Hiyori and yato relationship advice

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hiyori and yato relationship advice

Yato x Hiyori | I am waiting for this relationship to happen SO BAD. I think season 1 was more about Hiyori, Season 2 was more about Yato, and I think season 3. Yato and Hiyori's relationship is really special to me. image. Mainly because .. I really love that she gives him an advice: “To put things simply. Yato's father is a child abuser, plain and simple, and to me, at its results in children who have difficulty forming lasting relationships .. scene in which Hiyori sits down with Yato and asks for advice about her career choices.


The worst part of this, however, is the truth in television response of others to Yato. Despite the fact that he is shown actively working in many scenes, doing things that most gods would deem far below them scrubbing bathrooms and dog houses, anyone?

Especially in the beginning, Yato is only very rarely praised for his everyday actions, and he is more often insulted for the small jobs he does than congratulated for his willingness to put significant effort into essentially demeaning work.

This is a sad truth for many victims of abuse, who, even after leaving their abusers, suffer serious stigma including from those closest to them due to homelessness, unemployment, and the mental illness that frequently follows from abuse. Of all the things that I like about Kazuma, what I like best is that he has never done this to Yato, and that he genuinely tried to help Yato over and overno matter what silly endeavors Yato was pursuing at the time.

Another realistic but upsetting moment is the chapter after Yato has been literally kidnapped by his father, when no one but Hiyori shows any concern over his complete disappearance. Ignoring the double standard for a moment if a female character went missing, she would be immediately searched for, without questionthe complacency displayed by the other characters is tragic because of how often it happens in real life.

Thousands of child abuse cases go unreported—or worse, ignored even after they [I]have[I] been reported—every year because others are unwilling to speak up or oblivious to obvious signs of something being wrong. Despite the fact that he is incredibly talented in many areas, Yato actually believes for some time that the only thing he is good at is cutting things.

His shinki keep leaving him. This is also part of the feast and famine method of domination. Abuse is more effective when it is inconsistent, and abusers frequently swing from aggressive attacks to overwhelming kindness, confusing their victims.

Perhaps the worst is the context surrounding the issue of shrines. Yato recognizes shrines as symbols of affection and signs of being wanted by others, which he desperately desires: Enforcing a sense of helplessness on a victim requires that the victim has no one to turn to. Unfortunately, this backfires spectacularly when she is not only embraced by her friends following the disaster, but the hospital does not collapse because her estranged brother returns, and the family is reunited and made stronger by moving in their grandmother as well.

Hiyori also gains personal resolve and motivation to pursue a human career, which she previously lacked, making her, ultimately, an overall winner in this situation and supporting the idea that Yato is not a god a calamity for Hiyori, but her honest to goodness god of fortune. However, Father did momentarily succeed in his goal because, once again, his emotional abuse works on Yato, convincing Yato that he is harming Hiyori and causing the god to avoid her, isolating himself once more.

Hell, the whole Kugaha betrayal and deaths of her other shinki might have been averted if Yato had told Kazuma that Suzuha had been murdered by a shinki. His fight with Bishamon in Takamagahara could have been avoided if he had made actual attempts to talk things out with her and find out what had really happened to Hiyori, rather than coming in swinging with Sekki.

And, of course, the piece de resistance: With the might of Bishamon, Ebisu, Tenjin, Kofuku, Yukine, and Hiyori, not to mention any other motivated gods, they could certainly have come up with something better than the current situation. Again and again, Father echoes back to Yato that connecting to others, communicating with others, is dangerous—largely for the other party—as he continually insists Yato is a god of calamity who will only bring misfortune to others. This is, again, classic abuser behavior—victims are threatened and manipulated into silence, forced away from seeking help through direct threats to the victims and to others who are important to them notably, Father's punishing Hiiro when she and Yato were children constitutes sing one sibling against another, another extremely common child abuse tactic.

Yato cannot protect everyone at once, and he frantically fluctuates between attempting to protect Hiyori by obeying his father and attempting to defy his father in hopes of finally gaining his freedom.

One of the most significant scenes in recent chapters is the scene in which Hiyori sits down with Yato and asks for advice about her career choices. Yato is overjoyed at being consulted for advice someone cares about what he has to say?! But it seems that it was more Hiyori whose heart was beating faster, or who blushed at something that Yato did.

I just feel like Hiyori had the tendency to like him in a more romantic sense than Yato did with Hiyori in the beginning. It was Hiyori who made these baby-steps.

I also think the difference between Hiyori and Yato is that Yato somewhat acts on these feelings once he has them. Whereas Hiyori just keeps them to herself, and consequently the reader who is the only one who knows about this.

Their friendship starts at that very moment when Yato introduces Hiyori to Kofuku. The motivation is solely coming from Yato, maybe realizing that she is becoming more than he thought of. Hiyori is generally torn of what exactly to think of Yato. And after that conversation she meets Yato who leans into her, and tells her that if he ever was in trouble she should directly go to them. In the Anime he speaks in this low, deep, husky voice.

