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Adeline Yen Mah describes her difficult relationship with Niang in her memoir Chinese Cinderella. The word ''niang'' means ''mother'' in Chinese. Even though. I found some quiz questions regarding Falling Leaves so I added them to this set in addition to the =Niang's hatred for Adeline especially stemmed from an incident when Adeline tried to protect the young =close relationship with Adeline. Why does Niang behave towards Adeline, and her other stepchildren, as she does? Why is this relationship difficult and changeable?.

Can the author of an autobiography, or the author of fiction, manipulate the reader to have them see things as they wish? Might the participants in the book see themselves, or their actions, differently from the view the author presents? A source of cruel and cold treatment for all of her step-children, she has a particular hatred for Adeline. Calculating and manipulative, though outwardly charming and stylish, Niang is the stereotypical evil stepmother.

Whilst Adeline appears to crave the approval of her father, she senses this is not possible with Niang and only wishes to disappear in her presence. This pattern of being noticed only for academic success is recurrent throughout the book. Affluent, intelligent, business savvy and ambitious, Yen is thoughtless of others. Continually abandoning Adeline, ignoring the wishes of his own father, he appears to value only the opinion of his new wife Niang and chase success for himself based on wealth and power.

Theirs was the gaze that glances but does not see. Whilst their younger brother fourth brother has the latest page-boy haircut and a navy jacket with matching trousers, they endure shaved heads and traditional high collared robes. At one point, Adeline feels close to her third brother. Why is this relationship difficult and changeable? She is portrayed as both manipulative and manipulated, prepared to beg and obey for the trifles she wishes to have tram fare p.

For most of the novel she is symbolic of the arranged marriage that Adeline wishes desperately to avoid for herself. She too, craves acceptance as do the other children within the family. Partly this is cultural, as in Chinese society at this time an unmarried older Aunt must bow to the wishes of the male head of household.

Why does Aunt Baba stay in China? Towards the end of the book, when Adeline is bemoaning her possible fate at the whim of her parents, he says: You have your whole life ahead of you. Being top of your class merely confirms this. But you can vanquish the demons only when you yourself are convinced of your own worth. She is going to be different! Certainly Adeline cannot understand how her grandfather has been made to feel dependent, answering to his daughter-in-law for money.

Lifestyle Though obviously neglected and deprived in some senses, Adeline is part of an affluent family. What would her existence have been like as an unwanted daughter of a destitute family? As Adeline enters the Peninsula hotel with Niang she sees a girl for sale p. Earlier, she describes how: How are they the same, yet also different? The beggar children are desperately poor but may be loved. Can you contrast this with the life Adeline leads? How do her experiences and her lifestyle contrast with the same areas of life for a student living in Australia in the year ?

Are there similarities between this and other cultures you are aware of? How are they part of Adeline and her families lives? Read the description of the Shanghai streets p. Culturally, the world of Adeline and that of her grandparents is very different. Write about a memory you have when you had a great accomplishment at school. I had gotten the highest reader award in my class.

How many siblings does Adeline have? What are they like? She has 6 siblings. Theymostly treat her like scum.

Summary and Analysis of Chapters – Chinese Cinderella Analysis

Niang is a very pretty Chinese-European. What does Adeline call her grandparents? Ye Ye and Nai Nai4. What country occupies Tianjin?

China North East Coast Memoir: Share a memory you have about a special relationship you have with a relative,similar to Aunt Baba and Adeline.

How does second brother treat Adeline? He tries to annoy her and always steals hershare of goodies3. He is more Kind and Caring to Adeline, butwhen the others are mean to her, he is too4. How about third brother? Third brother is okay to Adeline, but he is still meansometimes5. What is Big Sister like? She absolutely despises Adeline and likes to boss people aroundbecause he left arm is paralyzed. They get treated like they are special and theyare just better in general7.

He is proud of her for bringing honorto the family name8. What does Adeline feel she must do to make her family proud? Get good grades and dowell in schoolMemoir: Share a moment when you feel someone was favored over you. How did it makeyou feel? I hated when my dog likes my friend more than me. Chapter 4 pgs 1. What is the rickshaw a symbol of?

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How does Adeline feel about school? She loves school because she feels accepted there,like people actually like her. Why is the school medal so important to Adeline?

