Bert and gerard relationship quotes

FRERARD: Our love never dies, did Bert and gerard date?

bert and gerard relationship quotes

There's a lot of rumors going on about there relationship and how and thats why bert told everyone not to listen to gerard on 'under pressure'. Gerbert Theory (Gerard and Bert if you didn't know lmao) Hey guys! If you are a fan of Bert, or have even caught on with him and Gee's relationship, you can Here, I'll even quote just a few of the things I've came across. Discover Bert McCracken famous and rare quotes. Share Bert McCracken quotations about drugs, parents and songs. "It's about being proud of who you are ".

Have posted it today, Friday 18th of January. I swear, if I find the one that was filmed in Japan.

What is the cause of Gerard way and Bert MacCraken's fight?

Which is becoming quite substantial, now into their 2nd decade. Since these articles on Gerard and My Chemical Romance were quite popular. I will add more when I have the time. His grandmother Elena Lee Rush who was known to friends as Helentaught him to sing and made his costume, including traditional green tights.

He then decided to pursue graphic arts. Instead, he remained indoors and created his own imaginary worlds in his head. On their childhood garage, where the band started: We had just slivers of sunlight, we were like mole people, me and Mikey.

Gerard aspired to be a comic book artist he loved comic books, and his favorite superhero was always Wolverine before forming My Chemical Romance in This left some attending school, while others went instantly into full time jobs.

Over the years, the guys stayed in contact with each other. We decided we would get together and play some music. Way and Pelissier both felt good about the song, and Way asked guitarist Ray Toto if he would be interested in working with them. With that lineup in place, the band started playing all around the Northeast Corridor and made plans to begin working on its first album. After writing a song, and getting together with Matt, Gerard decided it was time to move forward. So I decided to call Ray, who is the best guitarist I know.

When the September 11 attacks occurred, Gerard was working in the comic industry in New York, and could see the horror occurring at the Twin Towers. Three Tales of Chemical Romance.

We are all very impressed. Still feeling incomplete, the band recruited Frank to fill out their sound. What they never saw coming was that their ability to write songs would touch the hearts and souls of nearly everyone they came across. With this album came an avalanche of interest in the band. Constant regional touring created a fan base that is loyal to no end. The next evolutional step was to expand the touring to a national level.

Securing opening spots on high profile tours, they set out in a van for the next 14 months of their lives. My Chemical Romance did not take these opportunities to appeal to more fans than they expected very lightly.

bert and gerard relationship quotes

From swaggering to leaping, the band set out to grab people by the throat, scream until they listened, than explode in their face with unprecedented energy and performance that would not be ignored. They have something to say and want you to listen. They will prove that in music, is life. And this life is darker than any New Jersey shore could ever be. Just listen for yourself.

Once they stopped in the middle of a song to tell people if their here to start a fight to get out is just amazing.

bert and gerard relationship quotes

At one of their shows somebody asked me what was the name of the band playing. If someone goes to a concert not knowing all the bands that are playing, but likes one of them enough to ask a total stranger the name of the band is Incredible. My Chemical Romance has so much energy with their shows and they sound amazing, too. They are great guys too. I met them all and they are very nice and willing to talk to fans even when they are packing up their instruments. The album was often compared to Thursday — a comparison that, for various reasons, was inevitable and unavoidable.

Despite his success as a musician, Way has not left his drawing behind: He also has made efforts in order to raise money through his art for causes such as the fight against breast cancer. She was an artist and taught me pretty much everything I do today — how to sing and paint and how to perform. So the song Helena is about all that and celebrating her. I knew I wanted the video to be a funeral, because I remember so much about when she died.

I remember the church service being extremely upsetting.

bert and gerard relationship quotes

So obviously the video must be extremely personal. I always thought of her as Helena. And we kind of knew that only Marc Webb could direct it.

Marc has a way of giving you exactly what you want. It was emotional making it, so it was nice that so many of our fans could be a part of it too. Pretty much all the mourners at the funeral were our fans. At the end of the shoot, the production people offered to pay the fans, and I heard they had to fight with [the fans] to take the money. Deathly pale, introverted, and adrift in the working-class suburb of Belleville, New Jersey about ten miles west of Manhattanhe could, however, speak at length about role-playing games, horror flicks, and numbing monotony.

Oh, and superheroes, of course. You see, Way has always known that the most essential element of any good superhero is a killer origin story.

Like many life changing stories of the 21st century, it all began on September 11, He wanted to inspire a movement and recast his fortress of solitude as a teeming, limitless Metropolis. The world may have seen Way as a shy, failed comic artist, but in his head and in his songs, he was a vampire, a death-dealing badass, a lover, a fighter.

He was a super hero. All he needed was a super team. Guitarist Frank Iero, 23, a tattooed punk who had suffered through a sickly childhood, was adopted by My Chem after his own group,Pencey Prep, dissolved.

