Hashirama and madara relationship tips

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hashirama and madara relationship tips

Even though he can get lazy in a relationship, having someone that is more . concedes goes to his brother for advice because Hashirama is the king of romance. He gives Tobi all these tips and what he should be doing, it's up to Tobirama to. Like Madara, Hashirama was also a shinobi who had lost his brothers on the Madara would need an agent to act on his behalf and guide Nagato towards this . Madara called Hashirama his rival when talking to Sasuke. Does this make Madara and Hashirama a reversal of the Sasuke and Naruto relationship, with .. kinda put out when Naruto wouldn't repeat Sakura's tips to him).

Of the Uchiha Clan, he is recognized as one of its strongest members. He was also born with powerful chakra, described as evil, and could tap into it while fighting for up to 24 hours straight.

Madara used this idol to keep him alive, making him the only person in Naruto to use the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path in this manner. Nagato tried to tap into the statue like Madara did, but it nearly killed him. This was most likely because Madara tapped into the flower and not the idol itself.

Hashirama Senju

The flower acted as a base and fed off the statue. He used it to not only extend his life so he could complete his training with Obito, but also as a vessel to harvest Hashirama's DNA while also creating plant-like humanoids from it. Madara became the leader of Uchiha, while Hashirama led the Senju Clan. After being defeated by Hashirama several times, Madara finally accepted his offer for a truce. Tobirama, however, was against Madara being Hokage, so he proposed that the First Hokage be decided by a vote.


Hashirama, being the stronger of the two and more popular amongst both clans, was voted in as First Hokage. I hope you guys enjoy these, I had to cut myself off to keep this post from being too long.

Even though he can get lazy in a relationship, having someone that is more lovey-dovey makes him want to be more physical. He will generally kiss them more, or says sweet and natural compliments to feel he is evening the score. Be warned, Kakashi is the type of boyfriend that will often sneak up on his partner and give them a surprise hug, while he whispers in their ear about how beautiful they look today. It feels like something he would read out of a Icha-Icha book.

hashirama and madara relationship tips

But other than that, he prefers to keep the romance private and intimate. If they beg, he might consider holding their hand in a market place or store for a brief amount of time.

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After the deaths of their brothers, Kawarama and later ItamaHashirama and his remaining brother, Tobiramadecided a new shinobi system would need to be implemented to end the cycle of child deaths, a system that would require an alliance between the Senju and Uchiha.

Like Hashirama, Madara was also a shinobi who had lost brothers on the battlefield. Together they imagined a world where children like themselves wouldn't need to fight and where their brothers would be safe from harm. Hashirama was a Senju, Madara was an Uchiha; it was their duty to kill each other.

Hashirama set this duty aside, unwilling to take his friend's life.

hashirama and madara relationship tips

Madara, however, decided their dreams of a peaceful world were impossible, and therefore ended their friendship so that they could kill each other without reservation. Over the following years Hashirama and Madara continued to meet in combat. Hashirama could never bring himself to kill someone he still considered a friend, and Madara could never defeat Hashirama's superior abilities.

In time, both Madara and Hashirama became leaders of their respective clans. Under Hashirama's leadership and extraordinary prowess, the Senju began to best the Uchiha Clan until at one point Hashirama had both Madara and Izuna at his mercy.