Megatron and starscream relationship poems

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megatron and starscream relationship poems

After being injured during the battle in Mission City Starscream finds himself stuck Starscream a chance to go back to the Decepticons to over throw Megatron. One could say that Megatron and Soundwave are like Deception versions of Optimus Prime and Ratchet. The Decepticons escaped when Optimus Prime returned in a new body and destroyed the Citadel. However, Optimus Prime was able to defeat Unicron and Shockwave may of left the. 'So Megatron has left him with a rusting crate of old poems and . would keep Starscream as his second given their poor working relationship.

That was also mildly disturbing. Soundwave didn't even bother to clarify. He just glanced at him, reached out with one datacable and tased him. That was, he decided, completely uncalled for. What do you even want to hear? Give a mech a chance, at least. Even though he couldn't see the Decepticon's expression, he still managed to convey a sense of utter contempt for Ratchet and everything he stood for.

One had to give it to that mech: That was Megatron, all right: We know what you were up to, and Ratchet here will be no doubt perfectly willing to give me the details. Soundwave tased him again, which was completely unfair.

I can't tell you anything if I'm convulsing in pain all the time! Soundwave looked at him skeptically. It was rather disturbing. Soundwave again reached with the datacable.

megatron and starscream relationship poems

Ratchet most definitely did not squeal. I mean, are you seriously asking about that? Spike—one of the human—just reached his maturity! We threw him a party! Explain," and whoa, when he actually spoke, Soundwave sure sounded creepy and extremely angry. Ratchet quickly shifted as far from the datacable as he could, which was still not very far, and thought back—why would Optimus He figured that due the circumstances of his kidnapping and Optimus' apparent intervention, the proverbial 'cat' was out of the bag.

Soundwave stared some more. That moment was definitely worth it, even if he got half of his circuits fried afterward. Soundwave was also not having a good day. For some reason, it felt vaguely insulting to know that even the oh-so-saintly-and-pure Prime was getting more action that Soundwave was, and not for a lack of trying. Also, he chose to get down with that? Soundwave felt offended on Megatron's behalf.

He wrote him poetry, for Primus' sake! What more did the bot want? But however he personally felt about the information, at least it explained what exactly got the Prime so defensive. In any case, it was a moot point.

Soundwave couldn't exactly tell Megatron that: He looked at the smoking frame of the medic, and considered. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Personal affects that had then been given to Starscream. So Megatron has left him with a rusting crate of old poems and pointless trinkets -but no crown, no throne, no title.

He was fortunate to be dead, or Starscream would have killed him all over again. To his surprise, Shockwave didn't immediately demote him. Nor did he have him fired out of the Nemesis's cannons. Odd, that he would keep Starscream as his second given their poor working relationship. Granted, he and Megatron had never seen optic to optic. But it was a different kind of dislike. Megatron had always seemed amused by his offensive nature, even when he'd been trying to kill him.

Starscream twitches at the sympathetic tone. How many times will he have to insist to everyone that he doesn't fragging care!? Today he simply rolls his optics, sighing loudly. He hopes Shockwave gets the hint. It should have been Starscream leading this army, standing tall and proud on the bridge.

It should have been- His thoughts cut off when Shockwave touches his arm. Starscream's optics widen as he turns to stare at the purple mech. He pulls away very pointedly, glaring. Because he can't get his hopes up.

Megatron has a way of rearing his ugly helm when one least expects it. Loyal, dedicated Shockwave has no qualms about bedding the Seeker his beloved leader had been set to bond. He is still trying to reach out for Starscream. He forgets his offence a little, just enough to listen to what Shockwave has to offer him. You are a very sought after mech, and I believe you would look good at my side. He looks his new leader up and down. Shockwave is hardly a catch. One optic, no mouth- Primus knew what other deformities he may be hiding.

You will remain air commander, my second in command, and gain the respect I know you have always sought. He is implying demotion. If Shockwave had had a mouth, Starscream is sure he would be using it to smile.

Megatron (G1)/IDW Generation 1 continuity

If he had done this with Megatron, he can do it with Shockwave. Maybe he hadn't lost that promised crown after all. He and Megatron had been intimate together long before either of them had had any ideas about truces and betrothals.

Starscream is disappointed to realise he can't actually remember the first time Megatron had thought to pin him down and kiss him, just to make him shut up. Even after they had found mutual ground, had managed to muster some semblance of respect for one another, Megatron had never been gentle with him. He was always fierce, intense, insatiable.

Starscream had liked that. He had also liked that Megatron had never expected intimacy from him. It wasn't part of their arrangement, not even after they would have been bonded. For all his demanding bluster and aggression, Megatron would never have forced Starscream. Shockwave on the other servo Starscream knows exactly why he's been called here.

