Gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

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gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

We found out who taught Gugu Mbatha-Raw how to dance, how Nate Parker got prepared for his role, and how the anticipated movie almost. Played An Epic Prank on Stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nate Parker “I really got a feeling of what it must be like to be in a relationship with a. Minnie Driver, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Nate Parker, Director Gina And it made me really think, “Could I have a relationship with someone that had.

Accept people in your life who want things for you that you want for yourself. The person who was closest to Noni, her mother, is the person most complicit in her downfall. Whereas when she finds Kaz, someone completely outside of her circle, he is the person who grounds her in what life could be like.

The thing about social media is it takes up all the in-between the time of self-reflection. There are very few moments where you have to sit alone with yourself. Looking at your social media accounts, it really comes across that you are a passionate activist. Has acting helped provide you with a platform for this activism? I have more reach and impact with a film than some doctors do.

gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

I think that I would be almost complicit in the bad things that are happening in the world by not standing in the way and fighting the injustices we see on a daily basis. I am an activist first in everything I do, even with this film. Portraying Kaz as a strong man who has integrity, who treats women with respect, honours his father, who chooses good.

I think that you, even, as a journalist, there all kinds of things you can do in your time, publications that you can pursue where you could make more money or climb the ladder faster.

How is humanity different because I existed?

gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

Suzanne Tenner There were a lot of intimate scenes in this film, where it is just you and Gugu playing off one another. Did you rehearse like crazy, or just go with the flow? Filmmaking is no different; Gina created such a safe and intimate environment based on the time we put in.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nate Parker: Beyond the Lights |

The drills she put us through, the questions she asked, the rehearsals we had, so when were on set there was nothing else left to do but play. These relationships developed well before we stepped on set. Then you add the preparation to her attractiveness and the fact that we both take our craft so seriously, it created an environment for peace, investigation and honesty.

I think those are the moments that I enjoy most about the film. Can you share any of the drills you did to prep? Gina once called me and said that she wanted me and Gugu to go out to lunch in character.

gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

I arranged for a car and we met at the office and she had on this ridiculous outfit, seven-inch heels, crazy hair and huge glasses. Check out our interview after the jump. Early on, the only target I had was The Dream.

I knew that he could do the raunch at the beginning of the movie, but also write beautiful love songs like he does for Beyonce, and I wanted somebody at that level. We had to believe her songs would be playing with the radio. This being a music film, music was everything to this, so it started there with his original music and the work that both Debra Byrd and The Dream did with Gugu in the studio.

And then, just as a whole, with the soundtrack, it was very important that the music mirrors her trajectory. I wanted to have a balance between established artists like Beyonce, but also some newcomers like Cynthia Erivo, who has such a beautiful track, and Yuna. I wanted to focus on songwriters as well.

India Jean-Jacques and Rita Ora are in there. As the story progresses, we had more of that singer-songwriter vibe to it, which is where Noni was hoping to go. That was coupled with the real artists that we had in the film that are playing early on in the film. It was just setting that scene and that tone early on, so that then as it progressed, we could get to more of the true artist that Noni wanted to be. How beneficial was it having Stephanie and Reggie as your producing partners in bringing this to life with the music and the licensing and rights of some of the existing tunes, especially with Machine Gun Kelly?

In pushing for him, it was a bit of a fight and the fact is they had my back in terms of wanting to go that way. We worked a lot also with the music supervisor, Julia Michels, with the music as well, and it was just targeting the songs we wanted, putting them in, and hoping.

We had a very small budget. We were very, very fortunate. Minnie, I loved your character. What made you just go for it?

Nate Parker Reveals His Wife Cried Seeing Him In Love With Another Woman In “Beyond The Lights”

It was so believable and it was wonderful to see your performance in that kind of role. They are out of their element and in the element of an adult world, which is not always appropriate.

Of course, you love them, but you want this other thing.

gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship

It will always be just that. Can you explain what you had going on inside you when you said that? I had the whole turning point of the movie. It is honestly one of my favorite scenes because it does give the character and the audience a catharsis because you understand what is behind her behavior. You really understand why she does what she does in that moment.

You really get it. She just desperately did not want to go back to that poverty and she wanted something better for her kid. When you make it sound like that, it sounds good. You said it with such conviction.

You really feel it. Laughter Nate and Gugu, you have such great chemistry in this movie. How long did it take to develop that chemistry and did you guys do anything special to get on the same page? To me, it very much had a kind of Romeo and Juliet vibe to it. In terms of working together, Gina and Nate have worked together before, so they already have very much a shorthand. We did some rehearsals, but we also did an improvised acting exercise where we went in character.

Gina set us up. We went on a date dressed in character for lunch, and then we were hijacked by a team of paparazzi, and we were just improvising our way through that scenario in public.

That was so informative, because it was not only having to think on your feet and make choices that your character would make, but for us it was also spending time together off script as the characters and getting to know our characters and getting to know each other. We also went to Disneyland on a little extracurricular trip just to hang out and get to know each other a little bit. I think that performance often times is a reflection of leadership.

She is a leader. She has such a grasp on her vision that it becomes a lot easier to express her vision when she articulates it because she knows what she wants. How do you have children?

Their kids are under there. I hear something happening. I felt like so many things happened that set us up to step onto set and have a real relationship.

Because what is chemistry? I felt like they were milestones achieved before we ever walked onto the set that allowed us to really perform in a way that was uninhibited. But like I said, I direct all of that praise to my director because she had it in her mind.

She saw these things before. All three of your performances are stunning on screen. What did Gina do for your performances in terms of bringing them onto the screen? What was that set like? You really are a wonderful public speaker, Nate.

You have to fight your way through because there is no leadership sometimes. But Gina really just had such a strong idea. As an actor, you have to be able to make strong choices and make these big, bold characters. You do need quite a solid framework to push up against. The devil is in the details as they say. She gave me a framework to work within. Sometimes our ideas suck really badly.

You feel supported when you have a director that is putting in time. She just illuminated whatever idea it was in the moment at that time and it made me feel further supported. My process with Gina was very interesting, because I had the benefit of hearing it the first time she came up with the idea. I think that the script started to be developed without us really realizing that we were developing it.

We would talk about various things in the music industry just in terms of relationship. It actually started in the script process because Gina had the beats all in her head and was just writing some music.

gugu mbatha raw and nate parker relationship