Lemieux and crosby relationship with god

SIMMONS: There’s no doubting Crosby’s greatness, but Lemieux was better | Toronto Sun

lemieux and crosby relationship with god

Mario Lemieux. Crosby lived with the Lemieux family from until Not a bad mentoring relationship. Well, in his first year in the NHL, Crosby finished. Penguins Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux wait for a third-period, game- “ God, what a wonderful situation for Pittsburgh fans, to have two. CA: Mario Lemieux says you're the best teammate he never had. Give me . God bless 'em. I love Crosby and Toews, but these kids now.

What is he hiding? Want to know what Sidney Crosby is really like?

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The Sidney Crosby you think you know is just a carefully crafted image by a high priced public relations firm. Find out why this "nice boy from the Maritimes" requires a 24 hour Internet damage control team and how far that damage control team will go to hide his secrets. The amount of controversy that surrounds Mario Lemieux is so voluminous I hardly think I can cover him off in one post.

lemieux and crosby relationship with god

The controversies range from his die hard separtist stance and refusal to play for Canada Junior National Team, while for his own sake and exposure, jumping at the opportunity to play for Canada when it suited his objectives and making no apologies for his lack of patriotism and glaring self-interest motivations; to his influencing the outcome of a rape allegation that to this day most know he lied about.

There is much in between such as his hardball tactics in money negotiations and his psychological abuse of his wife with serial betrayals and an arrogance that defied even the extent of his genuine talent If Sidney Crosby was ever the nice boy he was painted as then we can be certain that Mario Lemieux and his influence is probably the single most definite reason that Sidney Crosby is the behind closed doors, American flag waving, rifle waving, money grubbing, womanizing, abusive, self-entitled, self-absorbed, self-indulging lout that he now is.

He has almost become his mentor in all ways with the exception of honest to God raw hockey talent. The only difference being that Mario and his handlers did not have the savoir faire to hide all that he was from the media and of course, the Internet.

Mario has obviously learned a thing or two in his life about how to keep the money flowing in, if nothing at all about how to be a real gentleman. Mario Lemieux has never liked his country of birth. In fact his Quebec Nationalist sentiments run so deep in his veins at an early age and with a grade ten education and no understanding of the actual issues surrounding the Nationalist movement, he openly flouted his disdain for his country and expressed his desire to become American, adopting all American culture over Canadian and wanting nothing more than to be disassociated from Canada.

lemieux and crosby relationship with god

Unlike Sidney Crosby who unwittingly showed his hand in a recent interview when asked if he was faced with the same dilemma of the Russian players, his choice would be for self-interest and money over patriotism, Mario has always and openly been all about Mario. Mario has always made it abundantly clear from his earliest days that his motivations in hockey were all for self-interest.

lemieux and crosby relationship with god

I am also just as certain that Mario would have advised Sidney after that particular interview to be more careful to keep his sentiments about such things closer to his chest. Unlike his rifle toting, NRA endorsing video before the Bruins game in November, Mario cannot flick a switch and take that one back for him. Not that Mario would care what Canadians thought or think of him but as the shrewd and ruthless businessman he has now become he knows there was an opportunity cost in the almighty buck for his lack of discretion.

Sidney has now learned to put money first. It has been disclosed to me that Sidney Crosby now has a strict policy that he will make no showing and perform no endorsements for any organization or cause without a minimum fee. Is that what happened? Was Mario even in the room or was a second party being present the only thing that could refute overwhelming physical evidence? The rest of the league that has no chance of beating the Warriors or LeBron James … Golden State got crazy good with the signing of Kevin Durant as a free agent.

Cleveland signed LeBron as a free agent.

SIMMONS: There's no doubting Crosby's greatness, but Lemieux was better

The largest free agent signing in Raptors history: The finished Hakeem Olajuwon …. Jeremy Maclin or Eric Decker? Sounds like a ballplayer. And now we know him because he hit four home runs in a game. Counting it as a win in a major is an insult to all those who won majors in singles and doubles before mixed doubles was included on the schedule … Coming to the next Summer Olympics. Three on three basketball. With a second shot clock. Games are 10 minutes in length or end when the first team has 21 points.

Somebody out there in Olympic land — or many IOC members — have lost their minds … A lot of hockey people are tabbing Chris Pronger as a general manager on the make. You, good person, bad coach. Sandra Schmirler and Bryan Fogarty. He is humble, polite, talented, professional, emotional, almost everything we admire in our professional athletes. Those kind of hands, hips, eyes, power. But a frustrating bottom line: Not day to day things.

What Would Jesus Say to Sidney Crosby?

In May, Travis was one of the best hitters in all of baseball with the Blue Jays. Now there is no certainty as to when he will hit again. Or contribute to the Blue Jays in any meaningful way. You never want a call a player injury prone but Travis is certainly forming in that. Few players have worked harder to be better. The work has been put in. Most players pay little attention to any of this but the rank and file membership is terribly upset about how much Fehr has been paid to run the association and how little he has actually done for the players.

Sidney Crosby on what he learned from Mario Lemieux

But the matter of escrow — and I see your eyes glazing over upon the typing of that word — has many players seething. The league has a much smoother relationship with Fehr than it ever had with the difficult Goodenow, but in the end, the league smashed Goodenow.

The bottom line in all this: Officiating is damn difficult in professional sports. But when the best are playing in the loudest buildings at the most intense times, it is seemingly impossible to call everything the right way. The quality of television replays has only complicated matters for officials. The people at home can see the game better than they can.