Starscream's optics linger on the berth. He is sure it's the same one Megatron's clumsy attempts at wooing him start to seem a lot more romantic now. He lays back, shifting to make himself comfortable.

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His wing's remember the luxurious feel of Megatron's- no, not any more- they remember the feel of the berth. He spreads his thighs and opens his panel, mostly because he isn't in the mood to linger here. They can skip the foreplay. Shockwave seems to be of the same mindset.

Because he doesn't have a mouth, there are no kisses, there is no biting, there is no warm glossa on Starscream's wings or his thighs or his valve. He doesn't kiss him into a puddle of goo like Megatron would have done, doesn't grin devilishly at the sight of his flicking wings, doesn't tease him with filthy little promises Shockwave leans over him, his faceless helm very close to Starscream's.

He runs his servo over Starscream's frame first, savouring the foreign features of a seeker- pinching wing tips, caressing the delicate glass of his cockpit.

megatron and starscream relationship poems

Starscream touches the purple mech's chest to reciprocate, just so It doesn't seem to Shockwave like he's clanging a deactivated pleasure drone. Then Shockwave pushes in. The stretch burns, stings. Starscream's mouth falls open to cry out. Shockwave shudders above him, breathing his name, sounding so, so satisfied. He grips one of Starscream's wings and squeezes. Starscream tries to bite his lip but noises escape him regardless. He lifts his thrusters and curls his legs around the back of Shockwave's thighs.

Liking this, Shockwave adjusts his position and starts to thrust, fast and quick. He is speaking too, but Starscream's can't hear, or isn't listening. The clanging of armour on armour is too loud. Then Shockwave slows himself. His one optic is dark as it stares into Starscream's hooded ones. He rolls his hips, rocking into Starscream's valve rather than thrusting, brushing up against swollen nodes. It dawns on Starscream. He's trying to make him overload. He cries out, shuttering his optics, throwing his helm back.

Starscream grits his denta. As if the entire situation isn't insult enough. He had never had to do this much ego stroking with Megatron. He had never needed to- "Shockwave," he moans, because he has to. He tries to fake his overload. Panting hard and griping Shockwave tight. Starscream rolls his hips into Shockwave's, clamping down on the spike in his valve, doing everything he can to bring him over the edge.

Shockwave's servo tightens around his wing. Starscream winces, hearing the metal bend, and then cringes as the excess charge from his leader's overload rushes through him.

Along with the trickle of something else. I see why Megatron was so fond of you. Now that it is over he pushes at Shockwave, desperate for a trip to the wash racks. But Shockwave stays put. Fingers pinch his wing. Shockwave, it seemed, hadn't had the time nor the company to take a berth mate in quite some time. He must have decided to take out all those celibate years on Starscream's unfortunate frame.

Naturally he is sore and cranky the next day. It is difficult not to limp as he walks, but he manages it. The shock of Megatron's deactivation is still so fresh amongst the mechs that the faction hasn't yet returned to normal functionality. Something that frustrates Starscream endlessly. He would rather be kept busy, work himself into the ground, so he doesn't have to think -think about everything. Sadly, the only distraction he is given -is Shockwave.

Starscream stands before the desk that had once been Megatron's and glares at the purple mech leaning against its edge.

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That could mean anything. The outposts, the mines Cause and Effect "Megatron, let's roll. Ruins When Zeta Prime's Omega Destructors suddenly attacked Nyon, Megatron was surprised by how zealously the new Prime fought against the city's rebels, but his real interest still lay on how Orion would handle the crisis. Purge Orion turned on Zeta, who in turn attempted to kill him, prompting Megatron to intervene and force the Prime to retreat. Taking Orion back to Kaon, he again offered that they work together against Zeta's corruption, and this time the Autobot officer accepted.

The battle ended with Megatron killing the Prime with a head shot, and with his objective complete, he then betrayed the injured Orion by shooting him in the back. Overthrown This moment lived in infamy as the point at which Megatron revealed his true colors, no longer couched in ideology; Dinobot Hunt though curiously, an alternate report incorrectly implied he had assassinated Zeta from afar, sniping him with the rifle alternate mode of Vos.

With Zeta dead, Megatron conquered Iacon and declared himself ruler of Cybertron. His soldiers patrolled the planet's streets to "keep the peace", mostly by hunting down and capturing any remaining Autobots who opposed him.

