Jamal and salim relationship trust

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jamal and salim relationship trust

When an orphanage director plots to blind young Jamal, Salim engineers a . The movie boldly states that Jamal and Latika's relationship was "written"—that is . Dec 1, Early on we see their characters diverge when Salim locks Jamal in the Looking back at Jamal and Salim, the now orphaned brothers, only. Slumdog Millionaire is a British drama film that is a loose adaptation of the novel Q & A () by Indian author Vikas Swarup, telling the story of Jamal.

At the heart of its exuberant storytelling lies the intriguing question of how anyone comes to know the things they know about life and love. It is worth driving an hour to the nearest big city and going to an art-house theater, trust me. That being said if you want to continue reading I would be thrilled. Now, onto the film. There are many spiritual themes in the movie, including love, destiny, and the need for the elimnation of poverty.

The film focuses on the life of Jamal, a Muslim who grew up in the slums of Mumbai may the city be in our thoughts and prayers due to the recent terrorism there. We learn of his story through his participation in a game show, and how the answers to the questions relate to periods throughout his life. It is clear that he and his brother are tied together, two side of the same coin. But, for how close they are they have radically different characters.

Jamal is younger, more idealistic, hopeful, as well as pure, whereas Salim is older, an inherent schemer and survivor. Early on we see their characters diverge when Salim locks Jamal in the outhouse for taking too long and costing Salim a customer. The biggest moviestar in India was landing in his private helicopter and Jamal is determined to see him, so he plunges through the hole to the vile muck below in order to escape.

Covered in human waste he rushes to the crowd and his commitment is rewarded with an autograph. Jamal is ecstatic, but only briefly because Salim ends up stealing the prized signed photo and selling it for a buck.

Devastated Jamal pleads to his mother, but there is nothing that can be done except to forgive his brother. This moment is incredibly sad, and more so when one thinks of all the unnecessary strife between people of different faiths when each religion holds similar principles such as the sanctity of human life and the golden rule. If only we could all take to heart that: Salim, being the older brother, makes it clear that he must now be the leader and provider of the family.

To do this he must make the hard choices in order to protect Jamal. This adds more depth to his character. Now it is as if his sins are a way to keep Jamal pure, protecting him from having to make the morally ambiguous decision. An orphan, like the boys, we first meet her standing in the rain. The boys have found shelter, and Jamal wants to let her share, but Salim vetoes. In the end Latika is invited in when Salim is sleeping, and her friendship with Jamal is solidified.

The three frequent dumps where they can find scraps of food as well as rubbish to clean up and sell. It is here that they are discovered by a man who runs an orphanage. At first he seems like a savior, providing them food to eat, shelter, a place to sleep, and other kids to learn and play with. However, it becomes clear there is a dark side to this seeming utopia as the kids are taught how to be more effective beggers through learning songs and holding babies. It is sad that so close there are wealthy neighborhoods where the crime bosses and moviestars live.

Salim who is obstinate and strong becomes the right-hand-child to the bosses, acting as a bouncer of sorts and keeping the other kids in line. His ego is puffed up and he treats the other kids roughly, but all this changes when he is given an assignment, to bring a fellow orphan to the bosses. The orphan sings a song he has been taught very well and is praised for it. The boss says he is ready, and then chloroforms him, and proceeds to blind the child with a hot spoon.

This is because singing blind children make more money begging. Then he is told to bring Jamal over. He plays along, but his protection instincts are fully alerted. Latika, watching from the bushes, runs with them.

They know they must escape or they will be beaten and probably blinded. Soon the kidnappers catch up to them as the children are about to board a train. Salim makes it up first, and pulls up Jamal. Jamal is appalled, but Salim claimed it was Latika who let go and that she is strong and can fend for herself.

jamal and salim relationship trust

He shouldn't have sacrificed everything for a drunken night with Latika. They ended up planning to meet in a construction site. It was one of Javed's, so he didn't have to worry about getting shot down.

He was smoking a cigarette when suddenly a figure appeared and stopped several feet away from him. The boy was obviously not a construction worker. After a few careful seconds of analyzing, Salim realized for the first time in years he was staring in to the eyes of his baby brother.

They talked and Salim became very much aware that Jamal still loved Latika and was angered about what happened. Jamal, who was sitting down with knees brought up to his chest, looked up at him in disbelief. He really meant it too.

jamal and salim relationship trust

Salim had no intention of letting his brother slip back into the crowded streets of Mumbai and disappear for years on end. His brother looked too skinny and like a light breeze could blow him over. While Jamal did have a mean right hook, there was no way that his brother could survive.

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People like Jamal were taken advantage of in India. His brother could be a model and his experience with men like Javed and Maman meant that wasn't a good thing.

He didn't want to think about what happened to Jamal in there years apart. He had a gun to help him get by and a several powerful mobsters backing him up. Jamal had nothing… or so he thought anyways. He managed to get Jamal to come back home with him.

jamal and salim relationship trust

Seeing his brother doze beside him brought a smile to his face. Without a look of contempt on his face, Jamal looked very much like the little boy from his childhood. It was hard to believe Jamal was now eighteen. Salim still remembered the horrified face his brother made when he had killed Maman all of those years ago. He wondered what his brother thought of him now… or would think knowing that his brother had killed dozens more since then. One thing was for sure, Salim could never let his brother run into Latika.

That would ruin everything.

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Latika had always had a strange hold over his little brother and he didn't want to lose him to her again. He wished that after the Muslim massacre all those years ago, he hadn't feigned sleep and let Jamal let Latika join them in their shelter.

Had she just died with the others, Jamal would still be following him and adoring him! Latika had grown into a great beauty. Jamal had loved her when she was average looking, he simply wouldn't stand a chance against her now.

Latika was older than him anyways. Jamal should have just given up. Looking at his sleeping brother again, he wondered what had happened in those last five years. He wanted to know if people had hurt his little brother… it was bugging him.

The life of a gangster had let him know that what happened to Latika wasn't reserved solely for girls… When the phone rang that night, Salim wasn't sure he wanted to answer Javed's call. His biggest fear was coming back to an empty house. He had no idea where to begin searching if his brother ran off on him. Salim always got what he wanted. He should be able to tell that Salim wanted his brother back. This time he wasn't letting go.

He knew that girls were only for evenings and brothers were for life now. He had to come up with a plan to keep Jamal ignorant of his job. Maybe he could get Jamal a job where he'd be safe and busy. So long as he knew where his brother was he was fine.

Salim had lost last time. Now he was determined to win. Well… there's only one fanfic on Slumdog and I really felt compelled to write a bit on Jamal's and Salim's brotherly relationship.