Ergo proxy re and vincent relationship trust

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ergo proxy re and vincent relationship trust

All Episodes: Ergo Proxy Companion Viewing Guide Only Re-L and a few officials know, and there is no way she can through her trusted doctor's files and discovers information on the proxy. . And Re-L discovers Vincent's necklace. They are both honest and need each other, but this relationship is. Will the chill put a strain on their already fragile relationship or cause things to heat up Vincent Law already saw Re-L in undergarments, but that was in Ergo Proxy mode. . He doesn't remember much, but he trusts this feeling of attraction. In the end, Ergo chooses to be with the human Re-L that is thought to be oblivious and innocent Vincent, AKA the Agent of Death, Ergo Proxy.

Juvia who usually runs the yoga classes goes on vacation, leaving Gajeel, the kickboxing instructor, to take over her duties. The muscle head now has to run a yoga class, and a certain blue headed girl catches his eye. In more ways than one.


Mendeleiev's class are forced to work in pairs and take care of a sack baby for the week? Most likely the fluffiest thing I've ever written. Days are longer, flowers are everywhere, and animals are out to have a little fun with their mates, if you know what I'm talking about.

Two teenagers in heat and various missions are making them closer than ever before, both in the superhero night and the school hours. But when trouble hits them, will their flame diminish or grow hotter? Might become M later depending on how descriptive I decide to get.

More chapters to come. Ergo Proxy - Rated: But after a certain event for each of them, their feelings are shared for two people, unaware that they're the same one Hope you love my new story. Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: Why does he always get sick? Can Lucy help him in his situation? I really suck at summaries Fairy Tail - Rated: Who will join their little posse?

Will the chill put a strain on their already fragile relationship or cause things to heat up between them? Write a whole story ONLY using dialogue. Life is Strange - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Pino is first to the top. She sees the destruction.

She turns back to try and save them. Then the immigrant runs past, and she turns back. Then the Proxy is there.

His wife is thrown back to break her neck on the stairs. The carriage is lost to fall down the steps and slaughters the child. She becomes infected and is now as good as a walking corpse.

And the immigrant flees, leading the proxy onward. Raul is not weak. He is a proud man who will always strive to do his best. He commands the situation, and his emotions will not cripple him. They won't even be allowed to diminish his performance. So he takes control, jumps into action, and gives orders with conviction. The matter is taken care of. He does a good job. No heart rate elevation. What are the facts, what is next. It is my job to maintain stability.

This is a problem I need to solve. My child is dead. This is a paradise that needs to be returned to smooth operation. Pino is at home and the autoreiv extermination unit is sent to kill her.

I could not make head nor tail of the scene between Re-L and Daedalus for the longest time. It didn't help that I had this weird conviction that he was evil, but I just couldn't understand Re-L's action. For her to show such fear and weakness was so out of character that I was sure she was faking it to get into Daedalus's databanks. While that is not out of the question, between her trust of him and his attention and devotion to her, I now think her actions are real.

I think what actually is going on is she looks up to him like a sort of uncle. He raised her after all, from infant to child to young adult as a sort of doctor, mentor, compaion. Daedalus's concern is very real too, he loves her for being his triumphant experiment, his work, his childhood friend, and his raison detre.

They are both honest and need each other, but this relationship is very, very messed up by our standards. So she acts more like a child around him, sometimes petulant, but like some sort of daughter-patient nonetheless.

That is very very weird, but explains why their relationship is so Monad turning around to follow Re-L may be true, or else she may be following Vincent as she does in this episode. I don't really understand Monad, nor why she isn't dead yet, so I'll refrain from speculating. In any case, she dies now.

The whole opening-eye thing is supposed to be Vincent giving up his life as a citizen and realizing his other personality. I don't know why Monad chases him either. It is supposed to love, and she does move to hug him.

She probably wants a little peace to die at his hand. She has already given so much, she probably is willing to give her life as well so that he can be the one to live on. It's unknown precisely why it happened to her and not Re-L, but this new clone became Monad reincarnated.

When Ergo expressed his confusion as to why some other girl was claiming to be Re-L, the clone got flustered and ran away. But Ergo hadn't seen the last of her.

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Ergo's next move was to visit the Regent. While the Regent's Entourages criticised him for leaving and informed him that the Regent hated him for abandoning Romdeau, Ergo Proxy advanced, unconcerned. He killed Donov Meyer right before Re-L's eyes. Meanwhile, Raul Creed was lying in wait in the shadows. While Re-L confronted Ergo, he shot the Proxy in the arm with an FP shell, but Ergo survived by ripping off his own arm, and then promptly growing it back.

Horrified, Raul emptied his gun, trying to score another hit, but Ergo wasn't going to let himself get shot a second time. Raul escaped to find some more ammunition, and Ergo left soon after. He wandered Romdeau, taking in its imminent destruction, the total collapse of its civilization. Ergo Proxy returned to the Regent's sitting room and Re-L pointed her gun at him. She figured he had to know that if he came back she would hold him at gunpoint.