Transformation During his rule, Megatron attempted to sway the neutral Hot Rod into joining the Decepticons, but he decided otherwise upon witnessing Megatron ordering the execution of several Autobot prisoners. Rise Megatron was shocked to learn that Orion Pax had survived the betrayal and was organizing a rebellion against him under the name "Optimus Prime", and even more shocked that people actually had the courage to listen to him. He wasted no time in striking back against the rebels approaching the Citadel with the full force of his army.

Broadcast During the battle, Megatron unleashed Zeta Prime's energy-draining vamparc annihilatorbut when the gigantic Metroplex took out the cannon, Megatron fell to the streets and was confronted by Optimus Prime himself. He lost the ensuing familiar-looking duel and was badly wounded after a failed attempt to defeat Prime by holding Hot Rod hostage, forcing him to escape aboard Astrotrain.

As he fled, he warned Optimus that he hadn't won, he had only started a war unlike any Cybertron had ever seen. Endgame Megatron insists on wearing his Darksiders cosplay when he's walking his pet Quintesson. Before Megatron could recover from his injuries, he was betrayed by Scorponokwho was gunning for the position of Decepticon leader with aid from Starscream.

As punishment for his failure to hold Iacon, Scorponok banished the wounded Megatron to the hell-world of Junkion. Derelicts Further injured in battle with some cannibalistic nativeshe stubbornly refused to give up and used the trash littering the world to patch himself up, leaving him with a mismatched, monstrous appearance. Wreckage While searching for a way off Junkion, Megatron entered the wreckage of a starship and found a trapped Quintesson named Pentiuswho had mapped the planet and knew of an area known as the Pillar of Rust where starships may land and take off.

Megatron freed the alien to guide him there, while also putting him in chains to serve as his slave. Faces of Darkness "Thanks for turning me into the psychopath I've been the whole time!

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Rage For reasons unknown he was then released, the creatures having allowed him to live. As he emerged, Pentius was waiting with a history lesson, telling him that Junkion was once a prosperous world until its inhabitants drained it of resources, leaving it the broken husk it is today: Megatron rejected this possibility, declaring that under his rule, Cybertron—and his legacy—would last forever.

Fallout On arrival at the Pillar of Rust, Megatron was met by the Terrorconswho had come to Junkion to finish what Scorponok had started by killing him. He was able to fight off several of his attackers, but Hun-Gar was too much for him to handle in his injured state. Egged on and taunted by Pentius, Megatron realized he had one last resource left to use: Telling Pentius that his legacy would live on within him, he tore out the alien's spark and used it to fuel himself, granting him enough power to defeat Hun-Gar.

He spared the Terrorcons in exchange for their loyalty, then returned to Cybertron on their ship to take revenge on Scorponok and take back control of the Decepticons. Prey Megatron returned to a Cybertron in chaos, as the ancient reptilian Trypticon had been unleashed by Scorponok and was in the midst of razing Iacon.

After reasserting his leadership of the Decepticons by beating Scorponok nearly to death, he had Shockwave restore his body to its original shape and condition, The Illusion of Control and set out to investigate the Trypticon situation alone, unwilling to risk his soldiers in the face of the beast's uncontrolled fury. Finding an injured Optimus Prime on the battlefield, Megatron lectured him, but opted to leave him alive so that he could watch as the Decepticon leader defeated the enemy that Prime could not.

Megatron was attacked by Grimlockbut as they grappled, they were swallowed by Trypticon. Annihilation Within the giant, the pair set their differences aside to fend off the cyber-morphic predators that populated his interior, and together, they destroyed Trypticon's internal power cell, taking him offline. A tense standoff between the Autobots and Decepticons followed as the two warriors emerged from within Trypticon, but both sides agreed to go their separate ways for the time being.

Not long after the battle, however, Megatron removed Pentius's spark from within himself and installed it within Trypticon. Belly of the Beast After being fully repaired following his ordeals, Megatron roused Trypticon by exploiting the connection they now shared thanks to both having borne Pentius's spark. Discovering that Trypticon now possessed the consciousness of Pentius, Megatron was immediately suspicious of the Quintesson's potential treachery and was staggered by the visions of undiluted evil he saw in the aliens' past via their spark-link, but Trypticon assured him that he was dedicated to their shared goal of breaking a world.

Primacy 1 Using Trypticon's city-ship alternate mode, Megatron took to the stars, rounding up the scattered Decepticon army and even recruiting Junkions and Sharkticons. Primacy 2 Returning to Cybertron in force, Megatron was content to wait and watch from the sidelines while his troops viciously tore into Iacon.

