Earth and air relationship test

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earth and air relationship test

Any relationship is going to function best when you understand each other's Air Signs can blow Earth Signs away into dust, or they can add fuel to Fire Signs. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Which of the four This understanding will help you to build better, stronger relationships with those around you. Let your element be a . Design spells out Earth Air Fire Water forwards, backwards and upside Relationships need balance and growth, and when two Earth signs.

earth and air relationship test

Air doesn't really need Fire, though Fire is able to heat air and cause it to rise. Air also provides concepts and ideas for the Fire sign to act on and forge into reality. Water nourishes the Earth sign so it may grow to it's fullest potential, and feels comfortable finding a home in Earth.

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Earth loves Water's life force and giving energy. These two signs much be careful when interacting--water can put out fire, but if the fire is large enough it can dry up water completely.

Water can provide sensitivity and patience to his fiery counterpart, whereas Fire can provide motivation and the courage to act that the Water sign usually lacks. In order for a relationship to work, Fire and Water need to have a great deal of respect because each has the capability to destroy the other. Fire sets the Earth ablaze with passion and intensity, whereas Earth provides the Fire sign with some much needed discipline and acts as a grounding force in the Fire sign's life.

earth and air relationship test

Earth can certainly contain fire but when Fire rages it can temporarily rob Earth of it's life-giving nutrients. Depending on it's mood and therefore it's temperature Air can either provide Earth with loving warmth or give her an icy chill and cold shoulder. It can sometimes be a struggle for Earth to get Air to come down to her level and see the world for what it is--a beautiful reality, rather than a concept to be analyzed.

Not a favorable combination because air and water can combine to form destructive natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

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These two signs can work together if they are able to not let small conflicts snowball until they get out of control. They realised that they are struggling with creating new operating procedures, launching new products and services and not hitting some of their performance targets.

This created an excellent discussion, insights and clear actions for the team to take away. Firstly, consider your team members and do a map about where you think the team are at: Earth are firm, hands on people Air are clear thinkers Water are calm and caring Fire are optimistic and bright. You can also find a common language that focuses on the positive attributes of individuals. In TetraMap language, a weakness is seen as a strength in the wrong environment!

earth and air relationship test

Secondly think about your own leadership style. Earth leaders like to get to the point. Such a different style to the water people who like to chat and build rapport.

Air preference — is about wisdom and creating strategy. Rules and policies are important to air leaders — compare this to our fire preference who want to talk about all the possibilities and not be held back. Water preference is about empowerment and having compassion for others. Finally, fire is about inspiring for the future.

Love Compatibility with Astrology Elements

How will you best connect to your team? Are you able to bring a blend of all the TetraMap elements? Having flexibility as a leader is a major key to successful relationship building.

earth and air relationship test