Yato and Hiyori: 5 Reasons They Should Just Get Married Already

He is serious about it. Her future actions are not out of romantic love, it is due to the bond, due to simple and easy friendship. Up until this point Yato never showed any romantic interest in her, so why would he try to peruse her? So, this brings up the question: When exactly did Yato fall for Hiyori? Or rather when did he develop something beyond friendship for her? I might be wrong, but in my perspective, it all happened after the ablution. The ablution itself had an interesting impact on Yato, Hiyori and Yukine.

All three started a new chapter in their lives. Yukine was determined to become a better Shinki and wanted to live as a human. For Yato it might be the eye opener of just how important Hiyori is. I feel like it was the moment when Hiyori hugged him and Yukine after the ablution.

Yato had never blushed before because of Hiyori. Maybe he was just overwhelmed and surprised by his own feelings but ever since that moment we just see that he literally shows genuine interest in Hiyori. Plus, the desire to actually help Hiyori out is also becoming a priority for Yato. Tenjin says that he just has to cut his ties with her. That way, the problem would be solved by itself. Yato is conflicted about it because he just now found something in Hiyori.

The first human who ever hung out with him, someone who frequently meets him. The sudden change of this realization makes him look at her later.

He knows exactly well what kind of threat Nora is. And so, he decides to let go of Hiyori. He wants to genuinely help her and so he tells her not to be concerned with his business anymore, she should stop caring about him. This entire tactic is failing because Hiyori still meets up with Yukine. And Yato kind of breaks his own rule as he messages her through social media lol. He wants to keep his distance, but at the same time, he just really seems to enjoy her company.

This somewhat happens the same time when Hiyori realizes that people forget Yato very easily.

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The Umbrella scene Yato stalks Hiyori around and gets caught by her. And because this annoys Hiyori extremely, she promises him that there is no way she will forget him. And to make sure he really gets it straight she tells him that she is going to meet him every day if necessary. And of course, Yato blushes about this. For the first time, a human being has the desire to be with him.

She is persistent, and the effort she makes is so endearing. And the fact that she thought of him during her day and bought him and Yukine food is just topping it off perfectly. Like, did he ever had a lover?

Love Me Like You Do~Yato x Hiyori AMV

Is Hiyori the first individual who could make his heart beat faster? She certainly is the first person to have the will to be with him without having any devious intentions and that single fact is enough for Yato. Not only is he a God who depends on human beings but he is also an individual with feelings. Sakura was just the first person ever to show him the difference of good and bad.

Yato was taught that he can do whatever he wants and Sakura opened his eyes in that respect. But I am open for discussions on this one. Other moments in S1: In the Anime, Hiyori loses her memories. This is the moment we can just really see that Yato is shaken by that.

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He tries everything to remind her of the times they were together. Hiyori feels that she forgot them, and when she sees her own doodle she made of Yato, Yukine and herself, she realizes that they are speaking the truth. Hiyori objects and Yato blushes like crazy again. They both kinda realize that they are being flirty with each other or rather the other characters point it out. I especially love it when the side characters discover their relationship.

Just like when Kazuma asked Yato why he was staying with Kofuku, making him an easier target for Bisha. This was similar to the scenes in s1 tho.

hiyori and yato relationship advice

Like Yato going on full rage, fighting in order to get her back. Now, after all that action Yato still has to do something. And the execution of the scene is just so amazing in the Manga. It was great in the Anime too but hear me out: Okay so, in the Anime we get the scenes without any disconnection, which means there is not another scene cutting in and we get to see that Hiyori objects strongly. In the Manga we just see that Yato is ready to cut their bond.

I wish they would have included this in the Anime too but okay. Hiyori just wakes up in the hospital. We cut to a scene where Yato tells Yukine to forget about Hiyori. Hiyori walks pass Yato without any reaction.

Yato looks so broken. In the Anime this was the scene where Hiyori walks to school with her friends and they talk about what kind of club they want to join, and Yato pops up and is being funny etc.

Furthermore, the Anime-viewers will never have the glory of witnessing this: It turns out that Hiyori was deeply hurt that Yato would even consider to sever their bond. She has been ignoring him everywhere. Yes, she even blocked him online. Hiyori makes a shrine for Yato Has Yato ever been happier? He has a blessed vessel, is surrounded by people and on top of everything he gets a shrine from Hiyori.

She is the first person who wants to hang out with him or: At this point, Hiyori means everything to Yato. Is it exaggerated to say this?

There is no point in coming back if there is no one who will wait for you. Now, he does have Yukine, Kofuku etc. While he is gone, he constantly thinks of Hiyori.

He misses her so badly. As we all know, whoever looks at her sees the person they feel most comfortable with.

I mean, is this not enough? Like how long are they gonna write this story without Yato confessing Hiyori his eternal love, like come on. I could literally stop this analysis right here and right now because literally this is like…I mean???? Anyways, we can definitely see that the experience he had in the Underworld changed him.

hiyori and yato relationship advice

We see him looking at Hiyori while she is in school and he seems like he is in deep thoughts. Hiyori spots him and her soul leaves her body as she follows him.

It turns out that Yato was heading to Yukine with a certain message: He is scared because he still thinks that revealing his past would maybe scare them away.

Are you sick of me yet? Yukine even impersonates him, making fun of the way he said his farewell to Nora. The scene gets back to a rather serious atmosphere when Hiyori decides to assure him this: You of all people can be anything you want to be.

I really love that she gives him an advice: