Leon and ada relationship quotes

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leon and ada relationship quotes

Deciding what kind of relationship Leon and Ada has would be kanji is http:// vlozodkaz.info?search=, i'll quote her ". leon x ada | resident evil series. #resident RESIDENT EVIL MEME > Four characters + quote (¼). “ Leon, ever How I envision Leon and Ada's relationship. –. Leon is a government agent, Ada is an outlaw spy obsessed with her never revealed ultimate goal. It's a dead-end relationship. Plus 6 made.

As the plot demands, he pulls a grappling hook and an Incredibly Obvious Bug out of nowhere in RE4, then gets a rocket launcher from nowhere in Damnation.

leon and ada relationship quotes

Admittedly, he does work for the governmentmaking it justified to an extent. Claire Redfield Voiced by: Alyson Court 2, RE: Jordan Mcewen 2 "Look, you have two choices here: Veronicaand starred in Degeneration and Revelations 2. Survivor 2 also shows her nightmares of the events of Code Veronica, and as such is both canon and non-canon at the same time.

A fiery young girl, she's one of the few characters without special training, yet she still holds up fairly well against the zombies. Presently she works for a human rights organization called Terra Save, which provides relief and aid to victims of bio-terrorism.

Léon Theremin

Claire was always portrayed by Alyson Court until 's Resident Evil: Revelations 2, when she was voiced by one "James Baker" this is suspected to be a pseudonym for Ali Hillis. Her shirt in Code Veronica, while showing off her bellyalso has a low neckline. The recreation of her classic costume in the remake of 2 ups the fanservice factor by replacing the original short sleeved polo neck shirt with a low-cut tank top. She survives a T-virus outbreak more than once, and takes out a squad of Umbrella security with a flammable tank.

Of all the main characters, she's the only one without any actual military or paramilitary training. It doesn't matter ; she has a brother. Slaps Senator Davis hard enough to knock him to the ground after he endangers Rani and then insults her. That little girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you! A Day in the Limelight: Revelations 2 brings her back into the limelight for the first time in 15 years.

A few occasions in Code Veronica. For being the only one with no professional training, yet still managing to fight zombies as well as the rest. Although, according to The Darkside Chronicles, her brother did give her some basic training. Still pretty badass, given everything she can do.

Claire's main hobby is riding motorcycles. Badass in a Nice Suit: Her alternate outfit in Resident Evil: Veronica, Claire, unlike her brother and Leon, has given up actively fighting against bio weapon outbreaks to work with an NGO that focuses on helping its victims. As Degeneration shows, when push comes to shove, she's still entirely capable of kicking zombie ass.

Even if she has taken a non-combat role, she's obviously stayed in shape and she's kept up her weapons skills. At one point near the end of Degeneration, she manages to score three consecutive headshots on the move in a dark hallway.

As mentioned above, she's retired from fighting bioterror outbreaks with guns. Hand her a gun though, and you see why she's a survivor of Raccoon City. Survivor 2 consists of hers. You lose count of how many times you missed Sherry, and in just one game. Happens again with Rani, though not to the same extent.

This may also tread into Babysitter from Hell territory, since she does a complete u-turn from her Cool Big Sis attitude at the end of the game and runs off to find Chris, leaving Sherry behind with Leon. Despite this, she seems to have come back for Sherry afterwards, since according to RE6 files she was Sherry's biggest role model and surrogate mother figure, so it can be surmised that Sherry was important to her, but her still-missing brother was even more important.

Her most well known outfit in Code: Veronica has a black t-shirt that shows off her stomach. She is also the only main character in the series to wear an outfit like this as her default outfit.

Minus Party Girl since the game she's in isn't canon to the series. As well as a few of her bonus outfits.

Such as the biker outfit in 2, her alternate battle game outfit also in Code Veronica, her biker outfit in Darkside Chronicles and her cowgirl outfit in Revelations 2. She does this again in the Heavenly Island Manga via tying the shirt in a knot at the side.

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Near the end of Code: Veronica, after the death of Steve, the normally tough and cool Claire becomes a crying, helpless mess. Beware the Nice Ones: She's warm and compassionate, loves children, wouldn't hesitate to put her life on the line to help others, and is the only main character to take the civilian route in her fight against bioterrorism, working for an NGO that focuses on legal measures, non-violent protest, and helping victims.