He told her that was precisely the point. Ergo Proxy wanted to die. But Re-L, ever difficult, refused to kill him. Instead she told him she'd figured out who the real mastermind of this whole story was: At this point, Proxy One's laughter echoed throughout the chamber. They followed the sound of his voice. Ergo went into shock upon seeing his progenitor: Proxy One was only too happy to monologue about the purpose of the Proxies and the malice implanted by the creators and also to accuse Ergo of running away, an irony which was not lost on either of them.

He goaded Ergo Proxy into fighting to the death, and Ergo ripped a hole into his progenitor's chest. As he was dying, he entrusted the burden of shaping the world to his shadow, and that was when Monad II showed up.

Now fully grown into her Proxy powers, she pleaded with Ergo not to listen to Proxy One. He didn't have to take up the burden of life again, she said. He was tempted to take her up on her offer. There was just one catch: Suicide, for a Proxy. Vincent recalled that Re-L had asked him to find her, when she left him and his original to their confrontation, and he wasn't ready to die just yet anymore. So he apologized to Monad, left her to fly into the sun on her own, and went back down to pay his respects to Proxy One, who with his dying breath, told him he could think of no fitter punishment for the Creators than Vincent's survival.

I guess the first thing I should clear up is this. At the point in canon where I am taking Vincent, he has recovered his memories. The series doesn't get much time to explore what this means for him, so some of my portrayal of him might be a little different from what we see in canon.

Vincent now remembers both his life as Ergo Proxy, and the memories Proxy One implanted in him. But some of these memories may be hazy, as if belonging to someone else. Which in a sense is true: Vincent is quite different from both his former self and his progenitor. There's also no clear demarcation between Ergo Proxy and Proxy One's memories otherwise Ergo would eventually have figured out that he wasn't the original. This is also the reason Vincent doesn't know his own age.

How can he remember when he was created if he can't tell the difference between his own memories and Proxy One's? The only memories he can be sure are his own are those of his final descent into despair, and those he created after he lost his memory. Not that Vincent remembers much of those final days where he was mired in depression and desperation.

It's not something he'd want to remember, and anyway, he was half-crazed at that point. So what's the point, if his memory is still treacherous? What's changed is that Vincent now has enough answers to decide who he is and what he cares about. He knows he's a clone of Proxy One. He knows what his purpose was in the Proxy Project, he knows he loved Monad and was forced to kill her by the Pulse of the Awakening. I no longer care who I was before I became who I am. He is Vincent Law, who is kind to little robot girls and forgets to put the toilet seat down and hits his thumb with a hammer because he's daydreaming when he shouldn't be, who is desperately in love with a girl who thinks he's an idiot.

And he is also Ergo Proxy, Agent of Death, shadow and successor of Proxy One, last of the proxies, final consequence of the crimes committed by the Creators, who can stand in the sunlight and survive its punishing rays. But in order to decide who he is, he had to know who he used to be.

He was being chastised for a blunder he made the night before, and Re-L is telling us that he is plain, unremarkable. The impression that Vincent was very careful to give off during his days in Romdeau. He slouched and sat with his shoulders hunched. He hung his head. He spoke softly, and squinted his eyes, and plastered his misbehaving hair to his head in an unflattering style. He cultivated this impression of dullness and unremarkableness.

He desperately wanted to become a Fellow Citizen, so he was willing to "constantly suppress himself, all the time, everywhere. From hints dropped by more than one proxy, it seems that proxies in general had been burned pretty badly by humans in the past, and not just by the creators.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship trust

This may have been something that lingered subconsciously even after Vincent's memory loss and informed his behaviour. Whatever the reason, his Mr. Cellophane act got him nowhere. The mask was too different from who he really was, even if at that point he had no inkling of his true identity.

The strain of this gave him a rather bad case of low self-confidence. This identity of Vincent Law was all he had, and everything in his life was telling him Vincent Law wasn't good enough. Even after he realized that becoming a Fellow Citizen was a lost cause for him and that Romdeau was kind of a shitty place anyway, even when he was exiled, he didn't change that much. Though he was free to be himself, though he did stand taller, and apologized less, though the animators even started to draw him less derpy and more handsome, he was still humble and soft-spoken and easy-going.

Vincent Law

He'll always be a little awkward. Reclusiveness and solitude are intrinsic to a proxy's being, and for Vincent that translates to shyness and introvertedness.

Ergo Proxy- Real kisses Vincent

He'll get distracted by his own thoughts and fall down a pile of rubble, or he'll not be paying attention to his surroundings and Re-L will kick him off the ship.

Can't blame her, Vincent is pretty kickable. He's easy-going, so he lets these things happen because they don't matter, and his pride has already taken a lot of beating. And because his most fervent desire, all along, has been love and acceptance.

