentacles keeps you isolated, this card entwines the material plane with the social sphere. Money and investments serve as the foundation for you to develop a network of friends and security for your family. Page of Pentacles The Page of Pentacles represents the youthful feeling when you take ownership of something for the first time.

The Page is young energy and can signal buying your first car or home no matter your age. The downside of the Page is immaturity, selfishness and unnecessary extravagance.

Knight of Pentacles The Knight of Pentacles represents the time in your life when you begin learning about how to use money as a tool. You can get more out of money as an investment than you will if you just spend it.