Cloud and tifa relationship

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cloud and tifa relationship

Cloud and Tifa's Relationship (as told by official statements) Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, both born in Nibelheim. When Cloud leaves. Tifa has a ring on her finger, for one, and two, her and Cloud have a see any reason why he and Tifa wouldnt pursue their relationship even. Cloud and Tifa's relationship is one of the most complex in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

In fact, there were times when she even dreamt about him. So, when the SOLDIER duo of Zack and Sephiroth reached Nibelheim, Tifa had only one question for them — a question that involved a spiky blond-haired individual in their ranks who protected her in her dreams. Both of them were understandably perplexed since a person did fit that description While the gist was solid enough, there were certain fine details that Cloud altered or skipped out on that caused Tifa to raise an eyebrow.

However, Tifa refrained from raising her voice and correcting Cloud because a part of her also wasn't sure if what she'd seen was correct.

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Keep in mind that Tifa was heavily injured during this altercation, so it's normal for her to doubt her memories. She knew something was particularly off about him, but confronting him about him was particularly daunting for her as well.

So, instead of taking what would arguably have been the right course of action to take, Tifa decided to let things be and not get into something that she felt was way out of her depth.

Finding a wheelchair-bound Cloud was the last straw for Tifa, and it was quite lucky that the subsequent earthquake threw both of them into the Lifestream.

This allowed Tifa to explore Cloud's psyche and understand what exactly happened to his memories. However, in Advent Children, Cloud is as distant as ever.

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So, it's obvious that Tifa would take this in the wrong sense. Being ignored and kept in the dark by the person closest to her was quite an alienating experience for Tifa.

While the realization of his true past definitely took a toll on his mind, ostracizing Tifa from his true feelings was not necessary.

cloud and tifa relationship

This self-apathy was so severe that Tifa had to step in and give a stern talk to Cloud about his crummy behavior. According to an official artwork, Tifa's bust-waist-hip measures are cm inches.

She dons red and black gloves that extend to her elbows, red boots, black socks, and a metal guard on her left elbow.

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She wears the same outfit in Dissidia Final FantasyEhrgeiz: God Bless the Ring and the Itadaki series. In Crisis Core this outfit is given more detail, changing the top into a patterned, button-up corset, giving pockets and tassels to the skirt and vest and adding a belt around her hips.

In her artwork by Yoshitaka AmanoTifa has white hair and wears a red miniskirt with a white top and red gloves. This outfit is an alternate outfit for her in Ehrgeiz: Advent Children Tifa wears the Leather Suit: She wears a pink ribbon around her left arm in remembrance of Aerith Gainsboroughand a Fenrir ring on her right hand. Personality Artwork of Tifa by Yoshitaka Amano.

People have many things pent up inside of themselves.

cloud and tifa relationship

So many things they can never forget. He wanted to make their battles look as skillful and as cool as possible, which is how he imagined the famous duel looked. You are given numerous chances to either compliment or denigrate each of the two ladies, with the possibility of showing favoritism towards one or the other. This culminates in a date sequence at the Gold Saucer amusement park, where Cloud visits several of the attractions with the lady who he was nicest to throughout the quest.

cloud and tifa relationship

The relationship mechanic is abandoned at the end of disc one when Aerith is killed by Sephiroth. If you go out of your way to be nasty to both girls throughout the game, then there is a chance that you will go on the Gold Saucer date with Barret instead.

The date is totally platonic, with no romantic overtones.

About Cloud and Tifa...

In fact, Barret spends most of it chastising Cloud for not asking any of the other girls in the party. It is also possible to go on a date with Yuffie during this sequence, though it is very difficult to pull off.

cloud and tifa relationship

We know nothing of his father, other than the fact that he disappeared when Cloud was a child. We see Cloud interacting with his mother during brief snippets of the Kalm flashback sequence, though we never learn much about her. She was originally going to give him an item called the Homemade Potion. We will likely never find out the significance of this item or why it was planned for the game.