Bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

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bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

Rachel Dawes was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. As she grew into a Rachel also had a brief relationship with her boss, District Attorney, Carl Finch. Rachel Dawes is probably the best Bruce Wayne love interest after . the relationship of Rachel Dawes was more important in the Batman Nolanverse because. Introduced as Batman's love interests in the Nolan films, Rachel is or Bruce Wayne, there was no real reason to introduce Rachel Dawes over Batman's other girlfriends but doesn't bode well for their relationship overall.

bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

Again and again, she tells him that what he's doing is wrong. She's right, and he needs to be told that he's in the wrong, but she doesn't do so out of some deep understanding of Bruce or of Batman.

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She demonstrates her bafflement towards his decisions consistently in the films. It's not because Bruce can't take the criticism, but because she can't take his dark side.

That said, breaking up with Bruce Wayne is definitely Rachel's best move throughout either film with the exception of trying to tase the Scarecrow in the face in Batman Begins.

A lot of people have questioned why Rachel would choose Harvey Dent over Bruce Wayne, but it's pretty obvious. There are huge differences in not just their backgrounds but in how they approach things like morality, philosophy, and work. Their sole bond most of the time seems to be Bruce's insistence that there is one.

Despite being childhood friends, Rachel's mother was a domestic worker for the Wayne family, so the power dynamic is intrinsically off. Although not addressed in the films in a consequential way, Bruce grew up significantly more privileged than Rachel.

However, the Joker has switched the addresses, with the intention of orchestrating Dent's downfall.

bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

Batman speeds off, believing that he is traveling to Rachel's destination. Both Rachel and Dent are tied up in rooms surrounded with gasoline drums and remote-controlled explosives, with phones attached so they can talk to each other.

Did Rachel outgrow her relationship with Bruce?

Rachel tells Dent that she wants to marry him. Batman arrives at Dent's location in time to save him, but Gordon arrives at the other too late, and Rachel is killed in the explosion. The loss of Rachel, in addition to his own disfigurement, drives Dent insane and he becomes the murderous vigilante Two-Face, seeking revenge on those he holds responsible for Rachel's death. Upon her death, Alfred reads Rachel's note which she deliberately left unsealed in which she reveals that she intends to marry Dent.

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She explains that while Gotham may come to no longer need Batman, she now feels that the day when Bruce no longer does will never come. She urges Bruce not to give up faith in other people, even if she has disappointed him.

When Bruce relates to Alfred that his only solace is the knowledge that she would have waited for him, Alfred decides to burn the note, sparing Bruce the pain of the truth. The Dark Knight Rises[ edit ] Main article: Additionally, a picture of her appears in Wayne Manor, in Gyllenhaal's likeness. Bruce, having given up the mantle of Batman, is portrayed as still mourning Rachel eight years after her death, rarely leaving Wayne Manor and failing to move on and find a normal life that Rachel once promised him.

In an attempt to stop him, Alfred finally confesses to Bruce that Rachel chose Dent and that he burned the letter in order to spare Bruce the pain. This revelation puts a severe strain on Bruce's relationship with Alfred, who then leaves Wayne Manor when Bruce decides to continue as Batman. Throughout the film, Bruce keeps a picture of Rachel.

By the end of the film, however, he is in a relationship with Selina Kyle Anne Hathawayand has passed on his legacy to Detective John Blake Joseph Gordon Levitt so he can finally get on with his life.

bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

Gyllenhaal has acknowledged that Rachel is a damsel in distress to an extent, but says Nolan sought ways to empower the character, so "Rachel's really clear about what's important to her and unwilling to compromise her morals, which made a nice change" from the many conflicted characters whom she has previously portrayed.

An actor, or in this case an actress, will always influence her character in some degree. She's an amalgam of some characters but she didn't exist in the comic books ropeofsilicon. She is shown to actually witness Bruce's fall into the cave, something that Bruce had done without any companion in the comic book continuity.

It was fun to portray that relationship.

bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

I thought it was a really beautiful relationship [with Batman] to explore. She, just like Alfred, is a guidance and moral consciousness for Bruce, and if not her, he would have followed a very different path clouded by his rage and pain. If not her, he would still be the lost spoiled prince as Bale described Bruce in this stage that wanted to kill Chill. Instead he rethought his life after her speech and ran off to change his life. I think she's got a wonderfully, warm and generous presence that's very glamorous.

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Very girl next door at the same time. Katie also has a maturity beyond her years that comes across in the film and is essential to the idea that Rachel is something of a moral conscience for Bruce. I think Rachel's character gives him a moral compass in the first film ropeofsilicon. She was such as strong female character.

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And she wants to make a difference. She did accept his choice of going to see Joe Chill's hearing and gave him her support and understanding when he needed and asked for it. She gives Bruce both the tough love and the delicate love. She supported him when he needed it she understood and accepted his will to attend the trialshe was very sweet and open to him ending scene and also when he deserved it she was harsh on him and gave him tough love and criticized him when needed.

bruce wayne and rachel dawes relationship

The wise words of "its not who you are underneath" came from her, the whole "Bruce is your mask" statement did as well. She was sometimes sweet, sometimes arrogant, sometime tough, sometime supportive, sometime criticizing. She was a trusted, childhood friend, love interest and parent at the same time It is also worth noting that Holmes is in family of attorneys so she definitely had role models to base her performance on Q.

Were there any aspects of your upbringing or childhood that you found helpful to draw on to give conviction to this role?