Cute meet and greet magcon

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cute meet and greet magcon

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys. See more. cute Shawn Mendes meet and greets - Google Search. August Kian and Jc meet and greet goal. Magcon. More information picture number 1 is cute number 2 looks like Shawn is about to sneeze number 3. Jan 4, magcon boys meet and greet goals - Google Search. Discover ideas about Meet And Greet Poses Shawn Mendes is too freaking cute!!! I need .

There's enough there to make for an incredibly compelling docu-series about how one disastrous tour reveals the limits of social media fame. The tour is described by a potential choreographer as "a bunch of teenage boys jumping around," and he's not wrong.

'Chasing Cameron' Review: Cameron Dallas' Netflix show is propaganda with teeth

Talent isn't what these guys are selling; it's personality. Girls come out in droves for the chance to meet and greet!

cute meet and greet magcon

Unfortunately, the trip is a catastrophe; talent isn't paid, shows go wrong and Dallas suffers from a series of panic attacks which make him miss a series of appearances. The most dramatic action is caught on camera in stressful moments where Dallas' focus is split; when he's in control, he's collected and on-brand. Take a shot every time someone says "brand" in this show. For example, in an episode-three confessional, Dallas describes his worries about a venue not having showers by saying, "My hair is fudged up.

In episode four, after a disastrous show in Paris which included young female fans almost crushed in a crowd and their tour manager quitting halfway through the program, Dallas says, "If you thought Paris was crazy, check out what happened on the bus to Munich. Nope; Dallas and one of his friends did a silly prank. Later, he gets called out for bringing a girl onto his tour bus.

Dallas, it seems, would prefer you forget what you just saw with your own eyes. Well, that's not the real story; here are some zany antics! He doesn't curse; look, he just said "fudged! Don't worry, moms of his teen and preteen fans, he invited a girl onto his tour bus for purely innocent reasons. Any time he has the ability to put forth his fan-friendly narrative of who he is, he does. Hes Brent Rivera b.

That was day 1 of magcon San Diego. It was so crazy because Matt and Carter came out to the merch table, so my friend and I ran over there and I was shaking, so I started taking picture of them lol.

cute meet and greet magcon

Then Jacob came out with a security guard and I was so determined to get a picture with him, I was speed walking in between people and speed walking through the plants lol. Then everyone was watching them play football for about 20 minutes, it was so crazy because I realized that its not everyday that you see the magcon boys playing football, in your city, 20 ft. My friend and I knew that when they were done playing football they would go to the hotel so we started walking toward it. When I heard every girl screaming and every girl running, I knew it was going down lol.

Then my friend saw Cameron coming, so I started running very fast, he was running toward me so i screamed to him that I loved him. It was all a blur but I am so glad that i got it on video. After that crazy experience my friend and I went to have a smoothie at a frozen yogurt place in front of the hotel, like 45 minutes later I saw Chad walking with his wife, so I approached him and I asked him if i could get a picture with, so I did, I told him that I love his sons and he thanked me lol.

cute meet and greet magcon

My fave experience was Cameron! I was at the hotel with my friends waiting for the boys to come down because they had to leave so they could go to iplay. All the boys came down except nash and cam! The security guard said they already left.

cute meet and greet magcon

But me and my friends knew it wasnt possible. Like no one saw them leave! While they were walking I was only able to take a selfie with Cameron!

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He was soooooo nice! Then he gave me a hug! After that we headed to Iplay America.

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I was all the way in the back but I shoved all the way to front row! I felt like dying! It was the best night ever I love him so much!

My fave noticed me, hugged me, held my hand and said hi. Taylor was facing me talking to a security guard. Then the security guard left so now taylor is facing me right there. So I waved my poster and yelled his name until he finally saw it.

And he came over with a huge smile and said: Then he was pulling out a sharpie to sign it and I was like could I get a selfie? And then he said yea sure but lemme sign this first.


After signing it I was getting ready to take a selfie and he grabs the back of my head and kisses my cheek and I took the picture. Then he held my hand and said exactly this: Listen you mean more to me than you actually think. Seriously you really do. Then I hugged him and told him in his ear that I love him and he said no I love you.

Then he pulled away and I held his face while he said: I promise you really do seriously. Then I hugged him again and he left smiling. It was very crazy. I am just going to talk about my experience meeting the boys on Sunday. So at about 3pm we were let in for the mingle hour. Cam was in the motor scooter because of his foot.

So they let the boys out and everyone was crowding them so me and my friends just kind of hung back.