Morocco and iran relationship with united

Reactions on the Break off relations between Morocco and Iran |

morocco and iran relationship with united

The Western Sahara is a former Spanish colony that Morocco annexed in Polisario fought a guerrilla war for independence until a United. What Morocco's decision to break off diplomatic relations with Iran The United Arab Emirates expressed its support to Morocco against. Washington D.C – Morocco's rough gallop during last month's United Nations Security Council deliberations on the Western Sahara proved the.

morocco and iran relationship with united

Morocco decided to sever ties with Iran because of the military support provided by its ally the Hezbollah movement to the "Polisario", Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, said on Tuesday.

The Kingdom of Morocco has decided to sever ties with Iran because of the military support provided by its ally the Hezbollah movement to the "Polisario", Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, said on Tuesday. I informed him of the decision of the Kingdom of Morocco to break off its diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran," the minister said at a meeting with the national and foreign press.

The minister insisted that this decision is a "reaction to a confirmed involvement of Iran through Hezbollah, of which everyone knows the link with Iran, in an alliance with the polisario against national security and the higher interests of the Kingdom". This decision is taken for "purely bilateral considerations and has no link with regional or international developments" and "Morocco never takes this kind of decision under influence or pressure, but when it comes to its territorial integrity, its national security, the security of its citizens, it can only be firm and take clear decisions".

morocco and iran relationship with united

He recalled in this regard that Morocco resumed its diplomatic relations with Iran inwhile this country was in crisis with countries friendly to Morocco. It is therefore clear that this "decision is linked exclusively to Morocco and Iran," the minister pointed out.

morocco and iran relationship with united

He noted that the collaboration between the polisario separatist movement and Hezbollah gained in scope and visibility from Marchstressing that a relationship between the two movements was built well before, already inwhen a "committee of support for the Sahrawi people" was set up for the first time in Lebanon, thanks to a benevolent protection of Hezbollah. He pointed out that the latter was arrested on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued by the United States of America for money laundering and membership of a terrorist organization.

From that moment on, the minister stressed, Hezbollah threatened revenge and began to strengthen its relationship with the polisario against Morocco, adding that bombers and military cadres were sent to Tindouf to train elements of the polisario on urban guerrilla warfare and to train commandos in order to carry out actions against Morocco.

More recently, during this month, a first delivery of weapons was provided to polisario armed militias by Hezbollah leaders, notably Sam 9, Sam 11 and strellas, revealed the minister. Bourita affirmed that Morocco cannot accept "that a country trains commandos and people in urban guerrilla warfare, delivers weapons, militarily trains and supervises the polisario soldiers", adding that the decision of rupture "is not against the Shiites, nor against the Lebanese and Iranian peoples, it is a decision, a reaction against unacceptable actions carried out by Hezbollah with the blessing, if not more, of Iran".

We have not received a response that calls into question the elements in our possession and that is why Morocco has taken the decision" to break off diplomatic relations with Tehran. I informed him of the decision of the Kingdom of Morocco to break off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran," Bourita said during a meeting with representatives of the national and foreign press in Rabat.

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Other reasons for this decision included Iran's alleged Shia proselytising activities in the kingdom, but also Saudi Arabia's incitement to such a decision as part of "its overall strategy to oppose Iranian influence", according to a WikiLeaks diplomatic cable. Despite this, Iran maintained its freeze on recognition of the SADR and seemed committed to a resumption of diplomatic relations.

In Septemberthe Iranian parliament took the unilateral decision to create a friendship group with Morocco, which caused astonishment in Rabat. From towhen Morocco was a non-permanent member of the Security Council, it expressed a relatively conciliatory position on Iranian nuclear programme: Part of the reason why Iran may have attempted to move closer to Morocco during this period was because the Islamic Republic has often sought the support of non-permanent members of the Security Council.

Diplomatic Relations Between Morocco and Iran Sour Over Western Sahara Dispute

Morocco thus manages to get into the good graces of Saudi Arabia, which was unfriendly towards Rabat because of its neutrality in the Qatar crisis, and offers a dilemma to the American administration. Morocco's offensive against Iran comes shortly after the appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser. Bolton is considered hostile to Iran but positive towards the Polisario Front. Morocco's offensive is also in line with the aggressive diplomatic approach adopted in recent months towards Algeria While the US administration is unlikely to give credence to Rabat's accusations against Tehran if they're not supported by credible evidence, the positions taken by the Gulf states and the Arab League have helped to legitimise Morocco's allegations.

Isolation of both countries Does the severance of Iran-Morocco ties prefigure Morocco's alignment with Saudi positions?

morocco and iran relationship with united

Morocco's neutrality during the Qatar crisis shattered Moroccan-Saudi relations. Today, it seems difficult to imagine that the kingdom would not align itself with the Gulf states and the US regarding Iran. Saudi Arabia is becoming more and more imperious towards its allies and punitive towards the Arab countries that do not adhere to its plan to isolate Iran. The logical corollary of this alignment would also be a greater rapprochement between Morocco and the GCC countries.

Will Morocco support any adventurous decisions that may be taken, or will it show some independence? Only the future can tell.

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For Rabat, the Western Sahara affair is a Moroccan-Algerian dispute and therefore the diplomatic war would no longer be directed mainly against the Polisario Front, but also against Algeria. Apart from the objective of isolating Algiers, this strategy doesn't outline any way forward. It would not change the UN's ultimatum, would push the parties further into tension and would jeopardise any future negotiations in advance.