And last year, drummer Bob Bryar, a former soundman for the Used, joined after the band parted ways with original member Matt Pelissier. On paper no one would mistake these motley Jersey kids with thick accents and scattered interests for rock stars-and no one would ever confuse them with sexy X-Men-like world conquerors, either.

They flailed at the beginning. For their very first show, Gerard lathered his face with greasepaint and screamed curses at the crowd, Mikey drank heavily to mask his stage fright, and Toro soloed like he was in a Metallica tribute act.

But Gerard saw potential-after all, his favorite comic-book team had always been the Doom Patrol, those bickering, suicidal misfits who succeeded despite being shunned by the outside world. Kids would be horrified. While some siblings wear their shared DNA in clear physical features, you have to peer closely to see the similarities between Gerard and Mikey. But, look hard enough, and there they are: It is, though, not so much the way they talk as what they talk about that makes their family connection clear.

With private jokes, remember whens and wow, I forgot thats, they reveal the moments that forged their bond: Three years younger, it was Mikey who first fanned the band flames when he took his brother to watch Smashing Pumpkins play at Madison Square Garden. And it was Gerard who took that inspiration and ran with it, eventually creating My Chemical Romance from the experience he had that day. And since then, their paths have remained shared: We were very solitary together, if you see what I mean.

We would entertain each other or talk nonsense for hours. We discovered it all together through a friend. Those tapes saved our lives on that drive. Mikey and I would sit there in the back of the car, with one Walkman earpiece each, sharing The Smiths.

We played hooky from school one day and took the subway to Madison Square Garden to watch them. That was the show that changed everything for us. That was the show that started it all for this band. That one show taught us that you could play a huge fucking rock show and still have integrity. It was probably because we had a really bad drug problem together. It was the means to an end: You had to build yourself up and then shut yourself off again.

We got into a bad routine.

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I missed home and I was petrified to play, so I would get intoxicated. Sometimes the drugs were like installing a shut-off switch in the back of my neck. We bitch about the same things in unison together. We always show up to things at the same time and do the same thing.

We formulated fantasies in our heads about this mythical rock band. I woke up this morning still dreaming, or not fully aware of myself just yet. The sun poked through the windows, touching my face, and then a deep sadness overcame me, immediately, bringing me to life and realization- My Chemical Romance had ended. I would also like to say that I had this all written out and right when I was about to post it my fucking computer shut down and I lost everything I wrote.

I just base my thoughts off facts that I know I can prove and decide to post it on here. The only people that know what really happened with Gerard and Bert is themselves and probably the other band members. Oh and what really gets to me is when people say that hate The Used and Bert because of what happened between him and Gerard.

Which I am going to get more into that later. No one really knows what happened. They met in a pizza place and Gerard said he thought Bert was strange. Even with that, they carried on with there friendship anyways. He has his opinions, shares them bluntly, and moves on with his life. And that is completely fine to keep your private life and social life separately, but when you hide some things that are as simple as an opinion, it can turn into a problem not only to yourself, but to other people around you— especially when you have a limelight.

As a result for B and G being very different people in those ways, I think Gerard stayed with him for just the simple reason of getting drugs and alcohol. Gerard was what, 26? He is an adult and got to make decisions on his own. My second, more meaningful conclusion, is that Gerard felt drawn to Bert. As I said before, Bert is very audacious so maybe Gee kind of had a confidence boost around him which he was desperately searching for.

We all know Gerard was extremely depressed and suicidal during Revenge, or even just in the time he was friends with Bert. What I mean by a confidence boost is that he felt more comfortable expressing his feelings towards guys and even just saying things in general. He knew Bert would have his back if anything went wrong.

Another huge possibility is that Gerard knew that he could tell Bert anything- or at least felt like that. They were both pretty fucked up and I can definitely imagine them venting to each other at two in the morning.

bert and gerard relationship quotes

And maybe just maybe Gerard talked about Frank sometimes and Bert really did remember what Gee said so that could be another reason why we never really saw Frank and Bert communicate with the other. Before I go on, I would like to also bring up something that could also be very important. Maybe they were finding out and coming to terms with their sexuality, who they are as people, etc. Or even more importantly, just to be close with one another. And Bert is obviously top.

Like I really hope the people who believe in Gerbert can all come to terms with that. Man, that guy makes me feel good. And of course he somehow brought up talking about fucking Gerard. We were way wasted. I think this is very important. Bert literally proves my point on Gerard being scared to say certain things and to just express who is and what he likes.

I know Bert is probably trying to make it sound like he was joking around, but I really do think something at least remotely close to this happened. It could be like a part two to this idk. But just so you know, the next thing you might see is the meaning behind Prison.

Now for the important part- the fight. Then ending of their three year long friendship. I have a very different opinion on what happened from what the mainstream rumor is. Gerard got sober on August 11th of