Drake and nebby relationship goals

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drake and nebby relationship goals

Here's a list of 15 Drake-isms -- words, phrases and sentences -- from his the phrase became a crucial goal for those aiming to get lit at parties. .. from his wife Vanessa Bryant after 10 years of marriage, and Drake was on his side. . The romantic tune was dedicated to Drake's former girlfriend Nebby. Rihanna And DrakeRihanna LoveRihanna StyleRihanna FentyBeyonceDrake Drake GrahamAubrey DrakeFreaky Relationship Goals Videos. Oct 15, Drake Reveals His One Relationship Deal Breaker and Serena Williams Doesn't Fit the Bill [IMG] It's the only goal." He aint over Nebby.

Only after giving the Ampharos proper medicine can Jasmine be challenged. Clair is the younger cousin of Elite Four member and Champion, Lance.

After being defeated, Clair forces the player to complete a trial in a nearby cave before being awarded a Badge. In the anime, he also has a private island which has a training facility and a battle field that has geysers on it. He used to train with Brunothe Elite Four member from Kanto.

An old man, Wattson is almost always seen smiling and likes a good joke. In the anime, any visitor who enters the Gym by the front door takes as an inadvertent roller coaster ride, ending up against a mechanical Raikou.

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Like Falkner, she supposedly inherited her Gym; Flannery's predecessor was her grandfather and she is relatively new in her role as Lavaridge's Gym Leader. In the anime, he is the father of May and Max and Caroline 's husband. In the anime, she owns a shiny Swellow. Their parents work at the Mossdeep Space Center. In the anime, it is revealed that Liza is older than Tate by minutes from birth and also happens to be a more experienced trainer than him.

Diamond and Pearl anime serieswhere he is a Contest Master hailing from the Hoenn region who holds a Contest called the Wallace Cup. He was Wallace's mentor and ran the Sootopolis City Gym before him.

He is first found in the mine near Oreburgh City. He and his father Byron are avid fossil hunters and Roark introduces the player character to the Underground. Her father is often seen at the casino in Veilstone City and he describes his daughter as a tough one. Wake is dressed up like a masked wrestler. He is widely known as professional wrestler in the Sinnoh region and is often mentioned on various TV shows. She comes from a foreign land and she speaks in a broken form of the language of the game and her own original language; in the Japanese and French language games this is English, while other language editions have her as French.

She is also a skilled tango dancer. He is the father of Roark, who is also a Gym Leader. He and his son are avid diggers and fossil hunters. After the Elite Four are conquered, she will grant the player access to the Snowpoint Temple. In the anime, she is a childhood friend of Dawn's rival, Zoey. In Platinum, Maylene admires her for her studiousness. Volkner is close friends with Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four. He has become disillusioned after a long series of unworthy opponents.

Triplets and waiters who share duties as the Striaton City Gym Leaders. Cilan appears as a main character in the anime, joining Ash on his journey after he is awarded Striaton Gym's Trio Badge for defeating him and his brothers. While they do not reprise their roles as Gym Leaders in Black 2 and White 2, they do appear in the post-game as NPCs that the player can meet and then participate in a unique battle with them on a regular basis.

Lenora has her Gym located inside Nacrene City's museum, of which she is also the director. While she does not reprise her role as a Gym Leader in Black 2 and White 2, she remains the director of the Nacrene Museum.

Burgh's Gym is modeled after a beehive and features many of his works of art. He is friends with Lenora. The top floor is entirely smothered in paint. She returns as the Nimbasa Gym Leader in Black 2 and White 2, but she has moved her Gym into a fashion studio complete with runway. He tests the player before allowing a Gym Challenge by asking the player help arrest the Team Plasma members in his town. His Gym contains an elevator puzzle in Black and White. In Black 2 and White 2, he retains his role as the Driftveil Gym Leader, though his Gym's puzzle now revolves around a maze of platforms obscured by darkness.

She also works as a commercial pilotflying cargo planes. Her Gym has a puzzle based on air cannons that shoot the player around. In Black 2 and White 2, she remains the Mistralton Gym Leader and her gym's puzzle involves fans that blows the player in specific directions to move through the Gym.

She also flies the player to Lentimas Town. He stresses the importance of concealing his identity from others and wears a mask. He is known for playing the role of a villain known as "Brycen-Man. The Gym features a puzzle based on different switches and the movement of statues within the building. While both characters are present in each version of the games, Drayden is battled in Black while Iris is battled in White; the character who is not the Gym Leader will be the Move Tutor for Draco Meteor instead.

In Black 2 and White 2, Drayden becomes the sole Opelucid City Gym Leader while Iris has become the regional champion in the two years following the previous games. Iris appears as a main character in the anime. Past, Present, and Future! Being from a small, communal village, Iris had a very difficult time fitting in. At the end of the episode, Iris learns that Drayden went to talk to her village elder while she was still enrolled and the two decided she would inherit the Gym from Drayden.