She's also just as capable of kicking ass as the military-trained characters, knocked a U. In Code Veronica, her outfit bares her midriff but she does not have a visible belly button.

leon and ada relationship quotes

Averted in later games where her bonus outfits show her stomach. Plus, in the comic adaptation of Code Veronica, sometimes a belly button can be seen on her. Well, she's more of a redhead than a brunette, but she's quite intelligent still. Sadly, only possible in gameplay very briefly in Darkside Chronicles and within the Mercenaries 3D side game. The Bus Came Back: While she has appeared often in non-canon games like Mercenaries 3D and was the co-star of the Degeneration film, Revelations 2 is Claire's first appearance in a game in fifteen years that isn't an explicit retelling of either the Raccoon City incident RE2 or the Rockfort Island incident Code Veronica.

Her retiring from an active role in fighting bioterrorism didn't necessarily mean the action would never come to her. Romance doesn't come up often for Claire, but when it does, it always ends terribly: VeronicaSteve is nursing a blatant crush on Claire throughout the game.

He gets turned into a monster by Alexia and then killed saving her, resulting in him Dying as Yourself.

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He turns out to have been behind the outbreaks in order to secretly drum up interest for both the T- and G-Viruses and his newly invented antivirals on the black market. He turns out to be cutting a Deal with the Devilsacrificing the rest of Terra Save's members to Alex Wesker's twisted experiments so he can conduct terror attacks that will, he hopes, bring about the revival of the disgraced FBC.

Then Alex Wesker injects him with an Uroboros sample and he turns into a deranged monster that Claire has to kill. There he also trained radio specialists but reported difficulties obtaining food and working with foreign experts whom he described as narrow-minded pessimists.

He worked in diverse fields: On 24 May Theremin married year-old Katia Ekaterina Pavlovna Konstantinova, and they lived together in his parents' apartment on Marat street.

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According to Glinsky, this was the Soviet's "decoy for capitalists" to obtain both Western profits from sales and technical knowledge. He patented his invention in the United States in [22] [23] and subsequently granted commercial production rights to RCA. Theremin set up a laboratory in New York in the s, where he further refined the theremin and experimented with other inventions and new electronic musical instruments.

These included the Rhythmiconcommissioned by the American composer and theorist Henry Cowell. Inten thereminists performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. Two years later, Theremin conducted the first-ever electronic orchestra, featuring the theremin and other electronic instruments including a " fingerboard " theremin which resembled a cello in use Theremin was a cellist [24].

Inhe worked with composer Henry Cowell to build an instrument called the rhythmicon. They were lucky to have gotten it to market as quickly as they did as brothers Otto and Benjamin Miessner had almost completed a similar instrument with the same name. Theremin had several times proposed to her, but she chose to marry attorney Robert Rockmore, and thereafter used his name professionally.

He developed performance locations that could automatically react to dancers' movements with varied patterns of sound and light. Her actions throughout the Resident Evil 2 storyline are concluded in Resident Evil: In the Playstation 2 and Wii versions of Resident Evil 4, Ada Wong is a playable character in her own spin-off campaign, called Separate Ways, as well as a playable character in the Mercenaries minigame available in all versions of the game.

In the most recent installment, Resident Evil 6, Ada Wong once again is a playable character in her solo campaign which is unlocked once the player complete the game.

Ada is voiced by Sally Cahill up until Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Citywhere she was replaced by Courtenay Taylor.

  • Does the Leon/Ada crush not make any sense to anyone else?

Taylor then also continued the role into Resident Evil 6. History Ada Wong is first mentioned when a researcher at the Spencer MansionJohn, leaves a letter for her telling her of the events that have transpired there and giving her his password her name should she arrive to try and find evidence to use against Umbrella. What John didn't know was that Ada was a spy for a rival corporation using him to gain access to Umbrella's secrets.

leon and ada relationship quotes

John died first due to being infected by the T-Virus, and then from a gunshot wound to the head. In reality she is there to steal any info on the G-Virus.

She is present when the T-Virus outbreak occurs and manages to make it to the Raccoon City Police Station before it is barricaded. She is very adapt at defending herself and she takes a shot at rookie police officer Leon S. Leon is immediately smitten with the striking Asian-American woman but Ada generally just ignores him and his obvious advances.

leon and ada relationship quotes

Ada is initially searching for Ben Bertolucci who she believes has information on John. Ben has locked himself inside a jail cell and refuses to talk or leave the jail cell.

Ada leaves looking for a way to gain access to the sewers so that she can get to the underground lab.