Bran and arya relationship test

What does Bran Stark know about Sansa that we don't?

bran and arya relationship test

I wanted to discuss three particular sets of relationships so I lumped these characters together. Arya and Bran: from the Stark children, I think. Game of Thrones brings back the love as new relationships offer House Stark; Characters · Arya Stark · Bran Stark · Catelyn Stark their family bond remains intact, because I'm sure it'll be tested. And could Bran take her into greensight visions with him where he is whole and they could, um, interact?. Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady A member of House Stark, she has five siblings: brothers Robb, Bran, Rickon, with him wherever he goes, and always tests the coin he is given with his teeth.

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But how could the two characters meet? We have compiled a list of the four most viable fan theories here: They run into each other on their way to Winterfell: At the end of Season 6, Bran traveled back in time for his second visit to the Tower of Joy. Unlike his first trip, the Three-Eyed Raven wasn't there to keep him outside, and Bran entered the tower.

Inside, it is revealed that Jon Snow isn't Ned's bastard, nor Bran's half-brother at all, but the son of the Stark children's deceased aunt, Lyanna, and perhaps Rhaegar Targaryen. International Business Times theorizes that ith Jon now ruling the North, Bran may be trying to make it to Winterfell to warn him of his powerful dragon blood before the real battle for the Iron Throne begins. Amidst his travels, it is possible he encounters Arya, who has also been trying to return to Winterfell.

They meet at Winterfell: During the Season 6 finale, Arya masterfully used her Braavos instruction to execute Walder Frey and avenge the murders of her mother and brother, Cat and Robb Stark.

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While she did not want to dedicate her life to the Many Faced God, it is clear that she is using her training. It is possible Arya will make use of her face-swapping abilities to get back to Winterfell, where she will find Sansa, Jon and, perhaps, Bran.

Arya's smallsword "Needle" as shown in the TV series. Arya Stark is portrayed by English actress Maisie Williams in the television adaption of the book series, this being Williams' first role as an actress. Arya shoos Nymeria away so she is not killed, but is furious when Sansa later refuses to support her version of events.

Ned arranges for Arya to have sword lessons with the Braavosi Syrio Forel, who later defends her from Ser Meryn Trant after Joffrey ascends to the throne and kills the Stark household.

Arya flees the Red Keep, accidentally killing a stable boy in her escape, hiding out as a beggar in the streets of King's Landing. Ned is eventually taken to the Great Sept of Baelor to face judgment; he spots Arya in the crowd, and alerts the Night's Watch recruiter Yoren to her presence. Yoren prevents Arya from witnessing Ned's execution and has her pose as a boy as she joins Yoren's recruits on the march north. Season 2[ edit ] The recruits are attacked by Lannister soldiers under Ser Amory Lorch, who have been ordered by Cersei Lannister to kill Robert Baratheon's bastard Gendry, who is part of the party.

Needle is confiscated by a soldier, Polliver, who then uses it to kill Arya's friend Lommy Greenhands who Arya later claims is Gendry.

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The recruits are taken to Harrenhal, where Tywin Lannister recognises her as a girl and takes her as his cupbearer. Jaqen offers to kill three people for Arya as reward for saving his life and those of his cellmates during the attack; Arya picks Harrenhal's torturer The Tickler and Ser Amory.

When Arya is unable to have Tywin killed before his departure, she has Jaqen help her, Gendry and her friend Hot Pie escape. Jaqen offers to take Arya to Braavos to join the Faceless Men assassin guild, and although she declines he gives her an iron coin that will allow her to obtain passage to Braavos.

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As Thoros takes them to the Brotherhood's hideout they encounter the Hound, a captive of other Brotherhood men. The Hound is brought before the Brotherhood's leader, Ser Beric Dondarrion, and after Arya accuses him of Mycah's murder Beric sentences him to trial by combat. The Hound wins, to Arya's fury, and is released by Dondarrion.

Arya is further enraged when the Brotherhood sells Gendry to Melisandre and escapes the Brotherhood. She is captured by the Hound, who intends to take her to The Twins to ransom her to her brother Robb.

bran and arya relationship test

However, as they arrive the Freys betray the Starks and slaughter their forces, with Arya barely escaping the massacre. In the aftermath of their escape, Arya encounters a Frey soldier bragging about his role in desecrating Robb's corpse.

Arya stabs the soldier to death, marking the first time she has deliberately killed another person. They also encounter Rorge and Biter, Jaqen's fellow prisoners, and Arya kills Rorge after recalling he had threatened to rape her. The Hound takes Arya to the Vale to ransom her to her aunt Lysa Arryn, only to be turned away at the Bloody Gate when they are informed that Lysa has apparently committed suicide. Distrusting Brienne's allegiances, the Hound attempts to kill her but is severely beaten and is seemingly mortally wounded.

Arya manages to hide from Brienne in the confusion, and after Brienne leaves, Arya takes the Hound's silver, leaving him to die. She then encounters a Braavosi captain, who offers her passage to Braavos after she gives him the iron coin.

bran and arya relationship test

After impressing Jaqen with her ability to lie undetected by convincing a terminally ill girl to drink poison, she is given the assignment of assassinating a corrupt insurance salesman.

However, she is distracted from her mission by the arrival in Braavos of Ser Meryn Trant. Assuming the identity of the girl she had poisoned, Arya disguises herself as a prostitute and infiltrates a brothel, where she kills Meryn.