Contact and customer relationship management software for mac

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contact and customer relationship management software for mac

Reflect CRM Software for both Mac and Windows enables a business to easily contacts or other databases; Install and run customer relationship software in. Manage more leads with Daylite - CRM for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Keep track of important emails, follow-ups, call notes, project details, and documents – all in. Search a portfolio of Mac CRM Software, SaaS and Cloud Applications. ActiveCampaign combines contact management with sales & marketing automation.

From the Documents tab, you can upload existing files or create a new documents, spreadsheet, or presentation in Zoho's office apps. You can even gather new leads with a Zoho Form, mail merge that data in a Zoho document, add both to Zoho CRM, and send it off to the new lead for their signature. But its best together with other apps, with deep integration with other Zoho tools and even options to sync events and tasks to Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

It's a CRM that'll fit into the other tools your team relies on—as long as you already use Zoho software. Streak personal; limited team use Best for a customizable CRM inside Gmail Most of the work you do with your contacts will likely take place inside your email inbox.

So Streak built a customizable CRM right inside Gmail, one that's focused on those email conversations. Install its Chrome extension, and you'll see a new Pipelines link alongside your Gmail tags—and a Streak button inside your emails where you can add messages to a pipeline.

Pipelines are CRM workflows where you take your customer from an interested lead to a satisfied customer. You can do that on your own for free—or you can share up to 50 boxes or CRM deals with your team and track up to emails per month for free. Streak also gives Gmail superpowers, with tools to track emails, send them later, and write them quickly with templates, all of which can help you spend more time focused on your contacts and less on managing your communications.

Cloze personal Best for finding the relationship between your contacts Ever wondered how your contacts are related? You can figure out part of the story just by looking at what company people work at, or the city they live in. Or, you can analyze conversations and figure out how close you are to each contact—and who else on your contact list they're related to.

That's what Cloze does in a people-focused take on a CRM.

CRM Software For Mac

Cloze connects to your email inbox, looks through your messages, then builds a smart contact list with details about your conversations and the other people on your list that also know this person. Add other apps with the paid version for a more detailed picture with data from Slack, LinkedIn, and more.

Then, use it to manage your emails, and whenever someone gets in touch you'll know exactly how to hone your message—and who else to include in the conversation.

contact and customer relationship management software for mac

AndroidiOSand Web apps Intercom basic features for team Best for tracking what people view on your site https: Intercom is a CRM that can help you find out.

Install it in your website or app, and it'll build profiles for every person who uses your app—or you can import contacts from a spreadsheet, and then track when they visit your site afterwards. With a paid plan, Intercom adds a chat icon to the bottom of your site, where people can reach out if they have questions—or where you can proactively message and try to nudge them to towards a purchase.

For free, though, all you can do is watch and then reach out on your own to people who've signed up to your site and have given you their contact info. It's not a free CRM you'll want to use to manage your normal business contacts—especially since you can't add new contacts aside from your site or app users without importing a spreadsheet—but it can be a great tool to help you start making your CRM data more actionable.

Interakt personal Best for following up on contacts automatically Want to track your contacts, see if they visit your website, followup with automated emails, and even answer their support tickets all from the same app? Interakt is the CRM for you—and it's fully free for 1 user. Whether you're watching your site for visitors to market to those new leads, or just want tools to followup with your standard CRM contacts, Interakt's automated template emails make it easy to send followup messages.

You can then show messages to users inside your app or chat with them live on your site—or funnel their responses to your emails into a helpdesk to reply to everyone together. It goes beyond just organizing your contacts, and helps you turn them into customers.

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Free for 1 user, 5, contacts, and 1. Agile CRM 10 users Best for scheduling meetings with contacts Your contact-focused to-dos often aren't just small tasks to check off—they're most often meetings that happen at a specific time. Agile CRM helps you book and manage those appointments so you never have two calls schedule at the same time. You can subscribe to that calendar's iCal feed in your calendar app to make sure you never miss an appointment.

Agile CRM also includes an appointment scheduling page that it automatically shares in your emails, where contacts can book an appointment when you're actually free. Agile CRM will also encourage your team to keep reaching out to potential customers, with its leaderboard that tracks how many calls, tasks, and deals each team member has done. It's the little things that keep you focused.

