Luscious and cookie relationship advice

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luscious and cookie relationship advice

Cookie and Candace's search for their missing sister brings about new She decides to hate on Hakeem and Laura's relationship by Luscious may be the devil, but he always got Cookie's back #Empire Skye gets some great advice from Jamal to let the music speak her. The eldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, he is the CFO of Empire When Vernon then leaves Andre calls Rhonda and tells her about Luscious was the She offers him advice, and cooperates with him to take over control of the Empire. Afterwards, Andre started a sexual relationship with Nessa, which Hakeem was . Cookie fired Porsha after the turnstile incident, which resulted in .. Ne-Yo adds that taking relationship advice from Lucious Lyon “is not the move. .. was locked up,” Luscious says, explaining his change of heart, to Jamal.

That way, Empire would have significant control of urban radio in the US. It could be huge. He promises Luscious he can deliver, so why not let him back into Empire? Not even a possibility. Lucious reasons that talent like Hakeem is one in a million. A brilliant MBA is a dime a dozen.

luscious and cookie relationship advice

In order to prove his worth, says Lucious, Andre is going to have to bring him something mind-blowingly unique. A phone call from Jamal interrupts their meeting. A girl and her gang of thugs showed up. Sign her…whatever it takes! Jamal offers Freda a deal. He pushes a contract across the table for her to sign. Her posse is unconvinced. Jamal reminds him that he held the company down single-handedly while he was away in jail. It would probably be a bad idea for him to head to a bad part of town, but Lucious does what he wants, Thirsty notes.

Are your knees sore? Did you run out of lubricant? She spills everything to Cookie. How Lucious arranged a meeting with her, thinking she was still working for Cookie.

Cut to Leviticus, where the soiree is in full swing. The DJ grabs the headphones off the guy manning the booth and takes over.

Andre Lyon

Cookie takes the stage. They throw everybody out. But not before Pitbull stops Cookie. Cookie squeals and gives Andre a big hug. Andre does not want to use his unborn child as leverage with Lucious. But we already knew that.

She kisses him and he is uncomfortable, since he recently lost his wife and Nessa tried to leave after acknowledging his loss. However, Andre is motivated to have sex with her by Rhonda's illusion tells him it's okay to give in, leading to a bizarre ghost threesome. Afterwards, Andre started a sexual relationship with Nessa, which Hakeem was jealous of since he was attracted to her.

Andre even helped pit Nessa and Tiana against each other. While it only looked liked sex, Andre grew real feelings for her after Nessa learns about his illness and tells him she won't give him his medicine and she clarifies that she wants him to tend to it himself and will stay by his side. This makes him happy and they embrace. Family Lucious Lyon father Lucious is Andre's father.

Andre is Lucious' only son without musical talent so Andre believes that Lucious treats him differently than he treats Jamal and Hakeem. Lucious has experienced his mother's bipolar condition and she nearly ended up committing suicide so he finds it difficult to trust Andre. As a child, Andre sometimes covered for his father as seen when he hid a gun before police raided their home and Lucious put it in an obvious spot.

After the event, Lucious was proud his son helped him and the latter did this in future years as well. In the show's second season, Andre turned on Lucious and tried to remove him from power over Empire but fails. Andre soon realizes he cannot leave Empire and begs his father for forgiveness though he doesn't do it but admits he doesn't hate him.

Once Lucious is released from custody, he allows Andre to return to Empire after Andre digs ups Vernon's body and learning he covered for him. When Lucious finds out that Rhonda is pregnant, he buys the couple a house proving how much their relationship has improved. Even though, Andre nearly killed him in a car explosion that cost him a leg, Lucious forgives him and continues to show love for Andre.

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Cookie Lyon mother Cookie is Andre's mother. Andre and Cookie have a great relationship. Andre initially teams up with his mother and Hakeem to create Lyon Dynasty but he quickly realizes that he belongs at Empire.

Cookie did not get upset, instead she supported Andre's decision. Jamal Lyon brother Jamal is Andre's younger brother. Andre tells his brother that he set up the robbery in order to get baptized.

I Don't Understand Lucious' and Cookie's Love/Hate Relationship

All the charges against him are dropped. Andre returns to the company. Cookie fired Porsha after the turnstile incident, which resulted in Cookie landing in jail. One of the alerts is from Lucious, who makes sure his ex-wife sees his statement to the press. The lovely Latina girl, Laura, Hakeem discovered at a Brooklyn club last week, is the new lead singer of his girl group.

An innocent, to be sure. Tiana sidles up to her to check out the competition. She could eat poor Laura alive. In a couple of different ways, if you know what I mean. She knows the deal. She urges Hakeem to focus on his music and his girl group. They have a good thing going at Lyon Dynasty, she says. Lucious throws a Welcome Back to Empire party for Andre, which includes stripper girls he hired expressly to taunt and test his newly-pious son.

He instructs them to give Andre a lap dance.

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Lucious is out to prove to Andre that the only God he needs to serve is the man who gave him life. Jamal is in the studio working with his father, and who pops up but Ne-Yo! Yes, the actual Ne-Yo, who is also a music producer on the show. Pops is not so forgiving. It turns out Jamal and Ne-You will be hitting the road together. Meanwhile, Andre meets with the pastor from his church.

He wants to be baptized. That could get interesting. Once the task is completed, Andre should invite them all to his baptism. He thinks Andre could be the shepherd to lead his family back to the Lord. While Tiana is waiting in the lobby of ghetto ass studios for her car, a couple of girls come in and want a selfie. One has a razor blade in her mouth.

Tiana pushes her away.

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The other nabs her purse. You need hunky security dude from season 1 back to secure the premises!

luscious and cookie relationship advice

Michael and Jamal have drinks with the pretentious Rolling Stone photographer from last episode.