Beck and jade relationship problems

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beck and jade relationship problems

"Jade." "And we're here to give you some relationship advice." "Yeah, whatever." Beck raised one eyebrow at his girlfriend and then turned. D I luv my bade victorious wikia family *Insert heart that fanfiction doesnt let you do*. Relationship Advice. Jade's POV. I push play cautiously. You know that scene where Beck gives Jade a time-out? about him, but of course has to think about Jade's relationship advice once more.

She doesn't want to say any of that. But like she has another choice. She will have to do it now. She does understand what she just did, considering Robbie's recent loss. You are supposed to Stupid things that result in her having to apologize or alike.

beck and jade relationship problems

Beck interrupts her though: Should I put you in a time-out? She also doesn't know, but he should find a way. But you should stop me if I overstep a line. Beck thinks about it. First, he's just angry at Jade, because this isn't his fault. It's not his job to watch what she says. It's not on him to hold her at bay or something. Isn't it enough that he keeps her from physically attacking someone when he can? He always does that, not just for the other person's sake, but mainly to protect her from suffering the consequences.

Shouldn't that be enough? But as he thinks about it, even just during the next class, but also over the next few days, after Jade has long had a personal talk with Robbie, which did him enormously good If he keeps her from the consequences from physically attacking someone, why not also keep her from the consequences from verbally attacking someone?

If she oversteps a line with their friends, even she will want to apologize, though she hates it. It's a consequence she has to suffer through. Why not protect her from it when he can? She actually also always protects him from consequences. She has once talked him out of detention after he got to class too late, because he overslept.

He still isn't sure how she did it. Jade also does protect him from embarrassment. She finds having to apologize embarrassing. He also finds some things embarrassing.

She has once kept him from auditioning in a costume, which he has deemed as great at the time — which the older student probably would have laughed at.

She always checks his outfit if he asks her to, and his essays. Like everything he could embarrass himself with, she looks at and tells him if she would change something.

He knows, even if she would find it funny with someone else, she would keep him from going to school in a stupid outfit or whatever. And not to keep her from embarrassment in association, but for him. He also can be quite jealous regarding her, to be honest, though it only shows very rarely as she also lets no other guy close enough.

He doesn't like everybody to know how jealous he himself can actually get. He's somehow embarrassed by it whenever he doesn't feel it. Jade easily keeps it a secret and covers for him, whenever he gets all possessive over her. And yes, of course, she should've known better herself with Robbie. The death of his grandmother was clearly visible in his face — he just told Beck and Andre about it right before Jade came along.

But sometimes, when she gets into it She just isn't able to see it. While she otherwise is attentive, she probably can miss things if she's in a run.

So, when he notices, she's not seeing the bigger picture and is about to overstep a line she can't come back from without apologizing Maybe, he should then keep her from going there. His decision is tested two months later. Andre has written a very short script, he has let Cat, Robbie, Beck and Jade read through during lunch. They now talk about it, still eating, and yeah, it doesn't work.

Andre isn't a playwright at all. So, they make a little fun at him for it. They do make fun of each other in their group of friends.

Relationship Advice, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

It's all light fun. Just now, Jade says: This is like the worst script I've ever read. Now, Andre starts looking desperate though: But that's also a typical reaction for Jade. It's nothing too serious.

Not to mention that it's not of much use to still do something right now. Andre could only ask Gradstein to get another day, or to be able to hand in a second script later on. On their way to Sikowitz's class, Beck couldn't stop thinking of Tori and Jade's discussion.

Did Jade want to break up with him? How did Tori get involved to all this?

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Beck shook his head and kissed Jade's head as they entered the classroom. Is there anything you wanna talk about? Jade squinted at him. Do you wanna talk about the weather? Jade glanced at Cat and Robbie, who entered the classroom holding hands. They stayed in silence for a while, until Beck spoke again. Jade glared at him. You're acting weird, you know that? Jade pursed her lips and looked at the other side.

Beck sighed and bit his bottom lip nervously. After a minute, he lowered his head and whispered to her ear, "If you wanna tell me anything, I'm listening.

Beck rolled his eyes and glared at their classmates, who were staring at them. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Andre leaned against the wall and looked at him. Have you started drugs? Andre stopped laughing and squinted at him. I don't think Jade would like to discuss about the possibility of breaking up with you with Tori Jade said that it would be difficult and she couldn't tell him the truth.

Tori told her that relationships like this couldn't last forever and this kind of relationship wasn't healthy. Then, she offered being with Jade to tell him-" He pointed to himself.

Andre widened his eyes. You've stopped fighting all the time, right? We had a huge fight a week ago. Jade was jealous again. She said that Meredith had started talking to me again. Then, I told her that there was nothing between me and Meredith and that she should stop acting like a maniac when she gets jealous. Andre bit his lip.

beck and jade relationship problems

I think that you shouldn't let her break up with you first. So, don't let her do it.

beck and jade relationship problems

Break up with her first. Jade groaned and walked away. She reached Tori's locker. You have to do this. You're determined to break up with her, so you shouldn't back off. They entered the class and Jade slammed the door shut.

Tori looked at her in question. It's not time to be stupid. Beck wants to break up with me. I just heard them talking about the weather and I thought that Beck wants to break up with me. Tori rolled her eyes. It happened once in my house, not again. He broke up with me by not opening your stupid door, but he was the one who approached me and told me that he had missed me.

You can break up with him after school or-" "No. Tori narrowed her eyes and glanced at her. I don't know when he's gonna break up with me, so I want to be sure that I'll do it first. Are you sure that you don't want to discuss with him and-" "NO!