Kim jones and jericho rosales relationship questions

Jericho Rosales And Kim Jones Recount Their Love Story | PINOYSTOP

kim jones and jericho rosales relationship questions

but a peep into Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales' relationship shows Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones both love to travel Married couple, actor Jericho Rosales and wife model Kim Jones, have a low-key relationship, that is why we . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Find out why Kim Jones, Jericho Rosales's wife, says she is affected on The couple also talk about their relationship and their respective.

An actor marrying a fashion blogger is a pretty high profile relationship! We are a normal couple! We work hard, stumble across challenges, we love a good wine at night at home and are strangely obsessed with our dogs.

Our following is only one tiny facet of who we are as people and who we are as a couple.

Jericho Rosales: Love found

I do find it hard to switch off my constantly racing mind but I love my quiet time and time with friends and family. My husband recently ignited a love for riding motorbikes in me.

kim jones and jericho rosales relationship questions

We both have our own bikes and love to ride together around Manila with little radios installed in our helmets so we can chat to each other. What have been some of your favourite campaigns to work on?

What made these stand-out? My capsule collection with Shoes of Prey is definitely a favourite on so many levels. The team is amazing and so easy to work with and being able to turn inspiration into a real product is so fulfilling. Can you tell me a bit more about your collection with Shoes of Prey? I really wanted my collection to feel cohesive and I wanted it to tell a story to the women that wore them.

Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales show us what true love is - WE THE PVBLIC

Heels have this ability to really elevate your mood and your confidence and I wanted to inject a little bit of the allure of the Italian woman into them. I made about 40 designs, whittled them down to about 15 or so, sent them to Shoes of Prey, and then shaved it down to the five pieces we have available today.

You must be offered a lot of campaigns. How do you pick which one is the right fit for you?

Jericho Rosales’ Wife Kim Jones Reacts To Heart Evangelista’s Pregnancy

The year-old refers to his parents as his "official cheerleaders. Fans have praised Kai and Jericho's co-parenting skills and the way they have nurtured their family. I have a blended family too, and it's only by the grace of God that we can love one another," one user wrote.

They are but one of the many people that make their modern family work. Iya also credited Drew for making things easier, being a hands-on dad, and giving their home a fun and light vibe.

kim jones and jericho rosales relationship questions

She described her husband as a fun and makulit dad. Siya yung, kapag pagod ako and hindi ko na kaya ipatahan si Primo, si Drew na bahala. Isasayaw niya, literal na sayaw! He is nakakaaliw and a very entertaining dad," Iya said. Iya said it started as a joke with Drew, but she didn't exactly want her baby to be named Primo.

But they couldn't think of any other name when they found out they were having a boy. Rosales recounted it was 1: Jones asked the actor if he was mad at her.

Rosales then finally told her that he loves her. Jones didn't answer after that revelation. It took her one week before she finally told "I love you too" to the actor.

Once they are officially together, Rosales said Jones was a completely different person. They also talked about their past relationships, and Jones said Rosales was very sensitive to these things.

He usually makes Jones feel comfortable enough to speak about these topics. How did Rosales know it was time for him to settle down? He was already ready to get married, he said.

Jericho Rosales And Kim Jones Recount Their Love Story

For his birthday, he realized he wanted a wife already and Jones was the perfect partner for him. During his trips to the US, Italy and Korea, he was looking for a ring already.

kim jones and jericho rosales relationship questions

Jones was surprised by this revelation. The idea to propose started four months ago, Rosales said. But a day before Jones' birthday, the actor wasn't even prepared yet since he hasn't asked for the model's hand from her mother.

He then sneakily Skyped her mother and asked if he can marry her daughter. Rosales said something was wrong with their connection back then, so he couldn't see Jones' mother's reaction. She then said that Rosales has her blessings to propose to her daughter.