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In this very quiz, you, yes, you, can find out whether you suffer from the same problem or can rise to What is Marth's relationship status? . Roy's descendant. Browse through and read or take thousands of fire emblem marth stories, quizzes , and other creations. out witch Fire Emblem boy you would most likely fit by your side, Marth, Ike, Roy, Link and Zelda's relationship becoming more serious. What I've notice is that Roy's recovery is kinda bad and Roy has FIRE xD!!.

Meta Knight uses his superior swordplay to his advantage by dancing around his foes and chipping at their percentage. Question 18 Peach or Zero Suit Samus?

Zero Suit Samus is the intergalactic bounty hunter without her power suit. The two represent big female gaming icons. Peach is fairly all-around while Zero Suit uses her gear to get the advantage.

The two have co-existed in Super Smash Bros for quite a while now. The big difference between them is that Toon Link happens to be much quicker and doesn't deal as much damage. Question 20 Wario Roy Wario and Roy were newer characters introduced later in the series. Wario used a series of weird attacks and gadgets to fight including an atomic fart.

Meanwhile, Roy is very similar to Marth but isn't as fast. That said, he makes up for it in how powerful his attacks are. Lucas has a lot of Ness's moves but brings more raw power behind them. Falco has similar moves to Fox but is a bit slower and more methodical.

He is also a bit harder to predict. Ike was greatly different from Marth and was more focused on raw power. One hit from his sword, and you'd go flying. Marth was still more focused on getting multiple strikes in quickly.

He was similar to Mewtwo in his functions. However, he was more focused on hand-to-hand combat and countering opponents' moves. Captain Falcon does get in your face, but he's more focused on striking first and harder. Question 24 Mii Fighter or Mr. Game and Watch Miis were eventually included in Smash as a way of giving players customization while unofficially bringing a lot of fighters to the game.

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Game and Watch was a reference to a lot of handheld games Nintendo put out back in the day. As such, Game and Watch used a lot of widely different attacks. He is one of the trickiest fighters in the entire game, using a lot of strange projectiles while battling. Corrin was the newest Fire Emblem character to join the roster, having extremely long range with his sword and one of the best counters in the game.

As its name suggests, it is quick and focuses on close combat and countering opponents. Lucina is a clone of Marth, but slightly easier to use with her simpler attacks and effects. Dark Pit is a clone of Pit but has some attacks that are slightly more effective.

He also has a different Final Smash. Peach is fairly standard and uses her toads and turnips to get the job done. On the other hand, Rosalina has a Luma with her at all times to attack simultaneously. Rosalina is extremely good. Bowser Jr fights in his Clown Car and uses a lot of items seen in the Mario franchise. Robin is more of a magic-user and has a lot of different Tomes at his disposal to either shock, burn, or even drain his opponents.

Question 30 Samus Link Samus and Link are two characters that love their projectiles. Samus has Power Beam shots, missiles, and bombs.

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Sonic Adventure wasn't even the first game in English-speaking markets to use the name Eggman - it appears on the side of the Wing Fortress in Sonic 2, is used as Robotnik's racing moniker "The Eggman" in Sonic Drift 2, and is again used in Sonic the Fighters.

On the opposite side of things, several characters from Sonic the Hedgehog and Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog made their only to date Japanese appearance in Sonic Spinball. Mighty the Armadillo, a Sonic-like character in Knuckles' Chaotixmade his first actual appearance in SegaSonic the Hedgehogwhose Japan-only release predates even Sonic 3let alone Chaotix.

Mighty was allegedly based on one of the original designs for Sonic. Shaft was cut from the only port of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood that the US or Europe got prior to This led to him mind-controlling Richter in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night with pretty much no introduction. Maria Renard debuted in Rondo of Blood as a year old vampire slayer, and returns as a 17 year old adult in Symphony of the Night. All cameos of Maria use her as a 12 year old since that's how she debuted first.

Many western fans are confused why they don't show her as an adult, since that's the first time they saw her. However, his first international appearance was actually as a Yu-Gi-Oh! This was averted in Europe, which ended up getting a completely different port of that game. When Hebereke was localized as U-four-ia: The Sagathe character design was changed.

Because of this and U-four-ia only getting a limited release in Scandinaviathey ended up debuting in the Mega Drive port of Lemmings. Runbow has guest characters from indie games with several of those still having yet to be released in Japan, so Runbow's Japanese release was the debut of some of the guest characters in Japan unlike outside of Japan where all of the guest characters debuted in their own games first. None of these games made it out of Japan, and even his cameos in other games tended not to be exported.

In a cross media example, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva introduced some new characters from the not-yet-released-outside-of-Japan prequel trilogy to the western world. Mainly in Europe - in the US the movie was delayed just long enough for the first game to be released first. Instead, they make their U. Double Peace, is a playable character alongside Gunvolt and Beck. Additionally, Shinobu and Maya, the heroines of Double Peace, have a cameo in the school stage, though Maya only appears in Ekoro's route.

