Niketan and karishma relationship

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niketan and karishma relationship

Not many people know that model Niketan Madhok and Karishma Kotak were Karishma Kotak was also rumoured to be in a relationship with. the Bigg Boss house in the hope of mending their broken relationship. Niketan Madhok – Karishma Kotak – Vishal Karwal: Niketan and. Aryan Vaid with Anupama Verma (Bigg Boss season 1). Niketan Madhok with Karishma Kotak (Bigg Boss season 6). 5/ Niketan Madhok with Karishma Kotak.

Unfortunately none of them could get together. The duo entered the house with a spark and their actions made it evident specially their swimming-pool-time. Rahul was suddenly seen flirting with Monica Bedi and almost proposed her leading Payal to break up with him.

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Bakhtiyaar went on a different level in the Bigg Boss house by flirting with the German beauty Claudia. Bakhtiyaar tried flirting and getting close with Claudia even when his wife Tanaaz was also in the house.

Their famous pool incident made everyone raise eyebrows. Soon after the scene, Bakhtiyaar had to face his wife Tanaaz and cleverly enough he mend his ways. Their case was a complicated one in the Bigg Boss house. Sara and Ashmit were inseparable in the Bigg Boss house. They did everything together and were together just all the time. And when all of this was not enough, Sara married her longtime boyfriend Ali Merchant inside the Bigg Boss house, creating history.

He was young, energetic and entertaining. Siddharth started flirting with both Shonali and Vida together, not wasting his time and enthusiasm. Once the season got over, the three of them decided to take different ways. Delnaaz and Rajeev together entered the Bigg Boss house in the hope of mending their broken relationship. But Rajeev had other plans in mind.

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After the show got over, they still remain to be friends but are too busy in their schedules to start something new. About time, we say. Gauahar Khan - Kushal TandonNobody gave this relationship a chance. Yes, it had all the ingredients of a classic love story.

niketan and karishma relationship

Boy meets girl, gets smitten, woos and wins her - all in a matter of days. From communicating through sign language which only the two could decipher, to spending all their waking hours together, shutting themselves in the bathroom for 15 minutes, the pair played out their love story to the gallery.

When Kushal was ousted from the house for being physically abusive to Andy, Gauahar followed him out. It was only when she realised that she was contractually bound to the show and would have to cough up Rs50 lakh for walking out mid-way that she re-entered the house.

During a mock contest in the Bigg Boss house, when Kushal was asked to declare his love for Gauahar, he floored her completely saying he wanted to grow old with her!

They were recently seen on another reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 5. And now it looks like the lovebirds are cementing the bond sooner than later, November if sources are to be believed. When asked, Kushal said, "Only if we had time from our respective work schedules. We are very young to be married.

No loud declarations, drama or fights. If anything, these youngsters drawn to each other were more of friends than lovers on screen. The duo were just acquaintances when they were part of Bigg Boss 6.

niketan and karishma relationship

In fact, the producers had cleverly got Karishma and her ex-boyfriend Niketan Madhok in the house hoping to fan the embers. But that did not happen as Karishma insisted they had moved on. It was only when Vishal came in as a wildcard entrant that there was a spike. The handsome actor and Karishma hit it off well. Though Sana Khan was seen flirting with Vishal, and the two seemed an item, it was with Karishma that he had intimate conversations and long walks.

This did not go down well with Niketan but unlike Ajaz Khan who bothered Gauahar and Kushal with his protestations, Niketan conveyed his ire through his demeanor.

Love triangles in ‘Bigg Boss’ house

He and Vishal shared cold vibes but saw to it that things never came to a boil. However, the burgeoning romance between Vishal and Karishma was cut short when Karishma's father passed away and she had to leave the show mid-way.

niketan and karishma relationship

Though she returned a couple of weeks later, the mood was solemn.