What is it symbolic of? It isimportant for her because it is the only thing she can have pride in considering her life. It is asymbol of pride and honor4. What happens at the awards ceremony that makes Adeline sad? How do the people native to Tianjin feel about Japan?

Everybody is scared ofthem because they have defeated China many times before.

Teachers’ Notes - Adeline Yen Mah Adeline Yen Mah

What happens to father and Niang in this chapter? They leave and disappear for awhile. She is happy and relaxed for once. What happens to Nai Nai in this chapter?


This leaves Adeline with one less person that actually cares for her. Share a story that is told often by one of your family members about how yourchildhood is different than theirs. Back in my day, we didnt get our first computer until wewere 1! Chapter 5 pgs 1. Where does Adeline move in this chapter? How does Adeline feel about Jackie? She is terrified of Jackie and is scared of her. What does their home life in Shanghai seem like? Divided, as now the stepchildren andthe real children live on separate floors.

When I was I moved from 1 house to another but they were only 5 minutes away fromeachother. Everyone forgets totake her to school, then they also forgot to pick her up2. How would you feel if you were in a situation like Adeline where everyone hadforgotten about you? I would feel angry because they forgot me and just ditched me I wouldfeel like. How did Adeline remember her phone number? He tells her to learn to read a map. Share a story about a particularly memorable first day of school.

I am usually very bad at making friends, but this year I managed to make a few in just myfirst day! This was in third grade, however, so I am still antisocial. Chapter 7 pgs 1. How does Little Sister respond to Niang? Why does she act like this? She has been away from Niang for Almost 2 years.

How does Niang react? Angrily, she slaps the child when she says she wants Aunt Babainstead. Adeline says for Niang to stop. What do you think Niang will do to Adeline? Explain a particular time when you were courageous and stood up for someone orsomething no matter what the consequences would be for you. If someone was being mean tomy precious baby puppyChapter 8 pgs 1. What is austerity and how do Adeline and her siblings have to subscribe to it?

What makes Adeline sad for her Ye Ye in this chapter? He is no longer head of thehousehold and has to beg Niang and Father for money4. How do her parents respond to their wishes for tram fare? They are enraged becausethey think they should have to walk because of exercise and that they are being greedy5.

How does Adeline deal with the tram fare issue? How about her siblings? Share a story about the way you have been taught a lesson about the importance ofrespect or the value of money.

I am always broke so I don't have any experiences like that. Ispend my money pretty wisely, like when we went to universal i bought a scarfChapter 9 pgs 1. What did the children receive to signify New Year?

How else are the two sets of children treated differently?

Chapter Questions

How do you know? How do Adeline and her siblings choose to take a stand against their parents? They tryto write a letter in Chinese addressed to their father pointing out the inequalities of life. How does Niang respond to their stand? She brings big sister over to their side bygiving her the extra bedroom6.

She becomes friendswith her to get on a good side with Niang 7. Because of her academic record and compositions. She is good atwriting stories probably because she tries so hard in school that she has learned to naturallybecome a good writer.

Also because she is neglected by her family. Why does she compare herself to Mulan? What does she yearnfor most? She yeans for love from her familyMemoir: Share a story about a special talent you have and why you are proud of it. I can pitch a 52 mile per hour fastball in softballChapter 10 pgs 1. What is Wu Chen-mei like? She is very athletic2. How do Adeline and Wu Chen-mei help each other? Adeline helps her with math andWu Chen Mei lends her books3. America Dropped the atombomb on japan.

The little princess, because it relates to he somuch5. She was jealous of her life soshe pretends hers is just as good6. What was life like when Niang, father, and their other children were back in Tianjin? They were a lot happier because things were a lot looser managed.

What specialaward does Adeline win in this chapter? She wins a writing competition9. Showing how the children in the family were separated and treated unequally. A few months later, Adeline was attending the same missionary school as her Big Sister. At this time, Tianjin was under the control of Japanese occupation, everyone had been frightened about this. When the soldier approach to Father with business proposal, the Father had chose the best time to escape Tianjin and brought Niang and Fourth Brother with him, leaving the others with blissful freedom.

Adeline was the most forgotten and ridiculed child out of all the siblings. The intimidating Japanese presence was comparable to the forceful presence of Niang in the Yen household. Even though Father could escape from the presence of Japanese, the children could only escape from the terror of Niang for a short period of time when she is not home.

Her tough life had just began.