Advantages and disadvantages of cheating in a relationship

Advantages and disadvantages of infidelity in cheating spouse

advantages and disadvantages of cheating in a relationship

Regrettably, nothing goes without pros and cons. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of having intimate relationships. 10 Reasons Cheating Will Save Your Relationship claim will help a relationship to become healthier, from mental and physical benefits to the. Cheating can benefit you in the short term, but over time, it can come with serious consequences. Some disadvantages could be punishment.

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There was a particular joke or his attempt at one that stood out to me as I was going through a break-up at the time. He was talking about how he had spoken with an elderly man that had told him the secret to his happy marriage with his wife was he had cheated on her.

Of course 17 year-old me thought that was insane, but then again I was a pussy that let women walk all over me back then. Literally every time I would start sleeping with a girl that had intentions of dating, I would just start looking for another girl, find one, then start sleeping with her. I went out and bought a fresh pack of Trojans and marched on to the sound of my own seductive drum.

It was a lot of rinse and repeat, but the point here is that I never felt that sting of breaking up because I was so numb to it from drowning myself in box. Cheating on women, however fucked up you might think, was the single best thing I could do for myself in a relationship.

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If I was in a relationship, it would always be an open one, for me anyway, but if my girlfriend were to cheat on me that was even better! What are the advantages and disadvantages of a spouse co-signing a mortgage loan When does it make sense? Actually I never really heard of a spouse co-signing for a loan, but more being on the loan with you. More like a joint account. But you did say spouse, and maybe you weren't …talking of being married to that person.

Either way, from personal experience, I will answer the question from both points. If you are married and the person is put on the loan with you, the advantage and disadvantage would actually be the same thing. You don't want them to co-sign with you unless they have an alright credit score. Because the better credit score you both have, the better your loan, less required down, and also less interest. If they have a great score it can make these go down, and if it isn't that great, it will make it go up.

Who wants to walk blindly and chance it to happen again? It is not uncommon for a wounded spouse to put up barriers of protection. Distrust is very common between the spouses when one has cheated.

advantages and disadvantages of cheating in a relationship

Distrust is like padding to lessen the blow if cheating happens again. It is hoarded like rare coins and not easy to give up. On the other hand, it is certainly not impossible to trust again, but it usually does not happen easily or quickly. One victim of cheating said that, after she reconciled with her husband, the effects of infidelity were like a beautiful wedding cake that had been snatched by a starving dog that got away with the tier, the crowning part of the cake.

Getting the trust back was as likely as finding that dog and hoping that he would regurgitate the tier intact. The remaining cake was still beautiful, but the unforgettable tier, the most attractive layer, could be forever gone and sorely missed.

advantages and disadvantages of cheating in a relationship

How could a loving spouse take such beauty away from a loved one he promised to cherish? Such pain is often indescribable. Cheaters victimize relationships with children, loving friends, other close family members, and themselves.

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Such scandals seem to lower the integrity of whole families in communities. Even though this is stereotyping, whole families may suffer because of it. Children do not want their parents to suffer. Mothers and fathers do not want their married daughters to hurt needlessly. A good friend does not want to witness her best friend's husband in a compromising situation with another women.

A cousin or an aunt does not want to hear gossip about their loved one from outsiders in the community. A grandmother does not want to discover that her prized grandson is a cheater. Young people contemplating marriage one day may lose respect for the union due to all of the infidelities in society, and celebrity gossip coming through the media does not help either.

All of these visible experiences are painful for many family members and others to bear when going through the effects of cheating. Children may feel that their father or mother, who has chosen another family, has traded them for other children.

Children, often the most wounded victims, suffer many years at the alienation of a parent from the family. Many children suffer silently and, too often, blame themselves. Sometimes the trauma spills over into the rest of their lives in the forms of various dysfunctions in their own families.

It is clear that the forbidden pair and the innocent spouse are not the only ones affected by the unfaithfulness. Domino effects of such trauma could affect upcoming generations without proper intervention. Counseling is vital at this time, but most families fail to see the need for it. The effects of cheating on the spouse can be lasting and may forever change her outlook on relationships and life.