Did elton john and bernie taupin have a relationship

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did elton john and bernie taupin have a relationship

In about a year and a half Elton John and Bernie Taupin will celebrate One of the possible ideas we had was that West Coast, Jim McGuinn. Bernard John Taupin (born 22 May ) is an English lyricist, poet, and singer. He is best known for his long-term collaboration with Elton John, having Taupin was born at Flatters House, a farmhouse located between the village of Anwick and . Manor, and others about his relationship with his brother and grandfather. Just so it's known, their relationship was entirely a songwriting partnership as Bernie is not gay. Rodney Binginheimer and Elton, Elton John Costume, Bernie Taupin, At Sir Elton John Still Has the Best Collection of Glasses Ever.

Taupin and John also composed several songs for The Uniona collaboration album between Elton and his longtime hero Leon Russell released in October They also collaborated on five original songs for the Miramax movie Gnomeo and Julietincluding the Golden Globe -nominated "Hello Hello".

The duo collaborated on their 31st studio album, " The Diving Board ," which was released in September Their next studio album, " Wonderful Crazy Night ," was released in February Inhe co-wrote the album From the Inside with Alice Cooper.

How Elton John left his old life behind and found a 'joyous place' (cost-cutting aside)

Taupin has also produced American Gothic for singer-songwriter David Ackles. Released init did not enjoy big sales, but the album was highly acclaimed by music critics in the US and UK. Taupin and Ackles had become acquainted when Ackles was selected to be the co-headlining act for Elton John's American debut at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Taupin was mentioned specifically as being one of the reasons American Gothic was selected by the writers and editors for inclusion in the book, Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. He also collaborated on the book Burning Cold with photographer Gary Bernstein. The song was the title track of the first album from Taupin's band Farm Dogs see below.

The latter song, a duet between Nelson and Lee Ann Womackwas made into a video and released as the album's first single. The song won the Grammy for best vocal collaboration in country music. Inhe co-wrote Courtney Love 's song "Uncool", from her debut solo album America's Sweetheart. The music of the song was composed by Argentine producer and songwriter Gustavo Santaolalla. Works as a performer[ edit ].

Elton and David Furnish have five other residences: It's nice to stay in your own place, and you just accumulate them. Anyway, I'm not as bad as Keith Richards. He turned up in Paris once and he'd forgotten where he lived!

Since his first hit with Your Song inhe has sold more than million albums.


His Princess Diana tribute, Candle in the Wind, still holds the record for the biggest-selling single of all time, and he has composed some of the most popular musicals of the modern era, including The Lion King and Aida, with Tim Rice, and Billy Elliot with Lee Hall. Yet his flamboyant image and the vast scale of his success can distract from the real quality and substance that characterises his finest work.

Getty Images It would be hard to think of someone with a comparable catalogue of richly melodic songs stretching from the intimate to the epic, drawing in pop, rock, disco, gospel, soul and jazz. His soulful hits combine the serious-minded lyrics of his lifelong writing partner, Bernie Taupin, with ingenious string arrangements, virtuoso piano playing and gorgeous harmonies, always sung with directness and passion.

In person, Elton has a ripe, chortling laugh and easily gets carried away recounting stories from the wilder days of his youth; days that now, at 68, feel far behind him. He and Furnish have two sons, Zachary, 5, and Elijah, 3, born to a surrogate mother.

did elton john and bernie taupin have a relationship

I've got to get the kids to school for half past eight. That's my life, and I love it. I'm in a joyous place. Working from a sheaf of Taupin's lyrics, songs were composed in the morning, rehearsed in the afternoon and recorded by evening. There aren't the bands around to do it. But you can still rock and roll at 70, if you've got the means and the will. It was so much fun. I had my time. Furnish — a Canadian filmmaker 16 years his junior whom he met in and married in — has been accused of taking over his life, assuming the role of CEO of his record label, Rocket Entertainment, and effectively becoming Elton's manager.

He recently presided over an month cost-cutting regime that has seen the departure of staff who've been with Elton for decades, including lawyers, managers, hairdressers, valets and publicists. Elton has been married to David Furnish since Getty Images "I call him Yoko," jokes Elton, before launching into a vigorous defence of his husband.

My business is solvent since David took over; we have money put aside for tax. Being me is a bit like being king in a medieval court. People get infatuated with money and power. There's a jostling for position. David won't have it. He is taking care of business. He's doing it because he loves me, 'cause he wants our family to have a very secure future and he doesn't want me to be on the road for the rest of my life.

He's getting rid of the dross, with a capital D. It's an unpopular place to be, but somebody has to be Cruella de Vil. But when he found himself dining in the same restaurant as Madonna in Nice inhe took the opportunity to bury the hatchet. Elton John signing autographs in Getty Images "She came in and I thought, 'Oh god! She was very gracious about it. When you say someone looks like a fairground stripper [as he did, of Madonna, in ], it's not exactly courteous.

I don't want to be negative any more, I don't want to slag anybody off. I let Noel Gallagher do all that now. He makes me laugh, such a sweet man," he says, before adding, wickedly, "All mouth and no trousers.

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He claims not to fret about his own mortality "What is the point of worrying? As he shows me around the house, he limps and complains about his arthritic knees and is keen to clarify that recent pictures of him in a wheelchair were simply down to a twisted ankle.

did elton john and bernie taupin have a relationship

AP "It went all round the world, 'Poor sod, he can't walk any more'. But I'm pretty damn OK for I play a lot of tennis. Of course, bits of me don't work as well as they used to, but I've always had good energy.

I'm still like a big kid. I think music keeps you that way. I did shows last year. That can't go on," he says.