Australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

Relations between Vietnam & Australia deepening

australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

Mar 17, The two countries' leaders signed a new strategic partnership aimed at deepening defence, security, trade, investment, development and. May 28, Australian Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and his spouse left Ho Chi Minh City on May 26, concluding a State visit to Vietnam from May. Mar 15, China's growing influence prompted both to deepen ties in security and With the strategic partnership agreement, Vietnam also plans to step.

We encourage positive business engagement and building understanding of our respective economic complementarities, including through two-way business and trade missions. Australia recognises the significant achievements of Viet Nam in reducing poverty and its aspirations to develop its economy further.

Vietnam and Australia upgrade ties to strategic partnership

We commit to an economic partnership that will assist Viet Nam to achieve its socio-economic and development aspirations, placing an emphasis on economic reform, human resource development, private sector engagement, climate change, gender equality and innovation. We will also further strengthen our mutual interests in energy, resources, the blue economy and environmental cooperation, and in responding to climate change.

Defence, law and justice, intelligence and security cooperation We confirm our increasing strategic relations and shared regional interests and reaffirm our commitment to closer defence, law and justice, intelligence and security cooperation, contributing to the peace, stability and development of the region. These exchanges will be an opportunity to explore further defence cooperation, including in education and training, maritime and aviation security, peace keeping training and support, counter-terrorism, war legacy issues and other areas.

We welcome the cooperation between Australian and Vietnamese police, maritime and border authorities, and mutually decide to strengthen further security and law enforcement cooperation, including through an annual Security Dialogue at Vice-Ministerial level and greater exchange of intelligence and information sharing, and capacity building. We commit to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation and participation in regional efforts to address traditional and non-traditional security threats, especially transnational crime, including people smuggling and human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, cybercrime, and in recovering the proceeds of these crimes.

australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

We will strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation between and among maritime policy-making, administration and law enforcement agencies through dialogue and coordination, practical cooperation and capacity-building activities.

Education, science and technology, labour, social affairs and cultural cooperation and people-to-people links We emphasise the strengthening of the people-to-people aspect of the relationship, particularly the two-way flow of youth and students.

australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

We reaffirm the significance of our education, training and research relationship and the large Vietnamese alumni of Australian education institutions. We reaffirm support for education policy dialogues to enhance institutional linkages and the transnational delivery of education including by taking advantage of advances in communication technologies and expand student, academic, researcher and professional mobility.

australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

We will continue to promote and expand mutually beneficial cooperation on science, technology and innovation; strengthen connectivity between research institutions; and encourage technology transfer, expert exchange and information sharing on science, technology and innovation.

We recognise the success of the Vietnamese community in Australia and highly value its contribution to bilateral relations. We highlight the role of young people in building mutually beneficial networks of influence among future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Vietnam, Australia pledge to deepen strategic partnership ties - Vietnam Pictorial

We commit to promote the effective implementation of the Viet Nam - Australia Work and Holiday program. We welcome the rapid increase in visitor numbers to both countries and associated growth in aviation and tourism, and will look for opportunities to enhance cooperation in the tourism sector.

We reiterate the importance of cultural cooperation in promoting mutual understanding between people of our two countries and are committed to developing further cooperation between Viet Nam and Australia in this area. Regional and International Cooperation We will work closely to preserve the open, inclusive and rules-based regional order, which underpins regional peace, security, stability and increasing prosperity.

australia and vietnam deepen their strategic relationship

We share the goal of reinforcing and developing regional and international institutions to promote our common political, economic and security interests. In the security field, they should deepen their defence and security cooperation by intensifying strategic study and intelligence exchange, promoting humanitarian aid and disaster reliefand exchanging experience in peacekeeping and maritime security.

On the economic front, there is still enormous room for the two countries to increase their bilateral trade. The likely conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations this year may provide a lever for Vietnam and Australia to step up their economic ties and consolidate the economic foundation of their relationship.

There are also certain challenges the bilateral relationship faces. First, there is pressure from China, an important country with which both Australia and Vietnam want to maintain a good relationship. The two countries may have to work hard to show that a stronger Australia—Vietnam relationship contributes to regional peace and security, and should not worry third parties.

Australia and Vietnam deepen their strategic relationship | East Asia Forum

Second, there are still differences between the two countries regarding issues such as human rights. While bilateral human rights dialogues should serve as an essential tool for promoting mutual understanding and trust, Australia should not let the issue cast a shadow over the long-term prospect of bilateral strategic relations.

The systemic roles of middle powers are usually at their greatest when relations between great powers are ambiguous — when they are neither too hostile nor too cooperative. Given the current condition of Sino—US relations, this is the right time for middle powers like Australia to enhance their international role. Vietnam should also take the opportunity to further strengthen its relations with Australia.