Doggett and reyes relationship questions

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doggett and reyes relationship questions

At the start of the episode, Doggett wakes up in a Mexican town dressed in a and establish a cool minor mystery to go along with the story's bigger problems. . The Doggett/Reyes relationship is the brightest spot in Reyes'. than just Mulder+Scully relationship, but some fans expressed these Personally, I really liked the introduction of Doggett, he turned out to be a great character, not simply a copy-paste of Scully's sceptical nature. Reyes didn't fare so well, in my opinion, she seemed much more like Related Questions. Doggett/Reyes "Relationship" = Implausible is a essay by Dana Doggett posted to Semper Fi, "a John Doggett & Scully/Doggett Fansite.".

I would have loved to have had more seasons with John Doggett, but not if Reyes was going to be his sidekick. The way I see it, Reyes was only brought in during season 9, as a main character, to please fans who were upset with watching Doggett and Scully work together read: In catering to those rabid MSR fans, the powers that be ruined their show, they cut its life short.

A mon avis, that is the reason why the series got cancelled.

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This information is like the final nail on the coffin with regard to the idea of a romantic relationship between Doggett and Reyes. John Doggett proved throughout season 8 and season 9 that he is loyal to Scully, and to Mulder, and those who work against them. I'm positive that Doggett found out about Reyes' allegiance with the Smoking Man and cut off all ties he had with her. So much of this season felt like trudging through muck in search of diamonds.

There was a lot of solid character work, including two brand new and brilliant ones in the form of Monica Reyes and John Doggett, but so much rubbish.

Sweet lord, so much rubbish. Scully and Skinner are involved in the search but, considering they know what actually happened to Mulder, are also running their own investigation on the side with the help of the Lone Gunmen. Shortly after the task force is set up, certain evidence goes missing from the lock-up.

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Scully soon discovers that the missing evidence pertains to Gibson Praise. By the time they get there, someone has already taken him.

He releases Gibson, but then moonwalks off the cliff and vanishes. The shapeshifter impersonates members of the investigation, making tracking him difficult.

Doggett/Reyes "Relationship" = Implausible

He attacks Skinner and almost gets away with Gibson, but Scully finds them just in time. The bounty hunter attacks her but Doggett, on the ball as ever, has her back and fatally shoots him. At the end, Doggett attempts to explain everything to Director Kersh and ends up being assigned to the X-Files and ordered to find answers.

Here we go again! After fraught beginnings, Scully and Doggett forge a close partnership and continue solving X-Files while looking for Mulder. He heals returned abductees, all of whom have severe injuries after the alien experiments. Scully and Doggett are alerted to the returned abductees and, hoping for a lead on Mulder, head over to investigate. Doggett reaches out to Agent Monica Reyes for help.

Reyes specializes in ritualistic murders and is the most darling, delightfully kooky person in the world.

doggett and reyes relationship questions

Scully recognizes Smith after she sees someone shapeshifting in a video of the members. Scully panics after seeing him and races back to the compound for Smith. Despite a moldy appearance and lack of visible signs of life, he turns out to be alive. Skinner is spooked enough to dig up Mulder. He too is alive, despite having been buried for three months.

Billy gets up, washes off his crusty decomposed skin and turns out to be a new man underneath. Scully, who visited him in the hospital and noticed two heartbeats on the monitor, begins to put two and two together.

A magnificent showdown ensues. Alex smashes a vial which totally does not contain the vaccine, because why would the idiot forfeit his only trump card?

Besides, he totally gave Mulder the actual vaccine while he was sniffing around his room earlier.

doggett and reyes relationship questions

Mulder is rushed to the OR but seems to be fine. Scully explains to Doggett that the life support was incubating the virus, but he seems to be stabilising now. Mulder wakes up later to find Scully at his bedside. Our OTP reunite in a devastating cascade of sobs. Their working relationship has and continues to be extremely tense. Mulder came back from the grave with an impromptu case of extreme assholery, and treats Doggett terribly for no apparent reason.