The games were eventually released just in time for Mighty Gunvolt Burst to feature Kurona and Tenzou without any recognition problems. Rosa Morales and Cpl.

Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros."

Miles "Blaze" Lewis went through the same treatment. Rhythm Game Barbara the Bat is quite an odd case. While her first game, Daigasso! Band Brothers, debuted in Japan, she only made her first appearance overseas in Master of Illusion, which is a completely different game.

Brawlwith a callback to Band Brothers to boot. To add insult to injury, there were scrapped plans to bring Band Brothers overseas under the title Jam with the Band. Role Playing Game Atelier: Some of the cast of the first and second games finally appeared in the US Melody of Elemiain a bonus level of the dream states for the heroines.

This happened nearly ten years after the debut of the first Atelier game. The characters finally made their solo debut in the Western market in manga form, but the Atelier games that Ar Tonelico referenced still aren't out in the States. It's the full-on console debut for Marie, the first Atelier heroine, in a SSB-style crossover game that wasn't produced by, and isn't distributed by, her own home company.

Potentially rabid gamers wielding carrots have, in fact, been spotted outside the NISA offices. Relatedly, the Atelier series first came to the US via the Iris subseries, which was an attempt to use some of the Atelier concepts in a more standard RPG — namely, one with a male lead and a Defeat The Big Bad main plot.

The fact that these were the ones that finally managed to get companies interested in a US release is irksome to some fans, as well. In a franchise sense, the newest Atelier games are now coming over, Rorona and Annie respectively Liese Randel in Atelier Annie shows up in the second year of gameplay to help out our heroine and seemingly has a bit of history Phantasia didn't cross the Pacific untilover a decade after its debut in Japan and eight years after the characters showed up in ToD.

Eugene and Annie from Tales of Rebirth. Their American debut was in in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, three years after ToR came out in Japan. Tales of the Abyss has Cameo fights too. However, who's this "Nanaly" girl in there?

She is not Chelsea from Tales of Destiny. Not to mention, two of Anise's Tokunaga accessories that reference Reala and Harold also first appeared in the west through Tales of the Abyss. Tales of Vesperia also had Barbatos appear as a cameo boss - and neither the Destiny remake nor the real ToD2 ever was released outside of Japan!

One of the save data unlockables in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is an alternate costume for Kratos based on Ludger from Tales of Xillia 2. A peculiar intra-series instance of this involves the Final Fantasy series.

The games tend to reuse themes, but Western audiences were denied several of the original games for quite a while. So, for example, while practically every game has "Gysahl Greens", the place it's named after wasn't seen until Final Fantasy III was finally released for the Nintendo DS ina full sixteen years after its release in Japan and nine years after Gysahl Greens first were seen in the West under that name. This led to many elements first introduced here being assumed to have debuted in later games, such as Summon MagicMoogles and the Job Change system.

Moogles are particularly notable, as due to lack of releases of 3 or 5 at the time, the first game released in America to feature them was part of a spinoff series: Shadow DragonMarth underwent a redesign. The staff's main aim for the redesign was to make the character look and feel fresh while not straying too far from what fans had come to expect. This, along with other character redesigns featured in the game's DLC, was dubbed an "underworld" design. Melee originally intended to make Marth playable only in the Japanese version of the game, but when he garnered favorable attention during the game's North American localization, they decided to keep both him and fellow Fire Emblem protagonist Roy in the North American and European versions.

Brawlwhere he was included as a playable character alongside other Fire Emblem protagonists. By this time, Marth had also be redesigned for Shadow Dragon, with Sakurai being shocked when he saw it. He commented that, if he had known earlier, he would have incorporated the new design into the game rather than his own. His name was localized as "Mars", which was put down to the vague pronunciation of the katakana of Marth's name. Ultimate in which he speaks English overseasMarth has been voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi where he wears straps, brown shoes, and no pants. Marth debuted in with the release of Fire Emblem: He then leads a rebellion to regain control of his kingdom and save his sister Elice. Marth's peaceful reign over Altea is disrupted when he discovers Emperor Hardin, a former ally, comrade and friend, was conquering neighboring kingdoms by force. In Fire Emblem Awakeninga game set in the far future of his story and starring his distant descendants, Marth is available as both a paid downloadable content character in the "Champions of Yore 1" package which is also included in a bundle with "Champions of Yore 2," which features Roy from The Binding Bladeand as two different SpotPass characters: During the course of the game's main story, his descendant Princess Lucina of Ylisse disguises herself as Marth and, wearing a mask, actively claims to be him until her father, Chrom, Prince of Ylisse, discovers her true identity.

Meleewhere he is an unlockable character alongside Roywho would later appear in the Japanese only release Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: