Grantaire and enjolras relationship

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grantaire and enjolras relationship

Vanya said: I believe Grantaire did love Enjolras romantically, % so. I could interpret that Jean Valjean and Javert were lovers in every sense of the word. George Blagden on Enjolras and Grantaire's relationship - This doesn't technically belong on this board but George you are beautiful and I love you lol. And for many fans, Grantaire's appeal lies within his ambiguous and subtextual relationship with Enjolras, the student leader played in the film.

Curls tamed, no paint underneath his fingernails, his good jumper which, according to Joly, really brought out his eyes. They probably knew he had been stood up, with how they whispered between them while trying to be subtle about watching him out of the corner of their eyes.

It was a horrible feeling, leaving him hot and cold all over. His hands were clammy and Grantaire tried to be nonchalant about the entire situation but that was really fucking hard. All he wanted now was to finish his nearly cold hot chocolate and leave, but his hands were shaking too obviously to lift the mug.

Les Misérables - Relationship between Grantaire and Enjolras Showing of

It was then that the bell rung again, announcing a new customer. Besides, if Enjolras was in this area of the city, he was probably running some errand or another. Still, just watching Enjolras order his coffee with that damn charming smile of his - his public smile, because his private smile was a little more subdued, a little more crooked and a lot more genuine - calmed Grantaire down enough to finally take a sip of his drink.

He observed his friend move to the side to wait for his coffee to go, watched the curls flop over his forehead, blown away with a puff of breath.

When his eyes fell on Grantaire by the window, he startled a little, but smiled gently. Grantaire gave him a little half wave and a smile, his eyes growing larger as Enjolras approached.

grantaire and enjolras relationship

Tell half a truth? It was Enjolras, after all. I heard the baristas talking about a bet on the guy who got stood up and the blonde one is gonna give us free cake should your date turn up after all.

I could do with free cake. Please, take a seat. He dropped his bag onto the floor, carefully placed the coffee on the table and took off his coat before sitting down in the chair opposite Grantaire.

He grabbed his hand and squeezed softly. That just threw Grantaire right back to why he used to Used to?

Grantaire was gay for Enjolras..Correct?

Oh, who was he kidding! Maybe even the tip of your nose! Grantaire had thought he would be over Enjolras by now. Especially after dating Julie for nearly a year. He could deal with being a fake boyfriend for free cake for an afternoon. We finally arranged the details for conference in Lyon. Did you decide if you wanna join us? An entire weekend, watching Enjolras speak passionately about topics he cared about? Yeah, good luck surviving that, Grantaire, good fucking luck.

But he was back quickly with their cakes, apologising once more. You know better for next time now. You two make a cute couple though. But it apparently is nice, so I might wear it more frequently.

Yellow is a good colour on you.

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Brings out the honey in your eyes. I appreciate your compliment. There were three rooms with a double bed but only two couples - Combeferre and Courfeyrac as well as Joly and Musichetta. So he reduced it slowly, having worked his way down to a single cigarette a day. She gestured towards Courfeyrac and Combeferre.

Would that be a suitable relationship? I can certainly share photos of us with you, if it would put your mind at ease about us sharing a bed. Please enjoy your stay. Or so Enjolras was convinced. Up in their room, Grantaire leaned against the closed door and laughed softly. He stretched lightly and grinned. He pulled out two strips of chewing gum, unwrapping them to twist the silver wrapping paper into a ring.

With sure strides, Grantaire crossed the distance between them before he got into one knee. Holding up the makeshift ring, he asked: During times of hardship like tomorrow morning but also during times of happiness like tomorrow evening? Will you be my fake boyfriend until the end of time, which is to say the end of this trip? Now, if my fake boyfriend, my boyfake… wait no what. Will you be okay without me?

Like what, I stood outside naked and ran my fingers through my hair while you were in the shower?

grantaire and enjolras relationship

Confused, slightly flustered, but overall very happy. He still had two hours before lunch, so he changed into his pajama pants, grabbed his book and stretched out on the really comfortable bed. Enjolras grunted lightly and blinked his eyes open. Mind if I join? They got ready in comfortable silence, making their way downstairs into the lobby.

Not really, yet it still felt wrong to somehow lie to them. Then again, was it really lying if no one outright asked them? It was nice to know his friends were still around.

He had Combeferre in tow, who immediately wrapped his friend into his arms. Thank you for being there for me. What we lack attracts us. Nobody loves the light like the blind man…The toad is always looking up at the sky; why?

To see the bird fly. However, of the two characters, it seems Grantaire is the one with open romantic feelings towards a man, meaning Enjolras. And ok wow are those feelings written pretty clearly. This fanaticism was neither an idea, nor a dogma, nor an art, nor a science; it was a man: Grantaire admired, loved and venerated Enjolras.

The worship of Enjolras by Grantaire is in no way what a healthy queer relationship looks like but the sheer intensity of feelings is definitely a quintessential romantic storyline. These are famous corresponding men to beautiful and powerful heros and Grantaire is just playing the part. So shit like this gets me heated for real. Grantaire wants so desperately not to believe in anything, to maintain his demeanor of being uncaring and cynical, aloof and unbelieving.

grantaire and enjolras relationship

So for him to so openly state his believe in Enjolras has such a deep meaning.