She also met Brad Follmer while in New York. She believed that there were spiritual energies in the universe and that she was sensitive to them, but other agents stationed in New Orleans did not share her ideas. She perceived him to be a "company man, straight as a ruler". InReyes was contacted by John Doggett, who had also become an FBI agent since and needed her help on a case he was working on involving the disappearances of several believers in the alien abduction phenomenon.

doggett and reyes relationship questions

Reyes suspected the believers had formed a like-minded group, uniting in their belief in UFOs to make an attempt at transporting aboard a gigantic mother ship, much like the Heaven's Gate UFO religion had done, but she also considered the possibility that members of the group had actually been abducted by extraterrestrials. One night in Helena, MontanaReyes was amazed to see a bright light traveling across the sky and recovered the deceased body of Gary Coryone of the missing believers.

She was later instrumental in leading the investigation to a nearby farm compound, where formerly missing believers Theresa Hoese and Special Agent Fox Mulder were discovered, although the latter was found dead.

Reyes initially suspected that being fired by his employers had motivated the killer, Jeb Larold Dukesto shoot them and that the murders had not involved satanic activity.

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However, after seeing a vision of one of the victims' bodies turn to ash, Reyes became convinced that the case was somehow related to the search for Luke Doggett and the vision she had experienced at the end of that search, possibly leading her to the capture of Luke Doggett's killer. She tried to determine the connection between the two cases with help from Agent Mulder, who had been revived since the discovery of his deceased body, and a cynical Doggett.

doggett and reyes relationship questions

Reyes suspected that the only reason she had seen the latest of her two visions may have been to save Mia. She was present when Jeb Dukes died shortly thereafter in Washington Memorial Hospital and was attacked in the same room by his angered sister, Kathaalthough she was saved by Doggett, who also subdued her attacker.

Reyes returned to the belief that there was a thread of evil at work that she now thought would be ever-present and had passed to Katha Dukes. Although she prepared the building for the baby's delivery, Reyes soon discovered that she and Scully were not alone. Reyes was attacked and had to defend herself against Billy Miles, who was shot at point-blank range and should have died, but didn't.

She was unable to prevent a large group of other supersoldiers like Billy Miles from joining him and watching Scully give birth to her son. Once the child was born, the aliens left as Mulder arrived in search of Scully. Directed by Reyes, Mulder found Scully and took her to a hospital. Following her role in the delivery of Scully's son, WilliamMonica Reyes was assigned to the X-files by Agent Doggett, who assumed that right as he was investigating his superior in the FBI, Deputy Director Alvin Kershfor his dealings with the alien super-soldiers.

What ever happens between Agent Reyes and Agent Doggett of the X-Files?

Reyes as she appeared two days after her assignment to the X-files. Two days after being assigned to the X-files, Monica visited an office in the FBI's headquarters that belonged to Brad Follmer, who she hadn't seen since and who was now an Assistant Director.

doggett and reyes relationship questions

AD Follmer provided her with proof that all evidence of Doggett's claim of a chase, crash and fire that had reportedly occurred in the parking garage of the FBI's headquarters had apparently been removed during the weekend, the previous two days in which Reyes and Doggett had not been at work. Reyes later discovered that Mulder, who had also witnessed the chase, crash and fire, was missing without explanation.

Additionally, she later first met the Lone Gunmen. While investigating the death of Carl WormusReyes and her colleagues encountered a super-soldier named Shannon McMahonwho had killed Carl Wormus and revealed information about a conspiracy within the US government to hide and develop a secret programme. Apparently, the programme would prime America's population to breed a generation of super-soldiers by adding a chemical called chloramine to the nation's water supply. Reyes alone was suspicious of Shannon McMahon and discovered that she herself was part of the conspiracy.

Reyes and her colleagues also discovered a Navy ship, the USS Valor Victorywhere the ova of female abductees had been secretly being manipulated for transplantation.