Here are a handful of other CRM tools with slightly more basic free plans: It's not marketed as a CRM, but put these features to use first and you'll have a part of the power of a CRM for free without even having to try a new app. Highrise Imagine one piece of paper with every possible detail about your contacts, including all of their contact info, your tasks related to them, previous conversations and documents, and more.

That, in a nutshell, is Highrise. With a similar simple design approach as Basecampa project management app originally made by the same companyHighrise is focused on helping you know the most about your contacts. You can track every bit of info about each contact, manage client emails in a team inbox, and email contacts directly from Highrise. You can even reach out to all of your contacts at once with its bulk email Broadcasts.

It's simple to use, with a strong focus on your contacts and flexible cases that can bundle your work together however you want. Clevertim Perhaps you'd rather get a quick glance at your contacts' info without having to click through to their individual page. That's what Clevertim does best. It shows you a quick summary of your contact info right in the contact list, so if all you need is to look up an email or phone number you'll likely be able to do it without a click.

You can then filter your lists easy by name, location, and more, to get even more details without having to click through to individual contact pages. Then, if you want to handle cases, tasks, and even your teams appointments and meetings all in the same app, Clevertim has the features you'll need for that, too. It's a simple way to keep tabs on your company and contacts.

Insightly If you want more power than you can get with a CRM that lives inside Gmail, yet want the same interface you're already used to using, Insightly may be the app for you. It features deep Google integration and a design that's very similar to Google's apps, while giving you extra contact-centric features. But then, if you don't use Google Apps, it also works great with any other apps you use.

Insightly will automatically find your contacts' social network profiles, LinkedIn information, and more, and show it alongside your team's emails, notes, and tasks with that contact. There's then task management, advanced reports, and more that you'd expect from a full-featured standalone CRM. Vtiger You need a CRM to manage your contacts, find leads, and close sales. Then you need a support app to manage your interactions with your new customers, a marketing tool to stay in touch, and more.

Or, you could just use Vtigera CRM that does it all. Vtiger will mange your contacts similar to a contact-focused CRM, but also includes a combined email inbox for your team to collaborate on communications in. Depending on your plan, it also includes a support system where you can answer customer emails, and build support documentation so customers can solve their own problems.

And it also has a project management tool for your team to plan your own work. It's a CRM that'll help you keep track of everything about your team and customers, and will keep everything in one place. OnePageCRM may be just what the doctor ordered. It literally keeps everything on one page, and is surprisingly fast to use.

contact and customer relationship management software for mac

You'll see your contacts on the front page in a list that shows quick information about them, and dynamically loads your contacts in the order they need contacted. Select one, and their info will load automatically in a pane on the right. There, you can add notes, track emails, save tasks, and anything else you'd need about that content. The rest of your contacts are still just a click away, ready for you to work with them once you're done. You can still run Act on your computer or servers today, but the newest version of Act!

Essentials—runs in the cloud and is integrated with social networks. Cloud is an advanced contact manager and email marketing tool. It pulls in your contacts from your email, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, then lets you easily see when you've last contacted them.

You can then create email newsletters and campaigns in Act! Essential's email designer, and send those messages to your contact groups. The app will then see who interacted with your emails—along with who you haven't talked to recently—and build an automated Call List so you'll know who to reach out to next.

contact and customer relationship management software for mac

It's a great next step up from an address book, and then for more features, you can upgrade to Act! Premium for more traditional CRM features. Capsule Keeping track of your customers is great, but there's a lot more people you need to remember: Some contacts might be important to one project, while others may fall in several of your categories. Capsule understands that, and makes your contact lists front-and-center.

You can organize everyone into lists that represent their relationships to each other and your company.

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Then, you can dive in and see how recently you've gotten in touch with each person, with your last interaction at the top of the page. It's a unique twist on a contact CRM that gives you a bit more power and automation.

contact and customer relationship management software for mac

Solve Everyone needs to track different things in their CRM, and use that data in different ways. Solvewell, solves that problem by being deeply customizable, with custom fields, tags, activity templates, and more that let you use it the way that works best for your team. In Gmail, it'll show your contact info below your emails so there's space for all the info. It then integrates with Google Sheets so you can make custom reports directly in a spreadsheet with your raw data.