Trypticon was defeated in battle by Metroplex, at which point Megatron's folly was revealed: Primacy 3 Leaving his men with orders to burn Iacon to the ground if he failed in order to spare it such a fate, Megatron set off for Trypticon's fallen body in hopes that he would be able to remove Pentius's spark before the giant revived. Confronted atop Trypticon by Optimus Prime, Megatron tried to goad the Autobot leader into destroying him, believing that Pentius would be destroyed with him thanks to their link.

Refusing to accept death as the answer, Optimus instead used the Matrix of Leadership to purify Megatron, burning Pentius's spark away; Megatron, however, vowed that he would never stop hating Optimus in spite of what he had done for him.

Sadly resigned to the fact that the once-noble revolutionary he had admired was now lost, Optimus knocked out the weakened Megatron and took him into custody. Primacy 4 The spreading conflict Megatron's forces were quick to come to his rescue however, breaking him out under cover of the night.

Post Early in the continuing conflict, Megatron authored Towards Peacea new treatise to replace After the Ark, in which he described continuing to fight the war until the very notion of conflict was literally inconceivable.

Then and only then would he finally give up his fusion cannon. Rules of Disengagement The earliest edition of the work featured a dedication to Terminus, which Megatron would later remove to reflect the lesson his friendship with Terminus had taught him: Towards Peace Friendships were a weakness, and Megatron exploited this in the cruelest way possible: Your Fierce Tears Megatron oversaw the creation of a class of super-warriors known as the Warriors Eliteselecting only his most powerful troops to undergo the torturous upgrade, including Overlorda brilliant sadist and frequent opponent of his from his pit-fighting days who had developed an obsession with Megatron after the Decepticon leader dealt him his first ever defeat.

Remembrance Day At some point, he also created the Decepticon Justice Division to deal with traitors, and appointed Damus—now code-named "Tarn"—as its leader, Rules of Disengagement though he elected not to send them after Deadlock when he defected, valuing the warrior enough to instead dispatch Lockdown to bring him in.

Drift 2 He would reportedly spend "half the war" searching for a way to remotely access a black holein order to use antimatter for power, but never succeeded.

Do Not Go Gentle Good times, bad times. Megatron would personally clash with Optimus Prime many times; Optimus grew to respect and fear Megatron as a calm, calculating and measured opponent, while Megatron himself respected Prime's sheer power and his skill as a tactician and as a leader.

Escalation 5 Megatron would later incorrectly recall their battle on Sherma Bridge during the Rorsha Campaign as the first time they met. Said battle was certainly momentous—every Autobot and Decepticon stopped fighting to witness their duel, during which Megatron's cannon arm was sliced off by Prime's energon-axeand he claimed revenge by throwing the Autobot leader off the bridge. As the war spread to other planets, they would meet again and again: House of Ambus Megatron took on a new pistol alternate mode for the Battle for Hell's Pointduring which he was used by Heretech to blast Ultra Magnus.

The Gloaming During the same skirmish, Megatron took off half of Prime's face with his energon mace, but had a city block dropped on him by Prime in retribution, which shattered his transformation cog and trapped him in gun mode for two years. Chaos Theory 1 Prime was not the only old face that Megatron would see again during the war: In this moment, Megatron was knocked from the platform by Springer and sent plummeting to the mountains below. Zero Point "We attack the Rice Krispies guys at dawn!

Assuming Judd Hirsch delivers the goods. Rules of Disengagement With total war going nowhere, he would go on to develop a six-stage infiltration protocol to be used for conquering targeted planets. The sixth phase called for outright planetary razing, and Megatron selected three of his Warriors Elite for this task: SixshotDevastation 5 Overlord, and Black Shadow. He informed this trio of his decision via teleconference, but Overlord, tired of being used as someone else's weapon, refused.

Megatron threatened to hunt Overlord down for his disobedience, Last Stand of the Wreckers 2 but while the powerful warrior spent the rest of his life preparing for this conflict, Megatron never followed up and left him to stew in his own obsession.

Last Stand of the Wreckers 5 You don't gotta go home Prime but you can't stay here. Around 10, years ago, when Shockwave did not return, Megatron ordered Bludgeon to investigate his files, Spotlight: Shockwave secretly assigning Soundwave to investigate Bludgeon Spotlight: Soundwave and probe deeper into whatever it was Shockwave had created. Shockpoint Shockwave's prediction soon proved accurate, and Cybertron found itself in the throes of an energy shortage.

Decepticon scientist Thunderwing came to Megatron with a revolutionary, controversial plan to stave off this energy death by polydermal graftinga process where they encased themselves in "symbiotic carapaces", or shells created from living tissue. When Megatron dismissed him angrily and cut him down, Thunderwing did not abandon his research; instead, he experimented on himself.

Stormbringer 3 Stormbringer 4 The process gave him immense power, but drove him insane.