John balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

BBC Bitesize - Higher History - John Balliol and Edward I - Revision 2

john balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

This pages contains links to issues covered under the theme 'John Balliol and Edward I' including: * Balliol's time as king * Edward's subjugation of Scotland. Facts about John Balliol's problematic reign as king of Scotland. However one of his first acts as king was to swear loyalty to King Edward of England. King John was also facing problems from amongst Scots nobles. Scotland's main trading partner and the two side had good relations • Scots nobles. How useful is source A as evidence of the problems caused by the death of the and customs of the kingdom of Scotland it is one of the rights and privileges of the of the relationship between John Balliol and Edward I as it tells us how John.

The Wars of Independence 2 Issue 2: The Wars of Independence Activity 1: Timeline of Events 70 minutes In order to understand the chronology you are going to create an accurate, detailed and imaginative timeline that will help you to understand the issue.

john balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

This timeline should include: Presentation to Class of Timeline 30 minutes To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of events each person in the class will present their timeline to another member of the class.

You will present your presentation 3 times to different people. Ensure that you cover all the major events. The Wars of Independence Activity 3: Exposing the people behind the events Understanding the characters involved is key to understanding the events in which they took part.

Be accurate but use the language of the plebeian press should not be too hard then!

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John Balliol Also Known As: King John famously gave homage to Edward of England and effectively became a puppet of the English King. Future Kings of Scotland would not name their children John in case they turned out to be little saps like John Balliol.

Although he may have been given a bad press by chroniclers after his reign in an attempt to justify the Bruce families taking of the throne Ill Educated News Verdict: The boy has got a bad press!

John Balliol and Edward I

He tried to establish his authority across Scotland and held annual Parliaments but he was just right unlucky! Too bad, so sad!

john balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

The Wars of Independence Activity 4: Did the Guardians take power or share power with King John? John was survived by his son Edward Balliolwho later revived his family's claim to the Scottish throne, received support from the English, and had some temporary successes.

BBC - Higher Bitesize History - John Balliol and Edward I : Revision

John was also the brother-in-law to John Comyn, who was killed following a scuffle with Robert the Bruce in Februaryat Dumfries Cathedral. Opinion remains divided on who started the fight and who exactly killed Comyn. It has been established that John and Isabella had at least one child: Edward BalliolScottish pretenderd.

However, other children have been linked to the couple as other possible issue: He was killed in the Battle of Annan on 16 Decemberleaving no issue.

They were parents to Agnes FitzAlan b. Gilbert is better known for his participation in the assassination of Piers GavestonEarl of Cornwall. Fictional portrayals[ edit ] John Balliol has been depicted in drama: John Balliol, An Historical Drama.

john balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

In Five Actsplay based on his life by William Tennant. The character is merely presented as a claimant to the Scottish crown, with no further delving into his significance. He is presumably loosely based on John Balliol, although in reality he was a prisoner in France at that time. This section does not cite any sources.

john balliol and edward 1 relationship problems

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