During this time, he is Unova's newest Gym Leader, with his first Gym Battle being against the player. Her gym is a music club and she is often seen with her signature bass guitar that looks like a Scolipede. Inside his gym is a gigantic pond filled with lilypads that the player must navigate around on. In the Japanese edition, he speaks with a Kyushu accent, indicating he's possibly from Hoenn. He is fond of giving advice to new trainers, and does things at his own pace, which sometimes makes him appear dim-witted.

She specializes in Bug Types and is also an accomplished photographer. His gym is an enormous rock climbing tower at the top of which he resides. She is knowledgeable about the secrets about Mega Evolution. Her gym is a roller rink.

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He is an avid gardener and his gym is fraught with traps and puzzles based on plants. He also uses stereotypes of seniorscalling the player "sprout" as a pun on both the plant and the word used for "young person".

His gym is in the Lumiose Tower, accessible only through a series of quizzes and elevators. In the anime, both characters become Ash's travelling companions during his travels in Kalos, but Clemont initially hides his status as a Gym Leader, and Bonnie takes over Brock's infamous running gag, only she asks girls except Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny to marry her brother, and is removed by him out of embarrassment, instead of the other way around.

drake and nebby relationship goals

Her gym resembles a labyrinthine dollhouse that the player must navigate to find her. Her Gym almost appears as if it is on another planet, and is hinted to be the result of her warping reality inside the gym with her psychic powers. She is a woman of few words. He is very longwinded.

drake and nebby relationship goals

Alola Trial Captains and Kahunas[ edit ] Ilima: His Trial takes place in Verdant Cavern, tasking the player with fighting Rattata or Yungoos, depending on the version, before fighting the Totem Raticate or Gumshoos. Hala is the Kahuna of Melemele Island, and Hau's grandfather.

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Lana is one of the three Trial Captains of Akala Island. In the Ultra versions, she has the player herd Wishiwashi to attract and battle Totem Araquanid.

drake and nebby relationship goals

Oak, and Ritchiebefore when Ritchie and Pikachu saved them. Oak, and wondered why Ash was not there for the start, unaware that he had been kidnapped by Team Rocket. She was very relieved when he eventually showed up. In Friends to the EndDelia was shown worrying about Ash when he would not get out of bed.

She told Ash, Misty, and Tracey that she found Brock on the ground in a field of grass. She let him stay at her house, and he had been doing chores for her while they were away.

drake and nebby relationship goals

They discussed this over dinner, and when Ash showed her the Winner's Trophy he earned for winning the Orange Leagueshe mentioned that she could use it as a dumbbell. Later in the episode, she and Mimey packed things into Ash's backpack in preparation of him going to Johto for the Johto League the next day. Later, in The Scheme Teamshe was seen welcoming Ash home.

  • Drake: "When I think about the girls I want to get romantic with, it's a girl from Toronto"
  • Delia Ketchum

As Ash said that he would be leaving the next day, Professor Oak asked Delia if she was worried about Ash leaving on another journey, however, she said that she wasn't. When Team Rocket blasted off, Delia said that she knew they could do it. Later in the episode, Delia said her goodbyes to Ash as he set off again. In Home is Where the Start Is! He went to Professor Oak's laboratory, where the Professor and Tracey were also missed.

Delia was found in the sitting room alongside Mimey, Tracey, Garyand the Professor to welcome Ash home.

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Delia was presented with all seven of her son's Frontier Symbols. After Gary won and left for SinnohAsh announced that he will go to Sinnoh as well. Delia was seen sewing Ash's new clothes for him that night. This section is incomplete. Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. Delia appeared briefly in Strategy Begins at Home!

She was delivering some herbs to Professor Oak when she noticed he was talking to Ash over the videophone. She interrupted their conversation and then started talking to Dawn 's motherJohanna. As Ash was staying at Johanna's house for the duration of the Twinleaf Festivalshe told her to feel free to scold Ash if needed, much to Ash's embarrassment.

Delia also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of Giratina and the Sky Warriorwhere it was shown that Ash sent her a bouquet of Gracidea flowers. She went on a trip to the Unova region with Professor Oak and her son by plane.

Delia was separated from her son after Team Rocket tried to capture Pikachu, but they failed when their machine was destroyed by lightning. Ash and Pikachu were pulled into the storm, and they woke up on the ground with Delia and Professor Oak by their side. Professor Juniper eventually drove up and got them to Nuvema Town. In the next episodeAsh departed on his Unova journey and Delia returned home to Kanto. Her next appearance was in The Dream Continues!

In her house, she welcomed her son home and took his laundry. She said that by the look of Ash's backpack, he certainly did his best.