Araragi and senjougahara relationship help

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araragi and senjougahara relationship help

Seeing Hitagi confront her past, Koyomi understood that it's just a story when But on a certain day when Hanekawa was busy (due to helping Fire Sisters the fact that their relationship with Koyomi had once deteriorated. their relationship has existed for so long, Araragi's treatment of Nadeko is the actual Monogatari Series: Second Season Senjougahara . staff came up with a slogan to help ease the acceptance of the changes they were. May thine strength help the world be mended Araragi and Senjougahara's relationship is built around this normalcool idea that even if they.

araragi and senjougahara relationship help

At the end of Mayoi Snail, she confesses this fact to Araragi that there was never a girl there for her to see, yet she did in fact promise him that she would help him as friends at the park. Almost forcibly, she announces she loves him and that they should form a relationship together, startling the timid Araragi. She pries and pries, backing him into a fence and demands that her need to be with him be met, to which he finally obliges.

It's always a nice feeling when two people get so close that they can come to this kind of understanding; to open up in such a way with no holding back.

Forming Bonds: Analyzing Araragi Koyomi [Part 2]

It was just a nice touch to deepen their bond, to confirm that they should be serious with each other. The arc of the cat was mainly focused on Hanekawa, but there was one separate from the main storyline episode near the end where Araragi and Senjou share a beautiful, genuine moment of romance together. I really enjoyed the brief discussion her Dad had with him after Senjou left the car for a minute, telling him how he had never seen his daughter so happy before: After they reach a little clearing in the forest, Senjou asks Araragi to lay down with her: It made me love their chemistry and both of their characters as a couple, and as individuals, so much more.

I love how, when Senjou allows him to leave, he just breaks out of the chains in an instant with his vampiric strength: Araragi can be quite the sweet guy at times, I must admit.

Better Understanding: Analyzing Araragi Koyomi [Part 3]

In an accident involving a misplaced banana peel, Hitagi falls down the flight of stairs that lead to the upper floors of Naoetsu Private High School and ends up in the arms of Koyomi Araragiher classmate.

Later that day, she confronts Koyomi about how he found out her secret and threatens to hurt him unless he promises to keep quiet about his discovery. Koyomi, in spite of this, declares his intention to help, showing the completely healed wound where Hitagi implanted a staple into his cheek moments earlier. Shocked by Koyomi's immediate recovery, Hitagi decides to accompany him on his trip to the person who might be able to turn her back to normal: She learns from Meme that she was inflicted by an oddity called a Heavy Stone Crab or "god"who took away her weight in a past encounter with it.

Although reluctant to cooperate with Meme, who reminded her of the scammers who once visited her with the same promises of turning back to normal, she agrees to follow Meme's methods, and is even willing to payyen for his services.

araragi and senjougahara relationship help

Hitagi is then put into a situation where she would recall the memories of her life. Afterwards, the heavy stone crab manifests in front of her, visible only to Hitagi herself.

Although the unpredictable behavior of the entity forces Meme to intervene, Hitagi manages to plead to the heavy stone crab to lift its influence from her. The heavy stone crab grants her wish and departs, leaving behind Hitagi with the burdens of her childhood on her shoulders. She begins to cry while Meme explains her resolution. After the ordeal with the heavy stone crab, Hitagi shows her gratitude to Araragi and he becomes her first friend after a long time.

Mayoi Snail This section contains content from Bakemonogatari. Hitagi shows up in a black blouse in the park.

Monogatari & the Extinction of the Harem (Part 2) – Mage in a Barrel

Hitagi meets Araragi by chance in Namishiro Park dressed with a set of clothes she just bought. She and Araragi talk about several things, including how she would repay him for his help in turning her back to normal, and she considers unusual methods to return the favor, much to Araragi's shock.

Soon, Araragi's attention is shifted towards a young girl who seems lost. Following Koyomi's advice, they help the girl, named Mayoi Hachikujion her way back home, but they soon find themselves unable to reach the address.

On her return trip to the park where Araragi is, she finally confesses that she had been pretending to have been aware of Mayoi's presence and that Araragi is the only one inflicted by the oddity i. According to Hitagi, Mayoi had already died years ago, and people who are victims of the lost cow often have problems at home.

This causes Araragi and Tsubasa, who also has problems of her own at home to be able to see and interact with Mayoi.

araragi and senjougahara relationship help

Nonetheless, Hitagi decides to help out with Mayoi's problem, showing an alternate route that is supposed to confuse the oddity by introducing roads that Mayoi has not seen before. Hitagi, Araragi and Mayoi soon reach the remnants of the former Hachikuji residence, now simply an empty lot, and the two witness Mayoi's fulfillment of her final objective before moving on.

After the accomplishment of their mission with Mayoi, Hitagi admits that she loves Koyomi, and she subsequently enters into a relationship with him. Suruga Monkey Edit To prepare for the school's midterm examinations, Hitagi prepares a group study session with Koyomi.

In one of those sessions, she prepares the money she owed Meme after curing her of her unusual condition. However, Araragi forgets to take the money with him, so Hitagi goes to catch up with him. She later happens across Araragi who had been badly wounded by an attack that he tried to explain as "a bike accident gone horribly wrong" and helps him recover in her own unusual way.

Hitagi soon hears about Araragi facing her middle school friend Suruga Kanbaru from Meme himself and, seemingly as Meme planned, intervenes with the Rainy Devil's relentless attacks against Araragi. After scolding Araragi for dealing with things without her knowing about it, she confronts Suruga, telling her that she will not forgive anyone who would kill Araragi before reconciling with her friend. After the Rainy Devil leaves Suruga behind, the two become friends once again. Nadeko Snake Edit Senjougahara decides to give Kanbaru some time together with Araragi so that the two can be friends after the events involving the Rainy Devil.

She even allows Kanbaru to choose a necessary punishment for him if Araragi ever gives her trouble, much to Koyomi's worry. Tsubasa later considers this move by Hitagi as rather alarming, as it would force Koyomi into a situation wherein he would end up helping others at the expense of hurting another's feelings.

They find out that Oshino has left, and Araragi realises that Oshino never liked goodbyes, so he had said goodbye to Araragi the day before without him realising it. The final scene of the arc shows Senjougahara, Hanekawa and Araragi in front of the cultural festival, most likely running it and enjoying themselves. Koyomi Water This section contains content from Koyomimonogatari.

Better Understanding: Analyzing Araragi Koyomi [Part 3] – ANIMETROPOLIS

Karen Bee Edit This section contains content from Nisemonogatari. Hitagi captures Koyomi under the excuse of "protecting him" and detains him inside an unknown location.

araragi and senjougahara relationship help

During this time, Hitagi provides food and drink to Koyomi while he is chained up to the wall, but later allows Koyomi to get away from his restraints after she relays a message concerning his sister.

She later reveals that she has been "working for" Tsubasa in confronting Deishuu Kaikithe first of five conmen who had swindled away much of the Senjougahara family's earnings, after his arrival in town and his influence on the middle school where Koyomi's younger sisters are studying in. Initially, she planned to take Kaiki down herself and refuses any help, even from Koyomi.