Jo brand and bernie bourke relationship help

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jo brand and bernie bourke relationship help

She took part in this year's epic physical challenge in aid of Sport Relief. Jo Brand revealed the weirdest place she had been asked for an autograph was Maisie and Eliza, with husband Bernie Bourke - also spoke about her .. The Conners: Darlene and her boss Ben begin their relationship on a rocky. There was a time when comedian and author Jo Brand thought she might never have She met her husband, psychiatric nurse Bernie Bourke, in the But for the first couple of years of their marriage, while living in a small. JO Brand made a kinky confession on The One Show today. Jo has been married to psychiatric Bernie Bourke for 20 years and the couple.

The woman cooed over the little girl in the pram, turned to Jo and gushed: A friend of mine said he was in Hull and was driving through an estate and there was a big banner over someone's door that actually said: At 50, Jo seems much younger than her years. But she was a very mature 43 when she had her first child, Maisie, now six. Was it hard becoming a mum later in life?

Even nice things don't make you happy when you're tired.

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If I was 85 and at the school gate, having just eased myself out of my bath chair, then perhaps it would have been different. But there are a lot of year-old mums who behave like 50 year olds, and then there are a lot of older mums who are full of energy.

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Most of us manage the fateful things that happen in our lives the best we can, certainly not to a Stalin-like year plan. I don't think anyone should. I think that's the big problem these days.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship help

There's this expectation that medical science will let us do absolutely anything. When I got pregnant lots of people said, 'You're now going to have to stay in every night' and I said 'Yay, I can't wait'.

Jo Brand 'Like It Or Lump It' - Wolverhampton 1997 - Fun On The Road With Jo & Her Crew!

So that's a 'no' then. Jo was 38 when she met her husband Bernie Bourke at a comedy show. They married in secret the next year.

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It came as a surprise to many - not least because after years of telling anti-men jokes some assumed she was a lesbian. Despite their different worlds though, they have at least one obvious thing in common.

Jo was a psychiatric nurse herself for 10 years before she became a comic. And it was her experiences working with people with mental illnesses that prompted her to sign up for the Hydro Active Women's Challenge 5km run on September 16, to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

I would be a bit weird if it hadn't after 16 years. Perhaps some of it is more geared to old ladies like me who are heading for the menopause and leak when they laugh. I always wanted children, I even had dreams of having 10 at one point.

I didn't expect to become a mum - but having children is fab, says comedy star Jo Brand

Bernie was as keen as I was, so luckily I didn't have to strap him against a wall and beat him until he agreed to it. We're a very happy family. It is incredibly fulfilling and I think you'd be a pretty miserable person if you didn't enjoy it. I had a friend who, when she had two children under three, confided in me that she wished she had never done it which I think is a very unusual thing to hear.

Mine are great and I wish I'd had them earlier. Since then she's had successful television shows, including the award winning Jo Brand Through The Cakehole.

Jo Brand does Sport Relief: "I'm thick skinned. I've had to be"

But now there seems a slightly softer feel to the material. Hopefully I have matured over the years. Actually I never was, but hey that's what they liked to label me.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship help

That's so untrue, I'm married to one for gawd's sake. I think men are great but certain aspects of their behaviour towards women is execrable. It's just another misconception and a way of knocking me. At the end of the day you can't worry about the press who are so simplistic and wanting to pigeonhole everyone, not just me. Now I just have to ignore it.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship help

Since I've had children I've found a waist type thing on my body so they wanted me to show my cleavage and never wear black. Black clothes are my uniform. She recently starred as a psychiatric nurse, drawing on her previous career, in a play called Mental, at the Edinburgh Festival.