Mr gold and belle age difference in a relationship

not so chipped — Rumbelle age gap

mr gold and belle age difference in a relationship

In “Lacey,” Belle (Emilie de Ravin) takes on the cursed identity of Lacey, How is the relationship Lacey has with Mr. Gold different from his. People ACTUALLY don't ship Rumbelle because of the age gap? Well let me tell you something. Rumple il years old, Belle is about 60 years old. . Hook dying won't make Rumbelle the perfect relationship AND, Jennifer. I defended Damon and Elena's relationship to any and every Stefena shipper I Belle and Rumple's love story is practically a fairytale. watch the show (Belle is the same age as Rumple's son, so it's not a huge stretch) and.

Gold believes the relationship won't work since Neal still have feelings for Emma. His son, however, is disappointed his father has not changed from the past. Neal then permanently cuts off contact with him; stating that the only person he's in Storybrooke for is Henry. While spending time with Lacey at the pawnshop, he is approached by David and Mary Margaret. Gold asks Lacey to leave so he can take care of business. The pair ask for a way to locate Regina, and he helps them due to being indebted to Mary Margaret after she saved his life.

Bringing out a bottle containing one of Regina's tears, Mr. Gold collects Mary Margaret's tear and mixes the two. Afterwards, he instructs she must put the liquid into her eye so a temporary bodily connection with Regina can be breached.

After they are gone, Lacey curiously asks him about his magical abilities. Conjuring a necklace, he then helps her put it on.

As Lacey learns more about his inability to age as the Dark One, she, too, wishes to be immortal so they can be together forever. He says it's possible, but mentions it doesn't keep a person immune from dying. Gold goes on to tell her about a prophecy a seer gave him a long time ago that someone will be his undoing, which he takes to mean his death will occur because of this person.

Puzzled, Lacey questions why he doesn't just get rid of the obstacle in his way as he's the kind of man who won't let anything stand in his way. At a distance, Mr. Gold deliberately tries to sabotage the swing Henry is playing on, but a car door slam startles him.

mr gold and belle age difference in a relationship

From a truck, Emma and her parents step out. When questioned by a suspicious David, Mr. Gold lies and states that he's spending time with his grandson. Hastily, they also fill Mr. Gold in on Greg and Tamara's plans of setting off a trigger to obliterate every person in Storybrooke who was not born in the Land Without Magic. They ask for his help to stop it, but he refuses.

Blaming himself for Neal's death, after bringing magic to this land in order to find him, Mr. Gold is prepared to die once the trigger self-destructs. Later on, he receives a potion from Leroy to restore Lacey's memories. As the demise of Storybrooke nears, Mr. Gold drinks scotch with Lacey. She accidentally spills some and uses Baelfire's shawl as a wiping rag. Outraged, he snatches it back and angrily exclaims it belonged to someone very important to him, and that she would not understand.

Gold recognizes, in this instance, that the person he needs most is Belle. Magically reconstructing the chipped cup, he pours the potion into it.

With one sip, Lacey's memories as Belle return.

mr gold and belle age difference in a relationship

As they reunite, Mr. Gold apologizes for waking her up only to die on the same day. Soon, destruction is alleviated when Emma and Regina's combined powers stop the trigger. At the dock, Mr. Gold and Belle learn Henry has been taken to another world by Greg and Tamara. Hook, possessing the last magic bean, agrees to help them pursue Henry's kidnappers.

Gold persuades Belle into enacting a cloaking spell to keep outsiders from entering town. Gold intends this to be the last time they meet as it is his duty to save Henry for Neal's sake. Hopeful as ever, Belle believes the future isn't always what it seems, and they will see each other again. Parting with a kiss, Belle walks away, and then assures him that Neal would be proud. Aboard the Jolly Roger, Mr. Gold conjures the magic globe and pricks a drop of blood onto it, which pinpoints Henry in Neverland.

After Hook opens a portal with the bean, he, Mr.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Season 3 and 4[ edit ] When Henry is kidnapped to Neverland, Gold travels with Emma, her parents, Regina and Hook to rescue him from his father's plot to steal Henry's heart. Returning to Storybrooke, Pan attempts to kill his loved ones, though Gold uses his dagger to sacrifice both himself and his father.

However, Pan's curse is enacted, and when Regina destroys her curse to end Pan's curse, the inhabitants are returned to the Enchanted Forest. Neal and Belle travel to Rumplestiltskin's castle and are located to the Dark One's vault where Neal resurrects Rumplestiltskin but kills himself. Before he dies, Rumplestiltskin merges Neal's body with his own.

Gold is returned to Storybrooke under Zelena's control. Emma later finds him, only to find that Neal is trapped within him, thus causing Gold to lose his mind.

mr gold and belle age difference in a relationship

Neal asks for Emma to free Gold to defeat Zelena, though he will die; she reluctantly agrees. Gold proposes to Belle, also giving her his dagger.

Unknown to her, it is a fake, and Gold uses the original to kill Zelena. He later marries Belle with her father's blessing, secretly returning the real dagger to Belle.

Gold soon discovers the Sorcerer Merlin's magical hat in Storybrooke and once again defies Belle to take back the original blade.

