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Relationship Status bonded. A.I.s are allowed to choose their SPARTAN partners, and Cortana chose Master Chief because she believed in him. Throughout. Cortana. Master Chief Petty Officer John is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the UNSC Navy's . 3 Relationships .. When the time came for the vehicle's bottom to be inspected at a security checkpoint, Red Team produced their mirror shards. In this post, I will analyze the John-Cortana relationship (Corjohna, if you will). From John's perspective, the closeness of this relationship would .. Yo halojunkyG I'm just curious if this thread is indeed in regards to my.

However, his loyalty to Johnson exceeds his desire to preserve the human race. Flash clones, as their name implies, develop rapidly, but with numerous issues arising from their rushed growth.

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Their metabolism degenerate and they die within a couple of months. All the children of the Spartan II Program, while unaware of the flash clones, knew that they had been taken from their parents. This can't have been easy to process. And if they processed it well, is that a testament to the child's resilience or resignation?

Forgoing the fact that you can stay in cryosleep more or less indefinitely, in the Halo universe, you are supposed to enter the cryo-pods with no clothes on because if you do, intra-cellular ice crystals form between tissues causing a "freezer burn. Every time he emerges from a cryo-pod in full armor, he is in excruciating pain from the blisters that have formed during his time in there.

Due to training and that tough demeanor we love, Master Chief can ignore that burning sensation and do his job like a professional. However, especially considering his most recent stint in a cryo-pod lasted four years, he has got to be covered in the remains of blisters old and new. This brings us to our next item on the list. That doesn't take into account the numerous scars he may have received while training or fighting the Covenant forces.

These scars would stand out in stark contrast to the pale skin Master Chief is sure to have. After spending years in his Mjolnir armor, his skin received no direct contact with the sun. His skin should be the color of pasty white glue. Bet the fanfictions don't mention that Master Chief is an albino when he's getting it on.

More Like Chance via: Halsey and Jacob Keyes visited John's home to inspect him, this was when Dr. Halsey performed one last test to see if John truly qualified to be a part of her Spartan Program.

What was this test? Was it an advanced question-and-answer session, posing John the most logically challenging problems so that he could prove his mental prowess in solving them? No, it was a coin toss. Halsey flipped a coin and asked him to guess what side it would land on each time. That's how Halsey picked her favorite Spartan of the batch.

Sure, John correctly guessed each side with each flip. But is that really luck? We prefer to think of it as really acute vision. And if John is Halsey's favorite Spartan, then Halsey is his favorite pseudo-mother None of them appear to hate her for abducting them when they were young and conscripting them into the rigorous Spartan Program.

His actions during the Covenant War earned him every major UNSC service medal and combat award, save for the Prisoner of War Medallionas well as several dozen civilian honors. However, John and his AI companion Cortana fled Reach and their vessel fortuitously arrived at Halo Installation 04a one hundred millennia-old superweapon created by the Forerunners to destroy their parasitic enemy, the Floodby killing all life in the galaxy.

After destroying the Halo, the surrounding Covenant fleetand the Flood forces on the ring, John returned to Earth and resisted the Covenant's impromptu invasion.

Pursuing the invaders' flagshipthe Master Chief encountered Installation 05where a civil war soon broke out within the Covenant. Weeks later, John followed the remaining Covenant forces to the Arkthe Halo Array's control center, which he disabled before the Halos could be fired. John went missing after the war's final battle in Decemberhaving stymied the threat of the Covenant, the Flood, and the Halos.

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This culminated in an attack on Earth and the Didact's temporary defeat, as well as the apparent loss of Cortana. John and his Spartan compatriots went on to participate in numerous new missions for over a year. To say that she is "nothing more than an object" is an injustice to the character. Next, the intimacy of her relationship with John. Cortana is based off of the mind of Halsey- a mother figure to the Spartans.

There was already a "familiarity" with John when she first interfaced with him. And that brings me to the point I'm making. She has literally been "inside John's head".

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She has felt what he's felt. She probably knew him better than he knew himself.

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From John's perspective, the closeness of this relationship would obviously have a profound effect on him. One of the burdens of command. With Cortana, this military equipmet that acts very much like a civilian, John is allowed more "emotional freedom", as evidenced by his multitude of wry jokes and sarcastic comments geared toward her.