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Why should you care about what Lancelot says in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice? (And teases pretty cruelly, joking that Old Gobbo's son is dead.) an interesting parallel to the relationship between Jessica and Shylock. 25 Lancelot Gobbo October 27, at pm. For the sake of your mental .. Ahh the 'all about him' meme, as predicted. Curious to hear. Launcelot Gobbo, Shylock's servant, is debating whether to leave his master. Launcelot and Gobbo seize the opportunity and beg Bassanio to employ . Detailed quotes explanations with page numbers for every important quote on the site.

On the other is his prejudice, which he describes as a kind of fiend, and which sees Jews as devils. Active Themes Launcelot has just resolved to leave Shylock for good when his father, the blind Old Gobbo, appears. Gobbo asks Launcelot whether he knows the way to Shylock's house. Amused that his father has not recognized him, Launcelot decides to play a prank on him by giving him bad directions.

Then Launcelot plays an even crueler trick: Only when Gobbo exclaims with grief does Launcelot reveal himself. This scene of cruelty, in which a child abuses his parent, foreshadows how Shylock's daughter, Jessica, will abandon him.

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It also makes Gobbo's blindness an interpretive handicap: Active Themes After some confusion, Gobbo accepts that Launcelot is indeed his "own flesh and blood" 2. Gobbo then asks his son how he is doing; Launcelot reveals that he's decided to go work for Bassanio before he is entirely corrupted by Shylock's influence: Launcelot speaks of flesh and blood—that is, man's animal being—as the basis for being related. We are discussing the actual real-life allegation that actually happened.

Which you continue to fail to defend. Me — I am explaining my reasoning.

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Whether you think my reasoning is sound depends on whether you think it is a serious allegation. Also, can we discuss this without calling our assertions idiotic?

Latsot — Then answer my question. You asked to start again. I am trying to explain it based on your assumptions, so I am trying to discover if you think it is a serious allegation to accuse me of sheltering rape apologists or worse.

Latsot — I know you are. But answer the question nevertheless. Me — Because that is not what I am saying. Try to avoid the insults. You can be reasonable when you want to be, then you drop in casual insults. I hope you are not, because you can be reasonable, but you must have noticed how many times I have answered your question. Latsot — Because I asked you to answer a question? I can ask it again right here if you insist. How have you answered it?

How have you answered my question about how people who accused you of something trivialised the something? Now that I show you that I did, you just laugh? Latsot — Mick, you might be wrong about some stuff. Show us all your answer. Just answer the question.

Why does not bothering with you personally trivialise rape? You have not explained that. Explain why people who disagree with you object to…well you know what. Update Despite the fact that Latsot actually responded to the tweet in which I included a screenshot of my previous answer to his question, thus indicating that he has read my answer and therefore knows that it exists, Latsot has since tweeted the following: It will be far less repetitive.

Answer what I said instead of once again bringing PZ Myers into it. Give it a go, Mike. Answer the question I spent half today asking you. Why not simply answer the question?

After much back and forth, Lastot is clearly not interested in substantiating his accusation, nor withdrawing it, which basically puts him in the troll category, and one that should probably not be fed further. What it comes down to with PZ Myers is that he has a clear blacklist. Myers has hugely overstepped personal boundaries here, and not for the first time. Yes ICB has it. Rape is not important to Latsot. The important thing is to smear you Michael. This is the problem: It is characterized by an apparently confused usage of words with no apparent meaning or relationship attached to them.

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It suggests some back channel communication between the two, or even possible sock-puppetry. Latsot has much work ahead before he could be considered an idiot. Not worth the effort. What are you talking about? Lots of people saw you stabbing her, and heard her screams.

Take care of the corpse. Maybe your friend Martin is worth some time, as would PZ if he ever engagesbut Latsot is not. The difficulty he has is that the accusations must remain non specific and ill defined.

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