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Attempting to cleave himself from his dagger and have ultimate power and control by killing Hook, Belle stops him and banishes him from the town.

Gold finds Ursula and Cruella and enlists them to help in returning to Storybrooke, later teaming with Maleficent to find the Author of Henry's book and retrieve their own happy endings at the expense of Emma who's savior status must be removed. Gold's darkened heart affliction worsens, he uses the Author to create an alternate universe in which villains get their happy endings.

However, Henry undoes Isaac's work, and Belle finds an unconscious Mr. Gold back in Storybrooke. The Apprentice removes the Dark One's powers from Gold's heart and keeps him in a preservation spell. The darkness is then taken in by Emma, who becomes the new Dark One. Shortly after the heroes' return, he is awoken by Emma and forced to become a hero via protection of Belle in order to pull Excalibur from its stone. After succeeding, Gold threatens to ensure Emma's defeat, because as a former Dark One, he knows better than anyone how to defeat one.

After Hook was revealed to be the true villain, Gold engaged in a duel with him for the first time as a human since their first meeting.

Despite the reversed circumstances — with Hook as the Dark One and Gold as the mortal — Gold still managed to defeat Hook in combat, purposefully allowing him to live, believing it would haunt Hook that he had been defeated by his "cowardly" nemesis. Though Gold hoped to resume his relationship with Belle, she ended the relationship due to the numerous times he lied and hurt her.

After Hook unleashed the dead Dark Ones into Storybrooke, Gold was among those whose souls were claimed and were to be taken to the Underworld in place of the Dark Ones. Though Gold claimed it was pointless to resist, Emma continued to look for a way to stop Hook. Taking advantage of Emma's decision to use Excalibur to destroy the Darkness once and for all, Gold enchanted the blade so that the Darkness would be transferred back into him. Indeed, following Hook's redemptive sacrifice, Gold was revealed to not only be the Dark One again, but to embody the power of every Dark One before, including Emma Swan.

Upon discovering this fact, Emma used this to blackmail Gold into helping the heroes journey to the Underworld to resurrect Hook.

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When he arrived, he is tempted by his father, who must live out his soul as Peter Pan, an offer to trade a living soul for his, and was tempted by Hades to leave only to betray Gold by forcing him to kill Milah just as they were hoping for her to make peace with Baelfire.

Hades then uses the contract that gave the healer their second child, as payback by amending it in order to do Hades' bidding. When he created a portal for Hades in order to bring Zelena's daughter to the Underworld, the portal also bought Belle as well, and he confessed to her about his reclaiming his role as the Dark One and her pregnancy, explaining that she cannot merely love him for the man she sees inside the beast, since the beast is also a part of him.

What was your reaction when you found out where the story would be going? I suppose I was really just excited. I think I thrive on the challenges.

It plays into the Rumple-Belle or Rumbelle, or whatever people call it, relationship. You have a very unusual situation with this show, getting to explore the new character while still getting to explore the other character in flashbacks in Fairytale Land. Is it fun to have that duality? Who is Lacey compared to who Belle is, and is there anything specific you wanted to bring to Lacey to set her apart from Belle?

She has a very loving, maternal side to her. She really cares about the world. Also, she really shouldn't love this person. The beloved Disney cartoon, which ABC has unlimited access to borrow from, made a point of giving the Beast an arc that transformed him from cruel bully into protector and friend, and so his relationship with Belle seemed natural and inevitable.

What about Rumpelstiltskin won over the beautiful Emilie de Ravin? Was it the time he threw her in the dungeon, or when he didn't whip her with a riding crop for dropping a teacup? Maybe it was his giant grandmotherly spinning wheel or his promise to get used to daylight or how he said he would tell her about his son and didn't. I have now mentioned the extent of the romance between Rumps and Belle, because in this episode it was not the romance that was privileged but the break-up.

And it's a shame, because Emilie de Ravin is fantastic, and created a real chemistry between herself and Carlyle. Yet after a few moments of conversation and an awkward kiss, we spent twice as much time on Rumpelstiltskin's horrible breakdown, screaming into his mirror, terrifying Belle and forcing me to laugh until my sides ached. You have to step out of this show and laugh at it, or it becomes too claustrophobic.

Don't tell me they didn't have the time to fully develop their romance in an hour-long episode. All this show has is time. The writers could easily have made this a two- or three-episode arc. Rumpelstiltskin is a major character and Disney's Beauty and the Beast is currently in theaters. Don't tell me that new viewers coming in on the second episode of a multiple-episode arc would be alienated, because this whole show is alienating if you haven't seen every episode before. Sequential viewing reaches its zenith in shows like OUaT and Lostand if the writers are going to cultivate that kind of loyalty in their viewers they might as well reward them by giving them miniseries-like development for important relationships.

That's what they're doing with the loathsome David Nolan and Mary Margaret. If the Beauty and the Beast story was a slap in St. Valentine's face, David Nolan buying two last minute ninety-nine-cent greeting cards for his wife and mistress was a roundhouse kick to the personal regions. David caught Mary Margaret leaving the saddest girl's night out of all time: David promised he would "find a way" for them to be together: