Go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

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go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

Plot: It's been 10 years since Nam Soon ruined Heung Soo's dream of becoming a Synopsis: Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) is diagnosed with a terminal disease But he wasn't expecting that Go Nam Soon would decide to end his life . .. the intensity of their confrontation, relationship, and history in a few short words. In Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo's relationship I can see, at least in part, We studied together, went on vacation together, shared apartments. “Park Heung-soo, what'll you do when Go Nam-soon transfers? .. And now that Nam-soon has his first shot at really mending that relationship.

Moreover, these passionate friendships secure the boys against precarity when the institutions traditionally vested with that power — conjugal romance which surprisingly never enters the picturefilial obligation, and the state apparatus — fail to do so. On the other hand, the ability for those relationships to flourish as they do in K-dramas seems to depend on the relegation of homosexuality to the closet.

While living in New York inI forged a friendship in the folly and feeling typical of an NYU undergraduate experience. We studied together, went on vacation together, shared apartments, shared beds, almost shared a girlfriend though not concurrentlyand shared his down comforter, naked save for boxers, while we watched movies through a haze of pungent smoke. When I came out in our senior year, I feared it might hurt the friendship that had deepened over three years, calling into question whatever my real feelings for him might have been.

In other ways, I hoped it might heal some old, and until then, inexplicable wounds inflicted as I teetered over the threshold of the closet door. The case was different for other friends, especially my gay male friends, who continued to believe, among other things, that I must have at least fantasized about having sex with Uri despite my protestations that such thoughts would have been as disturbing as incest.

When I met Alex at the University of Chicago years later, the close proximity of our apartments, shared political ideals, and mutual handwringing over our first long-distance relationships and whatever lay beyond grad school catalyzed an equally intense bond.

We spoke often of how much we missed living only ten feet apart, and when we were both accepted into the same doctoral program, it broke my heart to foreclose the possibility of spending the next five years together by accepting an offer that put us 3, miles apart. Anytime I describe these relationships to friends and even my partner, I often mark the wink, the smirk, the signals that say somewhere, somehow, I must have at least entertained the idea that our friendship might turn from the Platonic to the pornographic.

Within contemporary American media culture, the answer is almost certainly yes. The rigidity of those boundaries is powerfully evidenced in Bromance, a short-lived MTV reality show in which a host of men competed to be the ultimate best friend to The Hills playboy Brody Jenner. But then the principal tells the teachers that they should send students who will go to Seoul U, who will put the award to better, or more prestigious use.

Before the teachers even have a chance to tell Kang-joo about the debate competition, she sees a notice posted for an internal competition where the winners will then be chosen to go compete. Kang-joo pretends to be fine, but cries alone in the bathroom. In-jae and Se-chan are so busy that they forget to avoid Uhmforce, and he walks right into the office.

He stops them mid-tip-toe like a pair of wayward teenagers. Nam-soon finds Kang-joo on her way out of the bathroom with teary eyes, and adorably tousles her hair like a little kid. He gets a jab to the ribs for his trouble.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

Either Nam-soon or Heung-soo has to transfer. Oh no, why are you looking towards the door? Ack, Nam-soon is standing in the doorway, having brought the assignments to turn in. He looks over at In-jae and Se-chan with a stricken face. Back to the office, where Nam-soon gets brought up to speed. He offers to transfer, and asks that they not tell Heung-soo about it. But Kang-joo overhears the whole conversation from the hall. He sits alone up on the roof, letting out a long sigh as he takes in the view.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

Heung-soo complies in his surly way, and Nam-soon just shovels food into his mouth, barely holding back the river of tears. Arg, Go Nam-soon, why does everything you do break my heaaaaaaart? But he holds it together through lunch. Se-chan calls the boys out of class to go over their test results.

How is that even possible? Heung-soo does better—still terribly, but well enough that he could pass tests if he tried a little harder. That makes Nam-soon smile. He asks if Heung-soo could go to college, and Se-chan bursts that bubble right away. Their goal is graduation, not much else. He throws down an entire ream of paper and tells them their punishment is to fill a sheet front and back for every single question they got wrong.

Their twin looks of exasperation have become my favorite thing.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

Se-chan lets them suffer for about half a page, and then asks if they want an alternative way to fill their punishment. They look up with crazy eyes of gimmeyespleaseohmygod.

He takes them to the gym and twirls a basketball in front of them to embarrassing results. His offer is to count each point as a page, and the boys look at each other like they just won the lotto. He says through tears that Jung-ho is a good guy. She does, and starts searching the school. And then up on the roof, Min-ki uses a chair to step up onto the ledge. He takes a deep breath and inches forward, clutching his backpack till his knuckles turn white. His toes inch forward to the very edge, and he looks down… Nam-soon runs out, grumbling at the idiots who ran further into the school.

And then a thud.

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He shows her the backpack, and then she instinctively looks up with panic in her eyes. They both freeze as they look up, and then they run up the stairs. She just wraps him in a hug.

They both start breathing again as they cry, and Min-ki just says what he always does: In-jae takes Min-ki down to the office to warm his hands on a cup of tea, and asks carefully why he threw his backpack down. Longer than I thought.

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In-jae does a really good job of holding it together, forcing her tears to stay in. She nods again, barely holding back the tears. Nam-soon finds Heung-soo cleaning the windows as his punishment, and they jokingly call the other a traitor and a slowpoke.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship trust

He instructs Nam-soon to grab a rag and start polishing, and Heung-soo just smiles. And then Se-chan calls out to her, saying the same thing that Min-ki said: He sits in the office a while longer, wondering how his essay prompt got leaked. Nam-soon asks how Heung-soo knew that Jung-ho was going to do something stupid.

Heung-soo brags at his quick sleuthing, and then admits he knows Jung-ho borrowed some money from those gangsters. Se-chan comes by, so they jump up to go through the motions of cleaning. Nam-soon says he brought them back of his own accord, so Se-chan wonders why these two knuckleheads got mixed up in it.

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In-jae finally relents and asks to speak to Mom on the phone later. Nam-soon and Heung-soo walk home, and reach the split in their paths. Mom trembles as she hears the terrifying news, and promises to go see In-jae tomorrow. Min-ki gets up and walks down the hall, still haunted by the feeling of standing up on that ledge and letting go of his backpack.

Mom hears him through her door. He admits that he blames his hyung for how stifling his life is, and how trapped he feels. Mom and I… are so lonely. Jung-ho finally comes out, but refuses to go to school. His point made, he pats Jung-ho on the butt like his dog and tells him to come to school.