You can even mail merge and make personalized documents using Google Docs. Nimble Staying in touch today means using social networks, collaborating on shared calendars, and emailing more than most of us want.

Nimble pulls all of that in, automatically creating rich contact cards with your conversations from everywhere.

It'll then smartly tell you who's the most promising and which people you should followup with today, along with your normal calendar appointments and more. Then, it's also rather good at leads and deals, with a Kanban-style layout to help you lead your leads through your sales process. It's everything in one place, and it's smart enough to help that not feel overwhelming.

Best of all, there's only one plan, so you'll never have to worry about needing to upgrade. Batchbook Many CRMs integrate with your email apps, and some even surface social media accounts and add contact info from them.

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Batchbook goes further by being fully integrated into Hootsuite. You can connect with dozens of social networks in Hootsuite, and see your CRM data right alongside from Batchbook. Batchbook has another way it's more social: That makes its upfront price look higher, but since every other CRM on this list charges based on the number of users, it'll likely work out far cheaper if you have a large team.

It shows the names of the people you interact with most frequently, along with your most recent conversations. It's just not very smart, so it won't surface conversations you should follow up or promising leads.

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That's why there's conversational CRMs. They'll live close to your email conversations, helping you know what's been said and when you should reply again. If you're having trouble keeping up with the conversations with your partners, and perhaps have multiple people that might jump in on a conversation at any time, a conversational CRM might be what your team needs.

They're especially great for tracking partners, building stories in newsrooms, and other more conversational processes. Nutshell CRMs shouldn't make you do all the work. You shouldn't have to copy in contacts manually and keep their profiles updated. Nutshell does that for you. It'll pull in your Gmail conversations and show you what needs your attention today, and then will also show extra info about your contacts like the current weather and time in their location and their Twitter profile info.

That'll help you know what to say the next time your reach out. Nutshell also helps you stay on top of your sales process, with a kanban board-style sales process that lets you drag deals through their stages as they progress towards a sale. With its detailed dashboard, it'll help you know exactly how your business is going—along with the tiny details that will help you make a personal connection with each contact.

Streak Since your email inbox is already a CRM of sorts—one that sorts your conversations by how recently you've received them—the simplest CRM could be a shared email inbox. That's what Streak gives you, along with a handful of Gmail power features.

With Streak, you can share email conversations with your colleagues inside Gmail, organize messages in pipelines, and add notes to conversations that your whole team can see. It's customizable, so you can use it for a wide variety of email uses from CRM to support. There's also tools to remind you of important messages, or delay sending emails until a specific time, which are handy extras to have in your email inbox aside from CRM features.

Contactually Yes, its name starts with "contact", but Contactually is actually a great app for conversations. It's built around email, with customizable email templates to help you quickly send emails, and bulk mailing to personalize emails even if you send them all at once. Then, its dashboard is organized based on who you need to contact again, based on your last emails.

You can followup via email right from the app, and rate your performance based on how well you've stayed in touch. This is an app designed just to ensure your conversations keep going. SalesforceIQ What if you had an assistant who read your entire team's emails, found the conversations from contacts that were most important, and shared them with everyone who needs to know about those conversations?

SalesforceIQ has perhaps the most unique UI of any CRM in this list, and rather than being filled with customizable database fields, it's just focused on your conversations.

You add your email accounts, select conversations you'd like to share, and collaborate on them with your team. It'll pull conversations from all contacts at the same company together, so you'll get an overview of your team's relationship with that company. It's built around phone integration. You can make sales calls right from the web app, logging, recording, and even transferring them to other sales agents right from the app. Whenever someone calls your company, you'll see their contact data complete with your previous conversations automatically.

Even in reports and individual contact views, Close. If you want the quickest way to get in touch, and do more of your work over the phone rather than in email, Close.

Leads and Deals Salespeople made CRMs a popular category of apps, since they could track the people who potentially might buy the product and then make sure you follow up until you actually close the sale. Their basic idea isn't so different from the contacts CRMs, as you're still using them to track people. The only difference is, these apps are designed around moving contacts through a sales process, where they start out as a lead that potentially might buy your product and turn into a deal.