Exo kris and luhan relationship

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exo kris and luhan relationship

Ever since Luhan and Tao left EXO, we've been wondering whether the two former Kris Wu, Tao and Han Geng star in a new movie. And how is their relationship with the current Exo members? From what I've seen Kris and Luhan are in contact but Tao isn't in contact with. Explore Lilia Pike's board "EXO-M Luhan" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Chanyeol, Exo k and Exo memes. MembersYixingStay Safe. Tao Luhan Kris gif if you listen closely you can hear Tao's adorable laughing. Lilia Pike · EXO-M Luhan .. My relationship status just went from no boyfriend to 12 boyfriends. I'll take.

If your relationship was known, he would try to act cool but this dork would end up looking at you in awe as you accepted the award, thinking you were so beautiful and talented. It would be so obvious to everyone looking at him that he was in love.

exo kris and luhan relationship

And even if the relationship was secret, his reaction would still be the same and people would probably figure out that you were his girlfriend based on that.

Originally posted by fyifan Suho: Embarrassed by his leader, Kai pulled on his arm, trying to get him to sit down. If you two were a secret item, he would beam to himself, maybe look proudly at the boys if they knew.

exo kris and luhan relationship

Your congratulations would be received after the show, where he would be touchier than usual — holding your hand, peppering your face with kisses.

He was just so happy and wanted you to know that. Originally posted by kookmykookie Lay: In an open relationship; he would grin, dimples on display and clap proudly.

exo kris and luhan relationship

If you two were sitting together, he would peck your cheek when you came back, admiring your award in awe and holding your hand until MAMA ended. Secret relationship; he would try and fail to hold back a smile as your name was announced. After the award show, he would post a selca with you, mentioning how much he admired your work and that you deserved to win. Originally posted by ethereal-baek Baekhyun: If the world knew you two were dating, he would shoot some aegyo at you but if not, he would blend in with the crowd; clapping, cheering, smiling.

Until you two were alone and out of the public eye, where he would nuzzle against you, inhaling your sweet perfume and murmuring how proud he was against your neck.

Chinese expert reveals the reason behind Kris and Luhan's departure from EXO

Originally posted by alexandram91 Chen: Assuming that everyone knew you were both dating, he would grin and send you a wink. After the show, he would make you pose with your award and put it up on weibo and Instagram. Go look at his singles. We all love you Kris. He states that the lack of support from SM Entertainment in terms of his recovery from his sustained injuries has affected Tao a lot, and that he thinks leaving the group will be the best for Tao.

Why Did Tao Leave EXO? : The Backstory Behind It All

What is he doing now? Tao is now pursuing his career in China and to be honest, his work is bomb.

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Go check him out on YouTube and please support him. We all love you and miss you, Tao. Luhan Now, after Luhan left I never heard from him again. He was doing something somewhere and I felt bad that I was up to date with Kris and Tao but knew nothing about what Luhan was doing.

So I finally managed to have time to gather info about him for you guys and myself personally. As most of you know Luhan left in October and had a similar lawsuit to Kris and Tao's.

EXO Members Profile and Facts (Updated!)

He also said that they overworked him and that it was harming his health. He made his film debut in the film 20 Once Again and was named as the 37th highest-earning celebrity in China by Forbes.

On October 14, he released the solo single "Medals" from his album Reloaded. InLu Han went on his first solo concert tour, the "Luhan Reloaded: So it seems like he's doing okay! We love you Luhan!