When the Swan Proxy told him to imagine his ideal life, the life he imagined was one in which he was engaged to Re-L, where he was Chief of Security in Romdeau, where everyone loved and admired him. I cringe in secondhand embarrassment whenever I watch it.

This sounds so cheesy, so banal, and so very human. But despite his lofty nature as a proxy, this is all he ever craved. That's why he was so focused on becoming a Fellow Citizen. He wanted to be human, he wanted to be normal, he wanted to belong. It's why he was so terrified of regaining his memory and becoming a 'monster'.

I'll need you to shoot me. He would deny it vehemently each time it was hinted at, and when confronted with actual evidence he would try his best to repress it. His encounter with Kazkis Proxy was fairly traumatic for him.

  • Re-L Mayer

But Pino's acceptance was crucial for him. After this and Anamnesis, the episode where Proxy One goes into his mind and forced him to accept that he was in fact a proxy, Vincent seemed calmer and more at peace with himself. The other shoe had dropped, and Pino was still with him.

Pino had known all along and still she was his friend. He had finally accepted that he didn't belong with everyone, but that all he needed was the love and support of his friends.

Pino and Re-L were with him because of who he was, and not who he pretended to be. For the things that matter, Vincent will stand firm. He showed bravery and quick thinking in saving Pino's life from the automated patrol. He stood up to Re-L when she tried to take him back to Romdeau at the expense of the people of the commune, who were about to be killed. He has a backbone and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Because of his experiences of being Vincent Law, he's got a much more human perspective on morality than most proxies. Proxy morality seems pretty skewed in general, which is par for the course when you consider the futility of their purpose. A lot of proxies justified their fulfilling of that purpose as 'well, we're all gonna die anyway, so who cares?

Vincent knows that life is tough, often dark and full of suffering, but he believes it's also worth living. If Ergo Proxy once hated his creations, this is no longer the case. He would never kill anyone, human or proxy, if they didn't truly deserve it, unless it was to protect himself or those he cares about. Killing humans simply because they're flawed, destroying the dome simply because it was destined to be destroyed, these things didn't sit well with him.

It's not so much a question of love as of justice, for the Proxies as well as the humans, and he intends to see that the Creators answer for their actions. This is his new purpose. He's not sure how yet. He trusts he'll know what to do when the time comes.

Vincent sees the big picture, and tends to be vague on details. Re-L at one point accuses him of making up his journey as he goes along, and that's certainly true. He just set out in the direction of Mosque and played it by ear. When they were becalmed, he figured they would just sit tight and wait for the wind to come back. When Re-L got on his case, he started yelling at the wind to come back.

He probably didn't really expect it to do so, but he figured it was worth a shot. See, Re-L, he is doing something about the wind! So he's kind of dorky, but in a sweet way. He listens to his heart. It never occurred to him to question why he was in love with Re-L. He had no way of knowing that the initial reason he was drawn to Re-L was because she was made to look like Monad, but he's clever enough to have worked it out by now.

But he doesn't care. He loves Re-L and it's Re-L he loves, not a shadow of Monad, whom he had no memories of until revently because he loves her, and that's all there is to it. Which isn't to say he's not smart or doesn't use his head.

He's the guy who figured out that all the infected AutoReivs employed similar escape routes. In the final episodes one of the guys in AutoReiv Disposal even said that he predicted the explosion of Cogito Virus infections long before they happened. A hard worker when he needs to be, he's very thoughtful and conscientious. Sometimes too thoughtful, to the point of moodiness.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship trust

He tends toward self-deprecating humour, though he's not immune to silliness. This side of himself he mostly shows around Pino. Since Ergo was mostly the collection of proxy instincts and subconscious sorrow that he wanted to hard to repress, all this means is that Vincent's mask of human meekness may slip a little more often.

Proxy instincts are stronger when Vincent is in proxy form, and his form governs his thought to a certain degree. He'll certainly be more fierce and wild and 'godlike' as Ergo Proxy then he is as Vincent Law. There's no significant separation in thought, understand, just a slight difference in behaviour and presentation.

Kazkis Proxy had a habit of staying in human form unless he needed to fight, now that Vincent has control over his transformations, that he would adopt a similar modus operandi.

If only because Proxies are giants, there won't be much room on the rovers, and Vincent bangs his head on the ship's ceiling often enough without adding about three feet to his height.

Proxies are canonically referred to as gods, but gods in the sense of the greek pantheon. They are corporeal, they can be killed, however with difficulty, and they are not omnipotent. They are, however, vastly more powerful than a regular human being.

The full extent of their abilities are never outlined, and they seem to vary from proxy to proxy, but they have demonstrated several abilities that seem consistent across all Proxies.

It's implied that Proxy One, as the first and last of the Proxies, is the most powerful of all, and as his shadow, Ergo Proxy shares in that distinction. Proxies are way stronger than human beings.

Things thrown by a Proxy have been known to make dents in solid stone upon impact. They're also much faster than human beings, so much so that they sometimes move faster than the eye can see.