Gendry and arya relationship goals

gendry and arya relationship goals

Now alot of people believe that Arya and Gendry will hook up. final 13 episodes to be fussing with Gendry and Arya being in a relationship at all? I am certain that Gendry's reintroduction into the story is for the purpose of. Arya will love Gendry, Arya will want to marry Gendry, but her love for .. who like them together don't want it as Arya's ultimate goal in life, but. Do You Ship Gendry & Arya Stark Yet? This post contains spoilers from last night's Game of Thrones episode, "Eastwatch." Despite fans shipping Gendry and Arya, he thinks intimate scenes between them would be really uncomfortable.

Arya Stark and Gendry Waters Most likely due in large part to their ages at the beginning of the series, the relationship between Arya Stark and Gendry Waters has never been outright romantic or suggestive.

Theirs may be a rare example of young love that could work in Westeros — that is if the world of Game of Thrones allows them to ever get to that point, before the series ends forever.

For some reason, the series felt it necessary to even feature scenes suggestive of their consummation of their relationship, despite the disturbing age implications.

gendry and arya relationship goals

Even worse, as Tommen found himself swayed by the cult of the Sparrows, Margaery soon found herself banished to prison, proving that all she had achieved in the name of social climbing was utterly pointless. Grey Worm and Missandei The Unsullied as a group are rarely ever given a voice, let alone an interior life of their own.

With the character of Grey Worm, however, the series does offer an inside look at the emotional world of these men — no matter how little verbal communication he uses.

Their scenes rank among the most tender love scenes that the series has provided so far, as the chemistry between he characters and their actors is entirely believable and effortless.

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Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark Poor Sansa Stark may have picked the worst possible person in the world to have her first crush on. The destructive relationship plays a large part in the untimely demise of her own father, Ned, as well, which leaves Sansa with plenty of trauma to deal with and no real source of solace. So when their relationship finally comes to an end, it is with great relief on the part of all viewers, and Sansa herself. However, the damage has already long been done. When he fell in love with Gilly, a long-abused daughter of Craster, it was clear that this was what he felt could be his moment of heroism.

gendry and arya relationship goals

Despite how little viewers actually were treated to of it, the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully was portrayed entirely as a partnership of equals. Through their unhealthy union, three children were born — with a fourth potentially on the way — including the tyrannical King Joffrey and the utterly incompetent and overpowered King Tommen.

Game of Thrones season 8: Will Arya and Gendry get married? Will Gendry be king?

Their union has done nothing but lead to destruction, whether of their family or of their kingdom. Certain scenes in particular have also been doubly problematic, with implications of assault stirring up many a debate on the internet. Thankfully, season 7 ends with Jaime seeming to come to his senses as he abandons his sister and sets off to chart his own course. The furor online among fans of both the television series and the book series was seemingly never-ending when the offending episode aired.

There was truly no point to including the scene, or the plot entirely, in as graphic detail as it was written and portrayed. Ramsay was already a truly psychotic, unpredictable, violent threat long before he assaulted and repeatedly abused Sansa. Brienne is the complete opposite of Cersei in every way. Brienne is honorable, loyal and has fought adversity her entire life. Cersei is as dishonorable as they come, has grown up with every privilege and did not hesitate to sleep around on Jaime the second he went off to war.

Jaime has always been vain as well, so finally ending up with someone not considered classically beautiful would be another bit of irony. After Jaime frees himself from his toxic relationship with Cersei and the war with the White Walkers is won I hopeI can see Jaime and Brienne settling down together. Make it happen, Martin.

Give us something to hope for. Sansa tells Jon what he needs to hear, if only he would listen. Jon offers Sansa trust and security, if only she would let her guard down enough to accept it. Sansa protects Jon from his self-doubt, and he offers himself in a way that no man has to Sansa before: There is an intense love between these two, whether you categorize it as romantic or otherwise. I think that exploring the romantic dimensions of the Jaime-Brienne relationship would be taking the easy way out.

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And there lots of other kinds of love on display, too: If I could wish for anybody on the show to find happiness, it would probably be Cersei. She definitely needs a healthier outlet for all that rage. We already know that when Jon Snow met a woman who was kissed by fire, he fell head over heels. Jon and Dany are the endgame couple of this series. Will Tyrion have to play matchmaker as well as ambassador? We have to remember that, although they never say it, this is a world where destiny makes it so the heroes appear at the right moment in time.

Lyanna and Rhaegar were hopelessly attracted to each other and ran away because Jon needed to be born to save the world. Ser Pounce and Tommen.

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Never before has there been a young man and his furry friend more in love than these two. When Tommen became King of all Westeros, it was Ser Pounce who guarded his room against any assassins who might seek to do him harm. A King needs his rest. They say that when Tommen heard of this great tragedy he removed his crown and jumped out of his window, killing himself, for how could he ever live without his beloved cat, Ser Pounce?

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