Herod and herodias relationship

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herod and herodias relationship

of Herod Antipas is instructive for modern-day issues of marital relationships. whereby the ruler would divorce his wife, and Herodias would divorce Philip. Two of Herod's sons were Herod Philip and Herod Antipas. Herod Philip married a woman called Herodias. When Herod Antipas visited his brother, he wanted. At some point Herod and Herodias decided to divorce their spouses in "'Do not have sexual relations with your brother's wife; that would.

If you ask me, her actions were brutally more offensive than the words of John the Baptist, and is a complete overreaction — but only because the Truth cut deep. Now, you may not have me beheaded. You may not have your own daughter by a first marriage be lust bait. But, have you gone out of your way to make your voice heard?

Have you shouted down anyone who tries, even lovingly, to point out your misguided ways? Are you saying — Who are they to tell you what to do and how to live?


How dare they talk to you about what you are doing wrong, when they themselves are doing much worse? Are you deflecting the Truth to prove your right to act how you see fit? Are you telling people that point out the error of your ways, that THEY are the ones with the problem?

herod and herodias relationship

Trust me, you are not alone. Many women of the Bible did the same thing, however their legacy is one of adultery, corruption, scandal and deception. Do you really want to be a member of this community? Do you want this to define you? And let me ask you, how happy are you — really. It takes tremendous courage to admit your faults. It also takes tremendous courage to be vulnerable, to truly look at yourself and not like what you see.

It takes monumental courage to change your life, and to put your faith in the One who will never let you down. Be the one that Christ redeems, and allow yourself to be changed for the better.

Tell God what you have done is wrong. Trust me, He already knows — but you are admitting this to yourself and saying it out loud so that you can hear the truth about yourself.

And what do you think God is going to do when you tell Him? He is not going to point the accusing finger at you, and condemn you for what you have just said.


Is that what you are afraid of? Quite the contrary, He will fold you in his arms, and whisper how much He has waited for this day, and how much He loves you. However, the Greco-Roman culture had influenced society where women were divorcing their husbands. Instead of the man Phillip treating his wife treacherously, the woman Herodias treated her husband treacherously by unlawfully divorcing him to marry Herod.

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Therefore, this could possibly be what John was referring to Mal. However, we must consider the context and other passages of Scripture.

herod and herodias relationship

Consider the same type of wording when it came to David taking Bathsheba to be his wife. The Bible says that David sinned because he: The sin that took place with David is that he unlawfully took Bathsheba to be his wife.

He lied, cheated and killed in order to have Bathsheba.

Mark 6:17-18 — An “Unlawful” Relationship

The sin that took place with Herod is that he unlawfully took Herodias to be his wife. Such repentance and forgiveness did not require a future divorce. They will be childless. Whether the rebuking was due to Herod unlawfully taking Herodias because she unlawfully divorced Phillip thus violating the Jewish law or whether it was due to the incestuous union or perhaps a combination of both; Lk.

Comments are very welcome, but please be prepared to dialogue. Do not post and run. Philip and Herod were brothers who were also both uncles to Herodias. Apparently Philip married Herodias and they had a child together, Salome.

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Herod also had a wife during this time. At some point Herod and Herodias decided to divorce their spouses in order to 'marry' each other. This union caused John the baptizer enormous distress: Apparently the daughter of Philip and Herodias, Salome, performed a seductive dance for her uncle and step-father Herod gross. Herod enjoyed the dancing so much that he promised Salome anything she wanted.

Herod followed through with his promise and John the baptizer was beheaded. Josephus a Jewish historian recorded that the reason John the baptizer was so upset about the marriage of Herod to Herodias was for the following reason: