Hyomin and sunny relationship problems

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hyomin and sunny relationship problems

i love their bond and how hyomin tries to help others after she has encountered and now overcomed her problems:) i like her spririt!! im glad i chose her as my WOW I CAN REALLY TELL THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS CLOSE!!. Jessica is always with Tiffany (Seohyun and Sunny are also part of this circle) cold-hearted jerk/kuudere, this was caused by a relationship gone wrong or family problems Hyomin is Sooyoung's rival for Sunny's affection. Yuri notices her fellow member but rather than greeting th | Tags: hyomin sunny sunbyung. Our relationship is the problem. We've been.

Yoona likes deers, Seohyun likes frogs or to be more specific, Yoona likes Rilakkuma and Seohyun likes Keroro 2.

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Seohyun will always nag Yoona about her eating habits 3. Seohyun's love for sweet potatoes 5. A "Meet the Parents" inspired story with Yulsic and Taeny 7.

Yoona's the fun-loving popular kid, Seohyun is the shy and bookish girl 8. A reference to the two girls being irl childhood friends 9. Yoona is Yulsic's kid, Seohyun is Taeny's kid Yoona is innocent while Seohyun is a know-it-all Yoona refuses to be called unnie by Seohyun A reference to Yoona's sexy pyjamas a present by Seohyun Yoona is always with Taeri while Seohyun is with Jeti as a group of friends If a fic starts out with Taeny and Yulsic, there is a high chance that Yoonhyun will appear at the final chapter as kids, of course Yoona will always be one year older than Seohyun canon fact If there's a Keroro mascot at Seohyun's party, expect that Yoona will always be that person inside the suit A beach scene where Yoona gets to show off her hot bod Yoona and Seohyun won't really act that much when they're kids so less pranks, nagging and whatever they're doing They're always the first and easiest couple to hook up unlike Yulsic and Taeny Soosun Shidae!

Jokes about Sunny's height 2. Hyomin is Sooyoung's rival for Sunny's affection 5. Constant bickering between the two 6. Sunny is the clever one, while Sooyoung is the dumb one sadly 7.

hyomin and sunny relationship problems

They will always help the couple in need 8. Sooyoung will always eat the most servings of food 9. Sunny is the protective one or she's the babysitter They have connections with Taeyeon Hyoyeon Shidae! She's always paired up with Kara's Nicole 2. Eunhyuk is also her partner at times 3.

Always the comic relief 4. Is Taeyeon's sister 5. Always stuck babysitting Yoonhyun at times 6.

[Knetizone]Some of the cast of Invincible Youth meet up again

Typecasted as villain 7. Always absent at a fic 8. Hangs out with the seobang crew Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona and Sooyoung 9. If the fic has you as a character, Hyo becomes your partner Always a supporting character So Nyuh Shidae! They all go to "Soshi High" 2. Taerisoonahyo and Jetihyunsun are always together 3. Lee Soo Man is the principal, this makes Sunny the principal's niece 4.

The clinic is a favorite hangout for the girls 6. If the girls are working, expect them to be at the Jung-Kwon corporation or the Kim-Hwang corporation or just split them up for possible rivalry 7. Ace family couples are the bestfriends here Jeti, Yoonyul, Sunyeon or they're sisters 9. It is very rare to see Stephan, ManSica, Seobro and Sun-oppa as they will always be girls in the eyes of shippers When Taeng was young, she always listen to the radio while doing her homework.

She felt that radio was a part of her life and that it was something she loved most. When she became a DJ she felt like a dream come true. Sunny and Sooyong voted Taeng to the be the most popular one among the members. Everyone agrees that she has a great powerful voice and a great dancing skills. She likes boys who is humorous and positive. Her happiest time of the day is at night when she gets to sleep.

She loves black bean milk. She wants to go to Japan, England and the States most.

hyomin and sunny relationship problems

She loves purple flowers. It is her weakest point of all. She really puts her effort in whatever she is doing. She likes SonMe from WonderGirls. When he taught her how to sing she often made mistakes actually on purpose cause Taeng wanted to be with Kanta as long as possible Fany said so many people likes Taeyeon. Taeng once kissed Sica on her cheeks. Taeng often teaches and tell Fany whenever she does something wrong. She was so glad when she knew that once her grandmother went into the woods to gather herbs for her when she was sick.

BUT, she wants to be a bit taller so she tries to stretch her body everyday. Whenever she speaks, every member listens to her. She is really scary when she is angry.

hyomin and sunny relationship problems

Sorry — - She feels safe in it. She likes it when it rains and the when the wind blows. She prefers men who is older than her. She likes it when she is busy. Once she forgot her cell phone in the fridge. Taeng said when she take photos and the moment the flash flashes, she thinks she is the most pretty. When she was young, she was a shy little girl. When she was young, her uncle often told her to sing for him cause he loved listening to her voice. Hyungdon really liked Taeng.

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Sometimes he did not dare to look at Taeng because she is too cute. When she comes down from the stage she feel lonely and empty. She often get picked on her height. Others like to buy milk for her. She created the shorties union with Sunny. They often pick on the taller members. Once when she was recording a solo, she did not sing well and she could not reach the high notes.

She tried recording it again many times but it was the same.

hyomin and sunny relationship problems

Everyone was shocked to see Taeng crying. She has an elder brother who looks very similar to her Facts about Yuri: Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days Yuri got slapping habit Yuri was said a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member by more than 1 psychologist Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her Yuri has a mischievous childhood Yuri has an ahjussi fan who used to manage and deliver them chinese food… He always came with free dishes for the girls because he likes Yuri very much Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much Yuri is the slowest member in learning new moves Yuri takes care of her health so much Yuri is one of the shikshins in SNSD Yuri used to be very skinny before being casted in Unstoppable Marriage but after appearing in the sitcom with Sooyoung, her weight increased by 5kg!

Yuri admitted that she likes to cry Yuri once had an oppa friend that she liked, but he only saw her as a little brother yes, brother figure! According to Yuri, he regrets it a LOT now But she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon sometimes. And as expected, Taeyeon is always the winner. HyoYeon used to be angry at Yuri and treated her like an enemy before because she was jealous at how many people thought Yuri was the best dancer in SNSD Yuri had a boyfriend when she was in grade 10 Once, the members pranked Yuri in the April fool day in Yuri has a healthy habit of grinding ma and drinking it every morning Yuri likes to talk to herself Yuri had her wisdom teeth removed Yoona is amazing and dedicated.

hyomin and sunny relationship problems

Yuri posted private pics like her using 1st anni stuff in and more on her blog! Yuri used to own a blog tossi and no one believed it was her until she posted her baby picture … Yuri likes to collect candles and the most recent one she bought looks like chocolate and even smells like chocolate Yuri makes the most dance mistakes One of them is Honey song